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Toyhax im Mai

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Toyhax is proud to present its newest release!

Starting off strong, we've finally wrapped up our set for POTP Rodimus - it's a whopper alright! ... prime.html

Continuing with POTP, we've also got some very creative sets for Tailgate, Elita-One, and Snarl: ... lgate.html ... a-one.html ... snarl.html

No IDW collection feels right without a Crankcase. Toyhax has you covered: ... kcase.html

Yet another fantastic conversion, this time for Studio Series Thundercracker, insipred by G2 Dreadwing: ... dwing.html

The long awaited guns and labels for TR Pounce: ... ounce.html

RiD Windblade gets some much needed attention: ... blade.html

Did you like our cell-shaded set for Masterpiece Optimus Prime? If so, you'll love what we did for Hot Rodimus: ... rch=Search

Third party was not forgotten! PE Core Magnus: ... agnus.html

Two options for FH MB-09A Trailer, letting you chose between a sleek, chrome finish for your evil trailer, or the best M.A.S.K. reference there ever was: ... ailer.html ... ailer.html

Continuing with TFC's Trinity Force line, here is our offering for Red Knight: ... night.html

At last, we're especially proud of our set for DX9's Richthofen, based on Powerglide: ... hofen.html


Toyhax im Mai

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