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Kapow Toys Review Transformers Prime Shadow Arms Micron Gora

Kapow Toys Hier haben wir ein neues Review von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys.

Dieses Mal wird TransFormers Prime Shadow Arma Micron Gora rezensiert.

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TransFormers Prime Shadow Arms Micron Gora

Microns are awesome, they were the saving grace of Armada and now Takara have put them with the already amaze balls Prime line. This little guy is normally Megatrons cohort but has been redone in see through black plastic for a Japanese store exclusive campaign. Transforming from what fans have come to call a Lugnut style robot mode, Gora forms a fusion cannon style weapon with 3 pegs molded into it for attachment to most Micron Arms figures, if your attaching him to Megatron you either need to use the peg hole for shoulder mounting, the flip down handle for hand held or the not great indent to mount it to his forearm. Another use for Gora and the best in my opinion is as a fusion cannon for the RID Voyager Megatron, as you can see from the images it is far more in proportion than his Poweriser weapon and looks a lot more like an actual weapon Megatron would use.

Overall we score Gora 7/10 he's great if combined with an existing figure but just okay if bought and used on his own.

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Kapow Toys Review Transformers Prime Shadow Arms Micron Gora

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