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Neue Toyliste von RotF

TF-The Movie 2 Heute wurde die neue Toyliste von RotF bekannt gegeben. LimeWire hat sie f├╝r uns gefunden. Und hier ist nun f├╝r Euch:

Found this over at - Golden Age Toys has a bunch of case assortments of Deluxes, Voyagers, Leaders etc listed.

TransformersRevenge of the Fallenat

Here's the lowdown (note - I'm still editing/updating the posts with my own comments next to the names given in the case assortments:

Case 1:(br) Green Eco Car (Probably Mudflap)
Desert Brawl (SPECULATION ONLY: Repaint of Movie 1 Deluxe Brawl?)
Truck Bot (SPECULATION: Either that truck Soundwave, or Long Haul)
Street Motorcycle (Probably that blue motorbike)
Smoke Screen (???)

Case 2:
Cannon Bumblebee (Probably a new Bumblebee mold - the other one has a different name)
Barricade (WTF? Barricade?)
Wolf (Probably Ravage)
Eco Car Orange (Probably Skids)

Case 3:
Sattelite (Preview Soundwave, no doubt)
Bumblebee (Preview Bumblebee, no doubt)

Case 4:
Bumblebee (We've seen - Wave 1 Preview Bumblebee)
European Sports Car (Wave 1 Sideways)
American Sports Car (Wave 1 Sideswipe)
Bulldozer (Wave 1 Rampage)
New Jet (Wave 1 Breakaway)

Case 1:
Optimus Prime (The Voyager repaint)
Starscream (New Starscream mold)
Red Excavator (Demolishor)
Ironhide (The remold of movie 1's)

Case 2:
Optimus Prime (Same as other case probably)
Ironhide (Ditto - probably also same as other case)
Voyager Alien Form (Probably The Fallen)
Autobot Ratchet (Probably a repaint of the Movie 1 Voyager)

Optimus Prime


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Neue Toyliste von RotF

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