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IDW neue Transformers Comic Serie - Interview mit Brian Ruckley

TF-Comics hat ein Interview mit Brian Ruckley über die neue IDW neue Transformers Comic Serie geführt. Hier ist ein kleine Auszug für euch:

Westfield: What can readers look forward to in the series?

Ruckley: Peace and harmony! Not really. Although we are going back in time, building from the ground up if you like. We’re starting the story back before the Transformers robots are at war with each other, and in most ways Cybertron is actually a peaceful, harmonious, prosperous place, full of life and variety. Bit by bit, we’ll reveal some of the cracks beneath the surface – starting with the first murder the planet’s seen in a crazy long time. How you go from that to a galaxy-spanning war, how it feeds into existing tensions and forces some choices, both good and bad, onto some pretty well-known characters – that’s where we’re heading. With a few surprises along the way, hopefully.

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IDW neue Transformers Comic Serie - Interview mit Brian Ruckley

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