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Kapow Toys Review Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe Starscream

Kapow Toys Hier kommt die Review vom unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys zum Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe Starscream.

Beast Hunters Deluxe Starscream

When pics of this guy first surfaced reaction was mixed, having him in hand makes for a nice surprise in that he's not rubbish but is he any good ? read on!
First impressions make me think Divebomb and not Starscream, apart from the head this guy is very different to the FE and RID Voyager molds and makes for a very nice figure. He is small but that is par for the course these days however the capture claw weapon is MASSIVE and does drown the figure slightly when sitting on the forearm or in hand.
Articulation is very nice, the open pose hands we have come to expect from a seeker are present and correct as is a lack of waist swivel which is slightly annoying but again this is due to the transformation and the way parts slide about and fold up. Jet more is nice but nothing special, you can have him with or without the claw, I personally prefer with as it gives him some extra bulk and does not look to obtrusive.
Again not an essential purchase if you own the FE or Voyager but a worthy purchase and a good toy, we score Starscream 8/10

beasthuntersstarscream1 beasthuntersstarscream2 beasthuntersstarscream3 beasthuntersstarscream4 beasthuntersstarscream5 beasthuntersstarscream6 beasthuntersstarscream7 beasthuntersstarscream8 beasthuntersstarscream9 beasthuntersstarscream10 beasthuntersstarscream11 beasthuntersstarscream12 beasthuntersstarscream13 beasthuntersstarscream14 beasthuntersstarscream15 beasthuntersstarscream16 beasthuntersstarscream17 beasthuntersstarscream18

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Kapow Toys Review Beast Hunters Deluxe Smokescreen

Kapow Toys Hier kommt die Review von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys zum Beast Hunters Deluxe Smokescreen.

Beast Hunters Wave 2 Deluxe Smokescreen

This was the one I was most excited about and in hand it doesn't quite deliver. Don't get me wrong, its a nice figure but has some issues, mainly the fact the shoulder assembly is quite fiddly and loose due to the transformation, your going to probably need to apply a little super glue or clear nail polish to get it to stiffen up a little. Rather than design this appears to be down to Hasbro's cost cutting measures which if they keep going this way won't end well.

Looks wise he is a great toy, he's got the whole door / wing thing going on along with a great face sculpt and some really nice articulation particularly in the leg area and a weapon which can be loaded with the missile on its own or with the electro-net accessory. The armour which many people said didn't look nice is actually pretty good in person, its very flexible plastic and not stiff so allows the limbs to move freely and removes any danger of damaging the item when clipping and un-clipping it.

Car mode is superb and a really nice race car aesthetic giving a real Le-Mans feel. The armour looks nice applied or left off and the accessories such as the missile launcher and gun can be mounted on the roof or the armour.

I was hoping to score this guy super high but sadly he only scrapes in at a 7.5 / 10

beasthuntersmokescreen1 beasthuntersmokescreen2 beasthuntersmokescreen3 beasthuntersmokescreen4 beasthuntersmokescreen5 beasthuntersmokescreen6 beasthuntersmokescreen7 beasthuntersmokescreen8 beasthuntersmokescreen9 beasthuntersmokescreen10 beasthuntersmokescreen11 beasthuntersmokescreen12 beasthuntersmokescreen13 beasthuntersmokescreen14

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Kapow Toys Review Deluxe Bulkhead & MP-15 Masterpiece Rumble & Ravage Galerie

Kapow Toys Hier haben wir die Review von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys zum Beast Hunters Deluxe Bulkhead.

Beast Hunters Wave 2 Bulkhead

Bulkhead gets shrunk! and he's not too bad for it. Coming in the now familiar Roadbuster colour scheme Bulkhead transforms from him familiar 4x4 mode to robot and back again. He comes with a MechTech style buzzsaw which is activated by pumping a little switch causing the blade to spin round fairly fast. The decoration is also fairly cool with an animal style face imprinted into the plastic. Bulkhead himself could have done with his regular face but instead comes with a Beast Hunters helmet style design like Bumblebee before him, This has made him look slightly like an old fashioned deep sea diver. Articulation wise he lacks waist swivel which is due to the transformation and his forearms could have done with a fist swivel which is sadly lacking and therefore can impact his poses.

There is a lot of good points with regard to old Bulk but probably not enough to attract new fans, if you collected Prime you may have now decided its over for you but if your into Beast Hunters then Bulkhead is a worthy purchase just not an essential one.

Overall Bulkhead scores 7/10

beasthuntersbulkhead1 beasthuntersbulkhead2 beasthuntersbulkhead3 beasthuntersbulkhead4 beasthuntersbulkhead5 beasthuntersbulkhead6 beasthuntersbulkhead7 beasthuntersbulkhead8 beasthuntersbulkhead9 beasthuntersbulkhead10 beasthuntersbulkhead11 beasthuntersbulkhead12

Weiter hat unser Sponsor eine Bilder Galerie zum MP-15 Masterpiece Rumble & Ravage für uns.

mp15 mp151 mp152 mp153 mp154 mp155 mp156 mp157 mp158 mp159 mp1510 mp1511 mp1512 mp1513 mp1514 mp1515 mp1516 mp1517 mp1518 mp1519 mp1520 mp1521 mp1522 mp1523 mp1524

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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys Welcome to the Feb update, we don't like to hammer you guys with product details so contained within will be the main highlights coming up this month!

1) The mighty Fanstoys Quakewave is in stock and ready to ship out! containing enough die-cast to knock a human out this guy really fits in with the new Masterpiece scale Transformers

Fanstoys FT-03 Quake Wave - Kapow Toys

2) Headrobots Drone - want some more wrecker action ? got Tomahawk ? then transform him into Whirl with this easily applied ABS kit from Headrobots - Headrobots Drone Upgrade Kit - Kapow Toys

Pre-orders due end of February

1) Fansproject Causality Car Crash - Fansproject Causality CA-09 Car Crash - Kapow Toys

2) Fansproject Munitioner & Explorer - Fansproject Crossfire 02 Munitioner & Explorer Reissue - Kapow Toys

3) Transformers Masterpiece Rumble and Ravage - MP15 Masterpiece Rumble & Ravage - Kapow Toys

4) Beast Hunters Wave 2 - Kapow Toys

Check out the site for loads of in stock items including all the latest releases & exciting new pre-orders!

This March Kapow Toys is changing! the site is getting a whole new upgrade and we are moving to a brand new more modern warehouse with more space to hold all your favourite items so keep your eyes open and we hope you like what you see!

As always you can keep tabs on us via the following social media platforms

1) Twitter - search @Kapow_Toys

2) Facebook - search Kapow Toys and send us a friend request

3) Right here on FMH for all our picture reviews

4) Youtube - Kapow!Toys - YouTube

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Kapow Toys Review zum Headrobots Drone Upgrade Set

Kapow Toys Hier kommt die Review von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys zum Headrobots Drone Upgrade Set.

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Kapow Toys Review zum Fansproject CA-09 Causality Car Crash

Kapow Toys Hier kommt die Review von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys zum Fansproject CA-09 Causality Car Crash.

Fansproject CA-09 Car Crash

Car Crash is small but perfectly formed, he stands a little taller than the Fansproject Munitioner figure and comes with a 2 piece rifle which is hand held in robot mode and broken down to store as the exhaust in car mode. Although not apparent in the pictures due to the lighting Car Crash is s nice slightly off white colour allowing his unofficial heritage to shine through. He is stacked with articulation including ball joint & hinge shoulders, waist, hip, knee and ankle swivel plus the usual tight joints you expect from a Fansproject product.

Car mode appears to be a nice take on a lambo and will be instantly recognizable to readers of the IDW comics, you almost need a little Spike Witwicky to go with him. The transformation is nice, tight and compact all clipping together without any major lines being visible, The way the legs form is very clever and confirms these guys as another step up in Fansprojects development as company. There is not a hint of how this guy transforms into a limb and nothing really obvious located on the figure to indicate how he changes either so I'm guessing we are in for a bit of a surprise come the release of the final and fifth member.

Overall Car Crash scores a silky 9/10

cc1 cc2 cc3 cc4 cc5 cc6 cc7 cc8 cc9 cc10 cc11 cc12 cc13

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Kapow Toys Review zu Transformers Prime Beat Hunters Bumblebee

Kapow Toys Hier ist die Review von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys zum Transformers Prime Beat Hunters Bumblebee.

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe Bumblebee.

I know its late but its taken me a while to bend my head round Beast Hunters, I originally picked up Wheeljack as I love that mold but something was stirring inside me............yep my lust for dragons was growing. As a kid there was nothing better than a big old T-Rex to make you sit up and take interest so I imagine if the 5 year old version of me had seen Beast Hunters in the store I would be going nuts, its essentially Roadblaster style vehicles Vs Dragons, DRAGONS! DO YOU SEE! this is in fact genius ( I know some of you now question my sanity and judgment but know this, I have flu and am high on Anadin and Lemsip )

Bumblebee is a heavily retooled RID Bumblebee with the new additions being spikes detailing, missile carriers on the door and a new head which is actually really good. Looking like a bot that's been pushed too far, Bumblebee is certainly tooled up for hunting beasts, he not only comes with a firing crossbow which can be mounted on his arm or roof in car mode he also comes with his 2 original blasters. There are 6 rockets in total 4 of which are stored on his rotating door mounts with the other 2 being stored on the crossbow, as well as being projectiles Bumblebee can wield them as spears which is another neat touch.

Car mode evokes a weird custard Batmobile which in itself is cool ( I think ) which freewheels across the floor or desktop with ease. Everything is carried or stored which is nice and the armored aesthetic really makes what was once a plain figure really quite interesting.

Most of us will own the original RID Bumblebee out of completion or loyalty, no one was rushing out to get him as its really rather bland, although not earth shattering the Beast Hunters version is a worthy successor and worth picking up if you have some spare cash........but I do mean spare.

Beast Hunters Bumblebee scores 7.5/10

beasthuntersbumblebee1 beasthuntersbumblebee2 beasthuntersbumblebee3 beasthuntersbumblebee4 beasthuntersbumblebee5 beasthuntersbumblebee6 beasthuntersbumblebee7 beasthuntersbumblebee8 beasthuntersbumblebee9 beasthuntersbumblebee10 beasthuntersbumblebee11

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Kapow Toys Review zu Headrobots Drone "The Deceptive Double Agent"

Kapow Toys Hier kommt die Review von unserem Sponosr Kapow Toys zum Headrobots Drone "The Deceptive Double Agent" Set.

Kapow Toys Reviews Headrobots Drone

Drone is the latest release from Headrobots which uses the base figure of Hunt for the Decepticons Tomahawk. The kit is very nicely presented in the usual clam shell style packaging which simply snaps open and re-seals at will. The application is nice and easy but you will need a good sharp Philips screwdriver to remove the original gold feet assembly from Tomahawk, once that's out of the way the rest of the kit needs snapping into place. All parts do fit nicely including the ski's but you might need to gently enlarge the holes inside the feet so it does not pop out due to the tightness.

Once assembled you can have Drone posed with ski's on or off, I prefer them off as its nice for the figure to actually have feet rather than the odd frame which used to form the old ones, the guns work really well and can be hand held, wing mounted or dual wielded, they also have a really nice chrome finish. Its strange getting a Headrobots kit which isn't a headmaster but it works, the only gripe I am sure I'll here is he's not blue but there's always the airbrush for that.

Vehicle mode everything stores or clips on nicely, the boxes actually plug into a gap formed by the transformation which is creative and the ski's peg onto another spot located on the top of the feet.

Overall Drone scores a mighty 8/10 - take a point off if the character isn't important to you.

whirl1 whirl2 whirl3 whirl4 whirl5 whirl6 whirl7 whirl8 whirl9 whirl10 whirl11 whirl12

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Kapow Toys Review zu Fanstoys FT-03 Quake Wave

Kapow Toys Hier kommt die Review von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys zum Fanstoys FT-03 Quake Wave.

I could sum up this product in one word, Awesome.......... but then that wouldn't give you an idea as to just how good it really is would it. This is Fanstoys first foray into the market and what a way to arrive, as a fan of toys and transforming robots in general having this in hand the last few days has just been great, its the first figure I've constantly transformed from one mode to the other without hassle I might add and constantly played with, something I really haven't done for a long time. Quake stands around the same height as MP Soundwave but perhaps a smidge taller, he is very weighty to pick up due to the high quality plastic used and the die-cast located in the legs and feet. He has electrical switches on both the forearm and back of the head to independently light up whichever part you chose, eye or laser arm.

The joints are superb, tight all round with ratchets in all the right places and not a gear to grind in sight. The transformation is smooth and very clever with the legs forming the rear bulk of the gun and the handle without removing parts. The backpack becomes the gun barrel and is very well concealed in robot mode. There isn't really anything to pick on or be critical about, its been mentioned that the hose should be on the underside of the arm but I feel that might be picking for the sake of picking.

Overall this is an AMAZING toy, it proudly stands in my Masterpiece cabinet and not only doesn't look out of place but actually looks like one of the best figures in there. I know I'm gushing but this has to be held in hand to be believed, if this is what Fanstoys can do already then we are all in for a treat with their future products.

Big, chunky and value for money, Quake Wave hits a Kapow first and scores 10/

quake1 quake2 quake3 quake4 quake5 quake6 quake7 quake8 quake9 quake10 quake11 quake12 quake13 quake14 quake15

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Kapow Toys Review Takara Tomy FOC Bruticus

Kapow Toys Hier kommt die Review von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys zum Takara Tomy Fall of Cybertron Bruticus.


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