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Transformers The Last Knight - Interview mit Produzent Ian Bryce

TF-The Movie 5 Der Produzent Ian Bryce hat ein Interview zu Transformers The Last Knight gegeben. Er spricht über die Zusammenarbei mit Michael Bay, die Effekte und die Drehorte.

How would you describe what you do with Michael?

It’s sort of my job to help guide him and show him how we can get there efficiently. But he’s got a really good tummy himself. He knows what his day is and then I help manage the big picture for him and figure out how to get him from one place to the other, getting through it on time. Mike is prodigiously fast. The minute he arrives he starts shooting and he doesn’t stop until he goes home. For the size of movie and the scope and scale of the movie, our schedules are very competitive.

What was it like working on the Arthurian battle?

It was really fun actually, because neither one of us had done it. If you’re fans of movies like Gladiator, The Longest Day, any period battle sequences... The trick for us was to figure out how to give it the scale that the movie deserved and fitted in a financial box that was necessary. We made the battle quite a bit bigger than originally intended, just because we felt that being part of the opening sequence of the movie we really needed to grab the audience’s attention. It was shot in three days but we jammed a lot of stuff into that sequence with horse stunts and archers and fire and spinning balls, the trebuchet. We got a lot in there.

What are your thoughts on how this Transformers universe is opening up and spiralling out? Das ganze Interview findet ihr unter


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Transformers The Last Knight - Interview mit Produzent Ian Bryce

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