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Transformers War For Cybertron - Neue Animated Serie

TF-Allgemein Es wird eine neue Transformers War For Cybertron Serie geben. Ausgestrahlt wird sie 2020 auf Netflix und produziert wird sie von Rooster Teeth. Animiert wird sie von Polygon Pictures.

[The] series “will explore the expansive universe of Cybertron in a way that audiences have never seen before,” said John Derderian, Director of Anime for Netflix.

Transformers veteran FJ DeSanto — who has worked on the franchise’s animated web series Titans Return and Power of the Primes — will be the showrunner on War for Cybertron, which promises a new animation look and style. Contributing writers include George Krstic, Gavin Hignight and Brandon Easton; the latter two also have worked on animated series in the Transformers universe.

“We’re thrilled to work with Rooster Teeth’s new premium studio division to bring an all-new Transformers fan-oriented series to Netflix,” said Tom Warner, SVP for the Transformers franchise at Hasbro. “Transformers has a rich history of great storytellingm and War for Cybertron is an exciting new chapter in the Transformers Universe ”



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Transformers War For Cybertron - Neue Animated Serie

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