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Hascon 2017: Transformers Brand Team Panel – More Than Meets The Eye

Hasbro Mit Dank an haben wir hier die Zusammenfassung vom Hascon 2017 Transformers Hasbro Brand Team Panel – More Than Meets The Eye.

Panel started!

Kids Toylines

Each panelist stated their favorite Transformers toy.
Transformers Movie Line for kids

Discussing movies toys. Showcasing Allspark Tech.
Behind the scenes of Movie line.
Discussing the Transformers: The Last Knight toys now.
Hasbro worked with Takara Tomy on the TLK toys for the Armor Up Turbo Changers line.
Transformers: Robots In Disguise

Discussing Robots In Disguise toys now. We’ll update if there’s anything new that will pop up.
Explaining Combiner Force. Inspiration came from designers love for combiners and the Generations revival of the feature was the key.
Lots of thought process went into RID Combiner Force. a looooong explanation.

Prime Wars Trilogy info now.
Micronus goes into Cloudburst decoy armor.
New art of Optimus Primal being shown
Lots of artwork show. We’ll upload them all.
Dinobot Slash, Female, Legends Scale
Deluxe Slug – G1 Accurate.
Voyage Grimlock
All the Dinobots look great. [Awesome!]
History of the Dinobots.
Dinobot Combiner name – Volcanicus
Will have rocker ankles, New technology incorporated
New combiner technology with better joints.
Leader Optimus Prime now.
Orion Pax into G1 prime. Very much like Hot Rod to Rodimus (as seen during SDCC)
Prime’s trailer is part of bot mode now, not just cab.
Hascon 2017 Exclusives

Talking about Hascon 2017 Exclusives now.
Arcee first.
Predaking teaser shown. NYTF exclusive figure.
Panel Over!!!

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Hascon 2017: Transformers Brand Team Panel – More Than Meets The Eye

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