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Toyhax April Update

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party We're very excited to present this release - we've worked really hard on it!

Starting off with our incredible label and part set for Siege Stascream, you need to see it to believe it: ... cream.html

Cameran really outdid himself with these upgrades for Siege Soundwave: ... dwave.html

We're renewing our push for studio series sets, here are two new ones for the two deluxe bumblebees: ... lebee.html ... lebee.html

Due to popular request, we revised our set for TR Soundwave set to fit the target exclusive: ... dwave.html

GEE-WUN! ... ibots.html

More MP cel-shaded sets, this time with bonus labels! Check out what we've got for the + versions of Laserwave and Wheeljack: ... haded.html ... rwave.html

Bothered by the fact that some of your Siege figures look prestine? Scratch up your toys with these (do not actually scratch toys): ... abels.html

On the third party side, this set for MMC Inventa (coupled with our set for MMC Magna), is one of our favorite sets for third party yet:

And at last, we've started work on both UT Stellar Warrior and GT Guardian: ... layer.html ... ype-a.html


Toyhax April Update

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