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Kapow Toys Review zu X-Transbots Glider Rote Version

Kapow Toys Kapow Toys Reviews X-Transbots Glider

I love Powerglide, not necessarily the toy but the grumpy guy from the 80's cartoon with ''The Girl Who Loved Powerglide'' being one of my fave episodes of all time ( go on, rib me for it ) so this figure interested me greatly. The Universe / Classics version didn't do it for me with the original being too big and slightly rubbish so I've been looking for something to fill the gap, for £30 this does the job and does it quite well.

Feeling far more solid than i imagined in hand the first thing you notice is the thickness of the plastic, compared to recent mainstream releases of the same size this guy feels solid and weighty, the plane mode also holds together well, again far better than I expected. Upon transforming you are met with a middle of the road process, you pull the wings outward and along with the tail fins they split off from the main body on hinges then fold upwards, the lower legs are quite nifty so I won't ruin it for anyone with a description. Nice touches include being able to store his gun in the chest cavity whilst in plane mode and a raised heart imprinted inside the same cavity for when he is in robot mode.

Whilst a robot Powerglide once again fits together far tighter than I expected, he's not perfect but good enough for me, he has some nice articulation in the arms with shoulder and elbow swivels, his ankles also have ball joints allowing some good poses, I would have liked some more movement in the hip joint which is hindered in its outward movement but I'm guessing this is so he stays together in jet mode. As you can see from the images he is well balanced, enough so that he can stand on one leg unaided, weapon wise he comes with his main animation style pistol along with a large pistol and a knife. Due to the design of the hands only the animation style pistol and knife are a good fit, the large pistol tends to slip out but its a minor gripe when you have the choice of 3 weapons and easily remedied with a touch of clear nail polish.

Overall this exceeded my expectations which were not high and has turned out to be one of the most fun figures I've played with this month, its not perfect but will fill that Powerglide sized gap in your collection without a problem and is probably the best rendition of the character currently available.

X-Transbots Gliders scores 7.5 / 10

You can purchase Glider from Kapow Toys here - X-Transbots X-1 Glider ( Red Version ) - Kapow Toys

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Maketoys Mobine Paladin Chaos

Kapow Toys Hier haben wir die Bilder Galerie zum Maketoys Mobine Paladin Chaos von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys.

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Renderform - Kapow Toys Exklusiv RW-013K

Kapow Toys Von der 3rd Party Firma Renderform gibt es die RW-013K Waffe. Diese ist ein Kapow Toys Exklusiv und ist ab sofort bei unserem Sponsor verfügbar. Wir haben hier die Bilder dazu für euch.

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Kapow Toys Bekanntgabe

Kapow Toys


To help usher in the new era of pricing at Kapow Toys we are beginning a brand new clearance of stock multiples which starts today! these will be available until they are gone so if there is anything you want get in there now! more items will be added as the week goes on, we're sorry we can't do them all today but we're a little restrained by time.

Here's the link - Kapow Toys

Raise a robot to the future and hopefully this is where shopping overseas can stop for some of you guys

Thanks for all your support.


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Kapow Toys senkt Preise bei Masterpiece Figuren

Kapow Toys

Site sponsor Kapow Toys have some awesome news for you, read on!

Due to the high demand of the new Masterpiece figures and our growing customer base we have been working hard behind the scenes to reduce pricing for you the customer so we can compete with the overseas stores so many people are forced to go to because of the high cost of operating and buying within the UK and Europe, this ends now! We now have the new Transformers Masterpiece figures Prowl, Smokescreen, Wheeljack, Bumblebee and Bluestreak starting from £54.99 and all below £60, you can check them out via the following links.

Please note if you're an existing customer who already has these on order you will receive a refund in the next 3-7 working days for the difference. Thanks as always for your support and, from here on out, let's look forward to some great pricing on further Transformers toys and collectables.


Kapow Toys

Prowl -

Bluestreak -

Smokescreen -

Wheeljack -

Bumblebee -

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Transformers Generations Fall Of Cybertron Skywarp

Kapow Toys Vom unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys kommt hier eine Bilder Galerie zum Transformers Generations Fall Of Cybertron Skywarp.

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Neue Angebote von Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys Unser Sponsor Kapow Toys hat neue Ebay Aktionen gestartet. Jetzt könnt ihr einige tolle Figuren über Ebay ersteigern.

Hier geht es zu allen Auktionen von Kapow Toys.

$( KGr Hq VHJB8 E 8 Is) Ewg BPw9 ONz C7g 60 12 $( KGr Hq Z,!h IF! NNzjw QLBQJ Yg Fi Q 60 58 $( KGr Hq ZHJEUFD)1s Of ZLBQ ZRg8 Jm! 60 12 $ T2e C16 FHJFo E9nh6n!lu BQh En G)j6w 60 12

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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys Howdy good peeps of FMH and beyond, thanks for sticking with us through the warehouse move, if you have any questions etc please fire an email through to

We've got an exicting update on our new website, its currently in the testing phase and should hopefully be ready to roll out by the end of June, existing customer accounts will remain fully intact but you will need to request a new password to log in again.

Right! on with the updates!

Due within the next 7-10 days we've got the following items coming into stock

1) Maketoys Paladin Chaos -


Maketoys Paladin Chaos Mobine Series - Kapow Toys

2) Maketoys Mobine Jungle Type -


Kapow Toys

3) Maketoys Mobine Marine Type -


Maketoys MB-01 SP2 Mobine Missile Launcher Marine Type - Kapow Toys

4) Generations Voyager Sandstorm -


Transformers Generations Voyager Sandstorm - Kapow Toys

5) Generations Voyager Springer -


Transformers Generations Voyager Springer - Kapow Toys

6) Masterpiece MP12-T Tiger Tracks -


MP12T Masterpiece Tiger Tracks Exclusive - Kapow Toys

Thanks for checking it all out and any questions please ask!

Don't forget to check out the site in full for loads of in stock items and goodies available right now

Kapow Toys

Für NTF-Archive User kostet der Versand nur £8,50.
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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys Hier kommen die neusten Angebote von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys

First off, thanks for sticking with us during our warehouse move this last week, its all done now and everything is back to normal as we settle into our new place, if you have any of the below on pre-order those bad boys will be dispatching tomorrow for you, if you haven't read on to see whats new in stock this week! we will update the latest pre-orders this weekend.

Takara Generations Blaster - comes with Steel Joe according to the box, ooer missus!

TG17 TF Blaster & Steeljaw - Kapow Toys

Asia Exclusive Brawl, even more expensive than the original! FOC Kickback - whats that sir ? you don't like Jimny Cricket ?

Fall of Cybertron Sideswipe - better than Jazz of Cybertron Ultra Magnus - if you buy him, he won't be able to deal with ?

Fall of Cybertron Starscream - much cheaper then the shiny one

Fall of Cybertron Air Raid, up in yo face raiding your air!!!

Takara Fall of Cybertron Skywarp - not metallic after all -
TG18-TF Generations FOC Skywarp - Kapow Toys

Dr Wu Blue Matrix Sword - lovely letter opener! Dr Wu Prime Sword Blue Matrix DW-TP05 - Kapow Toys

Für NTF-Archive User kostet der Versand nur £8,50.
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Sonderverkauf bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys

Site sponsor Kapow Toys is having a moving SALE and you can check it out via the following link, lots of specials and lots of money off so be quick before it goes!

Kapow Toys

Für NTF-Archive User kostet der Versand nur £8,50.
Fragen werdern gern hier im Forum beantwortet.

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