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TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party We have another excellent update for you! We're kicking it off with our set for Siege Ultra Magnus, with some much needed window additions!: ... agnus.html

Tasteful and subtle, our upgrades for Siege Shockwave look like the kind of details the toy was intended to have: ... kwave.html

Last on the Siege docket, the Wave 1 Battlemasters get some love, too: ... ave-1.html

Sometimes, people are amazed at how fast we come up with sets after a toy is released. On a unrelated note check out our labels for TR Alpha Trion: ... trion.html

Looking to get your kids involved in the hobby? These labels for Cyberbattalion Optimus and Megatron might do the trick: ... atron.html

Moving on to third party, we're particularly proud of our set for FT Hydra: ... hydra.html

Not to mention a reimagined G1-styled set for FT Hoodlum: ... odlum.html

It has begun! This is our first set for the Unique Toys Ragnaros team. Here's what we've got for Rage Winterchill: ... chill.html

We'd also like to invite you to follow our new facebook page, which will be our primary vessel for providing updates from now on!

labels-for-ut-winterchill im März

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