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Toyhax im Januar 2019

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier ist das Toyhax Update für Januar 2019.

Toyhax's January update is here at last!

This ingenious kit for Siege Hound comes with a roof piece for his vehicle mode, which also doubles as a riot shield.
Not to mention a fantastic sticker set, as always! Take a look: ... hound.html

Our offering for Siege Sideswipe covers all the bases. Car mode canopy? Check. Robot mode jetpack? Check. ... swipe.html

We LOVE micromasters here at Toyhax. So, naturally, we went all out for the new versions: ... trols.html

Next, we have a set designed to tie Siege Cog's aesthetic to our own set for Fort Max, and some stunning labels for Skytread: ... e-cog.html ... tread.html

Spruce up your new Bumblebee movie legends figures with this: ... ave-1.html

We've heard a lot of good feedback for our cell-shadded sets for MP so far! Now we're debuting two different versions for the MP Datsuns (Prowl, Bluestreak and Smokescreen), and one for Sideswipe: ... ype-a.html ... ype-b.html ... ndows.html

Last, but not least, we have great set for XTB Savant, jamb packed with loads of references and goodies! ... avant.html


Toyhax im Januar 2019

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