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IDW Comic Transformers Lost Light #11

TF-Comics Hier ist die große Vorschau vom IDW Comic Transformers Lost Light #11.

Success? The crew of the Lost Light, led by the mutinous Getaway, is now only weeks away from completing their quest. But such remarkable progress comes at a price. Just how far is their new captain prepared to go to find Cyberutopia? Unfortunately for the likes of Riptide and First Aid, it turns out the answer is “very far indeed.”

IDW-_Lost-_Light-11-_Full-_Preview-01 IDW-_Lost-_Light-11-_Full-_Preview-02 IDW-_Lost-_Light-11-_Full-_Preview-03 IDW-_Lost-_Light-11-_Full-_Preview-04 IDW-_Lost-_Light-11-_Full-_Preview-05 IDW-_Lost-_Light-11-_Full-_Preview-06 IDW-_Lost-_Light-11-_Full-_Preview-07


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IDW Comic Transformers Lost Light #11

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