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DX9 x Uniquetoys - K3 La Hire

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Jetzt zeigen wir euch den Prototyp Des kommenden DX9 x Uniquetoys K3 La Hire. Er ist eine Hommage an Hot Rod und hat Masterpiece Größe.

K3 LA HIRE is a royal guard knight.
Its size is matched with the MPM series. The door can be opened in the vehicle mode and put the action figure in.
The car spoilers can be adjusted up and down.It

also contain many alloy parts.
Its vehicle mode is perfectly matched with the real car whose back wheels are larger than the front ones.
The waist is made of rubber tube.

Coming in the middle of the 2018

Unique-_Toys-_Dx9-_K3-_La-_Hire-01 Unique-_Toys-_Dx9-_K3-_La-_Hire-02 Unique-_Toys-_Dx9-_K3-_La-_Hire-03 Unique-_Toys-_Dx9-_K3-_La-_Hire-04 Unique-_Toys-_Dx9-_K3-_La-_Hire-05

Quelle: DX9

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DX9 x Uniquetoys - K3 La Hire

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