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1  Transformers / Generation One - Der Kult / Re:IDW - Ongoing - Transformers More Than Meets The Eye - Comic am: Gestern um 16:44:43
von Flame Toys kommt jetzt auch ein IDW Star Saber. Hier haben wir den Teaser und auch schon das Prototyp Bild.

1513265311-ss1 1513265311-ss2

Quelle: DkunDX

2  Transformers / Transformers Spielzeug Reihen / Re:Transformers Power of the Primes am: Gestern um 16:41:39
Hier sind die Bios zu den Transformers Power of the Primes Figuren Inferno, Elita-1, Hun-Gurrr, Moonracer und Blast Off.

1513262208-p1 1513262208-p2 1513262208-p3 1513262208-p4 1513262208-p5


3  Transformers / Transformers - Real Movies / Re:Movie Edition am: Gestern um 16:37:58
Jetzt können wir euch die Verpackungen der kommenden Transformers Studio Series Figuren Starscream, Brawl und Optimus Prime zeigen.

1513262626-s1 1513262626-s2 1513262626-s3 1513262626-s4


4  NTF-Archive / Kapow Toys / Re:Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys / New offers at Kapow Toys am: 13. Dezember 2017, 19:21:06

NEW 3rd PARTY ROBOTS NOW IN STOCK! Zeta Toys, Planet X, Mech Planet and Iron Factory 

1) Planet X Metallic Vulcun -…

2) Planet X Jupiter -

3) Whirlblade re-stocks -…

4) Mech Planet Bug / Big Yellow Bee -

5) Blue Soar - this guy is going to take us up until next Tuesday to ship due to the volume, general stock will be available when we're finished

6) Iron Factory Racing Bros - general stock will be available when all pre-orders have been filled which we hope will be Friday

Incoming before or around Xmas are the following items

1) Power Baser -…

2) Flyfire -

3) War Giant Pack C - general stock available on arrival no pre-order available.

21617793_1701103946576461_7737636304995577135_n 24993476_1701103476576508_5387001685585107247_n 24993489_1701100833243439_8944661200773124327_n 24993604_1701103039909885_6011540775738349970_n 25157956_1701101403243382_6723542143958441435_n 25289286_1701100056576850_738644063562501735_n 25299472_1701104999909689_5463389511278794275_n 25348584_1701102463243276_818926377507924391_n 25353782_1701100576576798_1913087937771662681_n

5  NTF-Archive / NTF-Sponsor - TF Robots / Re:TF Robots - Neue Angebote / New offers am: 13. Dezember 2017, 14:00:15
In stock now @
Slash pre sold out - will be restocked soon.

24993354_1558837544164013_3097840507014140404_n 25289683_1558837540830680_1707179792028496630_n

6  Transformers / Transformers Upgrades und 3rd Party / Re:Fans hobby am: 13. Dezember 2017, 09:30:05
Hier ist eine Review vom Fans Hobby Master Builder MB-06 Power Baser.

Quelle: Benscollectables

7  Transformers / Transformers Upgrades und 3rd Party / Re:Perfect Effect am: 12. Dezember 2017, 20:51:39
Hier haben wir neue Bilder und Informationen vom Perfect Effect PE-DX09 Mega Doragon.

Release in MAY/2018

Product Features:
* 10 inches(25.4cm) in leader
* 23 inches(70cm) from dragon head to tail
* 3 modes: leader, beast, and ground
* Original Arm Cannon mode

Set Contents:
Wing Sword – x 2
Interchangeable faces – x 1

Doragon1 Doragon2 Doragon3 Doragon4 Doragon5 Doragon6

Quelle: Perfect Effect

8  Transformers / Generation One - Der Kult / Re:IDW - Ongoing - Transformers More Than Meets The Eye - Comic am: 12. Dezember 2017, 20:48:15
Von Flame Toys kommt ein nicht Transformierbare Figur heraus. Es ist Tarn, den wir euch schon angekĂĽndigt haben. Hier ist ein neues Teaser Bild.


Quelle: Flame Toys

9  NTF-Archive / NTF-Sponsor - TF Robots / Re:TF Robots - Neue Angebote / New offers am: 12. Dezember 2017, 10:11:51
New pre orders available @
- Fanshobby MB-03B Red Dragon:
- Maketoys MTRM-09SP Bounceback:

24910003_1557820730932361_7237241481719595431_n 25348346_1557820734265694_1817269153223386438_n

10  Transformers / Transformers Allgemein / Re:Transformers Prime Wars Trilogy am: 12. Dezember 2017, 09:47:16
Hier ist die Titans Return Episode 6 mit dem Titel Desperate Actions.

11  NTF-Archive / Kapow Toys / Re:Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys / New offers at Kapow Toys am: 12. Dezember 2017, 09:13:14

New 3rd Party arrivals, restocks and deposits now available! we've got some blasts from the past back for one last time along with new Perfect Effect, Cloud 9, Mech Planet, Make Toys and more 

1) Maketoys Bounceback Deposit -…

2) Perfect Effect Black Jinrai -…

24909682_1699226610097528_7642994004771511236_n 24910127_1699228396764016_2895733806331239177_n 24958968_1699227626764093_6023473865032037262_o 24991055_1699221966764659_9183770237474834223_n 24991335_1699229023430620_2754660912041130629_n 24991494_1699226273430895_2733824750579463497_n 24991550_1699221863431336_489169211246066942_n 24993283_1699228810097308_5356614251697818207_n 25151862_1699222423431280_3628945382202751234_n 25151910_1699222136764642_2493189642489688570_n 25289167_1699222036764652_343936706627136933_n 25289316_1699222283431294_2544977940072003147_n 25299471_1699223293431193_7005466127712954729_n 25348742_1699228093430713_4329852151855598057_n

12  NTF-Archive / NTF-Sponsor - TF Robots / Re:TF Robots - Neue Angebote / New offers am: 12. Dezember 2017, 09:10:24
ACE Collectables ACE-01 Tumbler + ACE-02 Hiccups Set
Available Mid/end December.
Only € 59,90 for the set - Order here:


13  Transformers / Transformers Bumblebee Movie Spin-Off / Re:Transformers Bumblebee Movie Spin-Off am: 12. Dezember 2017, 09:08:05
Hier haben wir einen Ausschnitt aus einem Interview mit und Hailee Steinfeld, indem die Schauspielerin ĂĽber den Bumblebee Movie spricht.

“It's very character-driven and storyline-driven, which is good. I think will be interesting to see it play out because you still get the action and the Transformers themselves. There's a whole lot in it for the Transformers fans that I think they'll love, but it's definitely about storyline and characters.”


“It was definitely a process. With his background in animation, he was able to see, visually, a final product. It was nice to have somebody that could verbally translate what that was. But it was difficult. It was hard, I think, for both of us to sort of maneuver,” she explained. “Not only was this something completely new to me but it was something completely new to him and a different, you know, a different way. It was definitely a work in progress but I think we got a good thing going and hopefully, we'll see what happens.”

Das ganze Interview findet ihr unter


14  Transformers / Transformers Spielzeug Reihen / Re:Transformers Authentic “Evergreen” Value Channel am: 09. Dezember 2017, 09:46:01
Hier haben wir eine Review von den Transformers Authentic Figuren Megatron, Optimus, Starscream und Bumblebee.

1512796238-transformers-4-5-screenshot-01 1512796238-transformers-4-5-screenshot-02 1512796238-transformers-4-5-screenshot-03 1512796238-transformers-4-5-screenshot-04 1512796238-transformers-4-5-screenshot-05 1512796238-transformers-4-5-screenshot-06 1512796238-transformers-4-5-screenshot-07 1512796238-transformers-4-5-screenshot-08 1512796238-transformers-4-5-screenshot-09 1512796238-transformers-4-5-screenshot-10 1512796238-transformers-4-5-screenshot-11 1512796238-transformers-4-5-screenshot-12 1512796238-transformers-4-5-screenshot-13 1512796238-transformers-4-5-screenshot-14

Quelle: chefatron

15  NTF-Archive / Gerrut Camaro / Re:Neue Angebote von am: 09. Dezember 2017, 09:07:15
Update used figures @ !

24879500_1967131473301402_928521901980100045_o 24879873_1967131536634729_5718009275508439613_o 24883337_1967131359968080_2826062998604029012_o 24883563_1967131223301427_2909540312110910143_o 24909882_1967131963301353_7505211505423185922_n 24955515_1967131153301434_6712940903855418521_o 24955725_1967131406634742_3100219034834637480_o 25075137_1967130839968132_8971450548387175987_o 25075231_1967130909968125_1824369124941993563_o

16  Transformers / Generation One - Der Kult / Re:IDW Comic Transformers Lost Light am: 08. Dezember 2017, 14:31:02
Hier ist die kleine Vorschau zum IDW Comic Lost Light #12

Lost_Light_Issue_12_Three_Page_i_Tunes_Preview_1_scaled_800 Lost_Light_Issue_12_Three_Page_i_Tunes_Preview_2_scaled_800 Lost_Light_Issue_12_Three_Page_i_Tunes_Preview_3_scaled_800 Lost_Light_Issue_12_Three_Page_i_Tunes_Preview_4_scaled_800


17  Transformers / Generation One - Der Kult / Re:IDW Comic Transformers Till All Are One am: 08. Dezember 2017, 14:27:21
Hier ist die kleine Vorschau zum IDW Comic Transformers Till All Are One Annual.

Elita One, Windblade, and Starscream fight to gain ultimate control of Cybertron! Dark secrets will be revealed in this series finale!

1512723377-taaoannualp1 1512723377-taaoannualp2 1512723377-taaoannualp3


18  NTF-Archive / NTF-Sponsor - TF Robots / Re:TF Robots - Neue Angebote / New offers am: 08. Dezember 2017, 09:12:43
In stock now @

24774676_1553582344689533_535948233770754793_n 24796240_1553582401356194_1146047109440208403_n 24909771_1553582248022876_4555838101496265904_n

19  Transformers / Generation One - Der Kult / Re:IDW Comic Optimus Prime am: 08. Dezember 2017, 09:03:52
Hier ist die kleine Vorschau zum IDW Comic Optimus Prime #14.

On Cybertron, Optimus Prime battles the Dinobots over the first new Cybertronian life to emerge in four million years! But does he stand a chance when the Dinobots' newest member is two miles tall and eats cities?

IDW-_Optimus-_Prime-14-_Itunes-_Preview-00 IDW-_Optimus-_Prime-14-_Itunes-_Preview-01 IDW-_Optimus-_Prime-14-_Itunes-_Preview-02 IDW-_Optimus-_Prime-14-_Itunes-_Preview-03


20  Transformers / Transformers Spielzeug Reihen / Re:Takara Tomy Transformers Power of Prime am: 07. Dezember 2017, 17:35:49
Jetzt können wir euch die Bilder zu den kommenden Takara Tomy Transformers Power of The Prime Figuren zeigen. Zu sehen sind die PP01 bis PP09 Figuren.

PP-01 Micronus
PP-02 Liege Maximo
PP-03 Vector Prime
PP-04 Dinobot Slash
PP-05 Wind Charger
PP-06 Beach comber
PP-07 Autobot Jazz
PP-08 Rodimus Prime
PP-09 Optimus Prime

1512659891-p1 1512659891-p10 1512659891-p11 1512659891-p12 1512659891-p13 1512659891-p14 1512659891-p15 1512659891-p16 1512659891-p17 1512659891-p18 1512659891-p19 1512659891-p2 1512659891-p20 1512659891-p21 1512659891-p22 1512659891-p23 1512659891-p24 1512659891-p25 1512659891-p26 1512659891-p27 1512659891-p28 1512659891-p29 1512659891-p3 1512659891-p30 1512659891-p31 1512659891-p32 1512659891-p33 1512659891-p34 1512659891-p35 1512659891-p36 1512659891-p37 1512659891-p38 1512659891-p39 1512659891-p4 1512659891-p40 1512659891-p41 1512659891-p42 1512659891-p43 1512659891-p44 1512659891-p5 1512659891-p6 1512659891-p7 1512659891-p8 1512659891-p9


21  Transformers / Transformers Spielzeug Reihen / Re:Takara Tomy Masterpiece am: 07. Dezember 2017, 17:28:26
Hier sind die Verpackungsbilder vom Takara Tomy MP-39 Masterpiece Sunstreaker.

MP-39-_Masterpiece-_Sunstreaker-_Box-01 MP-39-_Masterpiece-_Sunstreaker-_Box-02 MP-39-_Masterpiece-_Sunstreaker-_Box-03


22  NTF-Archive / Gerrut Camaro / Re:Neue Angebote von am: 06. Dezember 2017, 09:10:52

Wave 1 Power of the Primes deluxes have arrived!

Pre orders have been sent out, regular stock available @ !

24300921_1963887976959085_318939727876033279_n 24301288_1963888340292382_7785584528581915530_n 24796275_1963888343625715_5153584254577870510_n 24796461_1963887996959083_97570319918728161_n

23  NTF-Archive / Kapow Toys / Re:Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys / New offers at Kapow Toys am: 06. Dezember 2017, 09:08:59
Full Wave 1 re-stocks of Transformers Power of the Primes now available 


24  Transformers / Transformers Robots In Disguise / Re:Transformers Robots In Disguise - Figuren am: 06. Dezember 2017, 09:06:20
Hier ist eine Review vom Transformers Robots in Disguise Combiner Force One-Step Changer Soundwave.

Quelle: Charles A Emanuele

25  NTF-Archive / NTF-Sponsor - TF Robots / Re:TF Robots - Neue Angebote / New offers am: 05. Dezember 2017, 18:34:01

In stock now @

Hasbro Power of the Primes Deluxes wave 1


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