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Kapow Toys Review TFCC Shattered Glass Drift

Kapow Toys Hier kommt die nächste Toy Review von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys. Diesmal handelt es sich um TFCC Shattered Glass Drift. Viel Spaß!


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Transformers Collectors Club Shattered Glass Drift

Drift is an enigma, fans either seem to love him or hate as a character, this however is a toy and therefore awesome without question, it is a robot ninja who also now has guns!!! what is not to love ? well not a lot really, I love the original Drift figure and found the only downside to him being the dull off white colour's which have been fixed by the club making him a lovely Deadpool shade of red. He now also comes with what were Blurr's pistols ( they do not fit into the holsters ) as well as his daggers and massive sword. The articulation is very good, his shoulder pads do get in the way some times but its a minor niggle and nothing that detracts from the finished article, the only thing which could have made him even better would have been the sniper rifle but that's just me being a greedy git

Overall Driftpool Scores 9.5/10 - knock off a point if you hate Drift.

Kapow Toys Review TFCC Shattered Glass Drift

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