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Gwinnspiel mit Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys Bei unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys kann man jetzt einen Transformers Generations Blitzwing gewinnen. Es ist die Figur, die Kapow Toys heute reviewed hat. Sie ist nun zurück in seiner Verpackung und wartet auf den neuen Besitzer. Alles was ihr dafür tun müsst ist:
Klickt bei der Facebook Seite von Kapow Toys auf "Gefällt mir" und schon seit ihr im Verlosungstopf.
Die Ziehung des Gewinners findet am 26. April statt und es dürfen alle aus Europa und England teilnehmen.
Die von euch, die schon auf "Gefällt mir" geklickt haben, sind schon mit dabei.


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Kapow Toys Review Transformers Generations Voyager Blitzwing

Kapow Toys Hier kommt die Review von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys zum Transformers Generations Voyager Blitzwing.

Kapow Toys Reviews Transformers Generations Blitzwing
Having watched and read some reviews on this guy from the last few days I've got to be honest I was dreading this morning and fully expected the devil in plastic so I'm happy to report I was pleasantly surprised. Right off the bat yes the shoulders are annoying, the left one seems to be the fave that does not peg in when in robot mode and it does mean the shoulders can roll when moving the arms, is it a deal breaker ? no, its just annoying, nothing more nothing less and was improved with a quick dab and dry of super glue. Blitzwing is a lot more complex than Springer, you can see the sheer amount of work which has gone into getting a robot to switch between robot, tank and jet, its a lot and it can't be ignored, sure he is far from perfect but whoever designed this guy must have cared about the character and for me they have done a good job.
In robot mode he looks like a Blitzwing should do, bulkier than his counterpart Springer and standing a little taller giving that feeling of imposing foe rather than easy opponent. The sword is a faithful update of the original whilst the gun comes off as a little weak, its quite tiny and sits rather awkwardly in his fist due to clearance issues it is however a good fit for a tank machine gun so maybe they were trying to strike a balance for both modes. Leg articulation is very nice with ball joint ankles, swivel and hinge knees and ball joint hips. There is no waist swivel due to the nature of the transformation and the fact the turret barrel and jet nosecone switch between this area for storage depending on what vehicle your picking. With regard to the 3 faces they are a nice touch and very cool bonus feature but don't interest me personally.
Jet mode comes across as very Alpha Fighter which in my book is only a good thing, it clips together well and the empty area some have complained about can actually be filled with the sword and then the machine gun plugged on top, the turret barrel can flip from exhaust to weapon in an instant adding play value for kids and big kids alike.
Tank mode is small but nicely formed, again if you transform it correctly it all clips together nice and tight, the tread transformation is quite nifty and another example of the level of thought and effort that gone into this toy. He freewheels nicely across the desk and the turret does pivot but at an awkward angle, does this bother me too much ? no because I've got 3 modes from 1 toy when I'm normally getting 2.
Overall Blitzwing scores 8/10 he's scoring this high due to the fact he is a design triumph for Hasbro and they have really thought about how its put together however if things like the shoulder issue really annoy you then chip off another point which will bring it down to a 7/10 and help make your mind up about a potential purchase, I don't purchase my figures to play with them anymore, its more about the design and engineering so I don't want to mislead any fans that do like to spend some time with their figures.

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Kapow Toys Review Transformers Generations Voyager Springer

Kapow Toys Hier ist die Review von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys zu Transformers Generations Voyager Springer.

Kapow Toys Reviews Transformers Generations Voyager Springer
Dribble, drool, this guy is slightly.................awesome ??? As a kid watching the 86 movie Springer stood out for me as one of the coolest characters ever, he says the line ''I've got better things to do tonight die'' for goodness sake but his toy was ever so slightly naff even for the 7 year old me so fast forward 26 years and Hasbro have just dumped one of the most amazing pieces of green plastic ever on the fandom and you simply must own it. I'm not one to normally go overboard from the point of view that we're an active business selling these things and it can come across as a sales tactic but this really is a triumph, the robot mode is Roche style perfection with nice clicky joints and the ability to either wield both weapons or carry one on his back whilst using the other, the colours are spot on with the only minor gripe being that the Autobot insignia could be bigger, to top it off he is capable of almost any pose you want, its a true action figure.
On to the alt modes, armored car is great, it does somewhat resemble something G.I.Joe would use crossed with a Batmobile but in my book that a whole lot of awesome and not much fail. The sword can be stored on the bottom of the car whilst the gun becomes a rocket launcher that can pivot up and down thanks to the hinge in the actual handle, the rockets themselves are activated by pushing the mechanism forward rather than spring loaded which can sometimes be a pain for adult collectors due to the loss potential thanks to family pets, kids or misfires.
Helicopter mode is again very very nice with a great aesthetic and a nice tight transformation, the futuristic element is there as it does not resemble any current earth bound helicopters but its a necessity for a toy which is switching through 3 modes. The blades spin freely and you can mount the cannon under the nosecone ( not shown )
Overall it might be because I'm simply blown away but this guy scores 9.5/10
Nice work Hasbro, more of this please.

springer1 springer2 springer3 springer4 springer5 springer6 springer7 springer8 springer9 springer10 springer11 springer12 springer13

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Kapow Toys Review Transformers Generations Legends Optimus Prime & Roller

Kapow Toys Hier ist die Review von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys zu Transformers Generations Legends Optimus Prime & Roller.

Kapow Toys Reviews Generations Legends Optimus & Roller
Coming in at the Commander class size scale Optimus is based on the IDW Comics design and is pretty awesome thanks to this. I've really enjoyed the last 24 hours with these little guys, far more than any Legends style figure I've owned before. The main figure is nice and solid and features a good level of articulation along with a solid transformation.
Both truck and robot mode are a success with the only grumble being about the constantly closing chest section and some clearance issues with the backpack created by moving the wheels up. Roller is basic but does his job, he doesn't really transform from truck to robot more than stand up but when it comes to the weapon mode he has a neat little folding mechanism which requires a gentle pull to change him into Optimus Primes double barreled cannon. He is too heavy for Optimus to wield comfortably in robot mode but these are primarily made for kids who will love them, the play value is huge and I think the fact you get 2 robots in the set makes it well worth picking up if your a parent or collector.
Overall Optimus & Roller score a mighty 8/10

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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys Site sponsor Kapow Toys has some new arrivals this week in stock and ready for you to purchase and enjoy! read on for the plastic awesomeness

Encore 23 Fortress Maximus - the big guy finally gets a re-release, immense! Transformers Encore 23 G1 Fortress Maximus Reissue - Kapow Toys

MP10B Nemesis Prime - he's big, black and shiny! what more could you want ? MP10B Masterpiece Nemesis Prime - Kapow Toys

Beast Hunters Deluxe Wave 3 - Feel the might of Dread Peacock ! - Kapow Toys

TFC Toys SR71 Blackbird - his names very plane...........get it ? TFC Toys Uranos SR-71 Blackbird - Kapow Toys

Für NTF-Archive User kostet der Versand nur £8,50.
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Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Dreadwing

Kapow Toys Hier haben wir die Review von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys zum Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Dreadwing.

Beast Hunters Deluxe Dreadwing

Dreadwing gets shrunk! but will it blend ? well probably yeah but we wan to know if its any good. The answer to this question is surprisingly yes, don't get me wrong I find it weird he suddenly has chicken feet and the wings of a lovely butterfly but for a deluxe it kinda works. He is a nice chunky solid toy with some good articulation including a variety of ball joints but no waist swivel. He has 2 weapons in the form of an axe and a hand held rocket launcher with 2 missiles both of which combine with one another into a larger staff type weapon which is kinda pointless but fun. Jet mode again is nice and chunky, the rocket launcher mounts on the cockpit roof and the axe can mount on the underside which does look a little naff with the chicken feet also visible from the back. Transformation wise its simple, think Generations Thunderwing and your there, this aside I really have enjoyed this toy a lot more than some of the previous Beast Hunters releases.

Overall we score Dreadwing a solid 7.5/10

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Kapow Toys Review zu Transformers MP-16 Frenzy & Buzzsaw

Kapow Toys Hier ist die Review von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys zum Transformers MP-16 Frenzy & Buzzsaw.

MP-16 Frenzy & Rumble

The Masterpiece line is coming thick and fast this year with this latest entry Frenzy and Buzzsaw! Both repaints of the existing Laserbeak and Rumble each figure is roughly the same size of the original G1 tape. Frenzy transforms into a fully articulated robot with ball joint and hinge elbows along with ball joint hips, ankles and hinge knees plus a neck swivel for head rotation. He also comes with 2 pile drivers which connect snugly on to the arms. His lasers can be stored on the back like the original or be hand held for action time

Buzzsaw is more basic in that he does not really have any articulation apart from a neck hinge but its an awesome condor mode which most importantly has the boosters as an integral part and not separate like the G1 version. Colours are very nice and pop in both tape and condor mode but like Laserbeak he can have some clearance issues when in tape mode, specifically the boosters sitting flush.

Overall another awesome entry in the MP line, they are pricey for the size so we score them 8/10

kpbz1 kpbz2 kpbz3 kpbz4 kpbz5 kpbz6 kpbz9 kpbz10 kpbz11 kpbz12 kpbz13 kpbz14 kpbz15 kpbz16 kpbz17 kpbz18 kpbz19 kpbz20 kpbz21 kpbz22

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Kapow Toys Review zu FansProject CA-10 T-Bone

Kapow Toys Hier kommt die Review von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys zum FansProject CA-10 T-Bone.

Fansproject CA-10 T-Bone

The 2nd part of the upcoming combiner surfaces in the shape of T-Bone. Representing Wildrider this figure uses a very similar style and transformation to the previous release, Car Crash. Standing approx 5 inches tall T-Bone has stacks of articulation including, waist swivel, ball joint neck, dual hinge and ball joint shoulders, hinge elbows & knees, ball joint hips and ball joint ankles all allowing a massive array of poses.

Transformation is complex enough so its not boring and can be fiddly so go in delicately or your liable to snap something, once in car mode you get a nice futuristic free wheeling car which can spin neatly across any desk or hard floor, as with Car Crash the gun un-clips into 2 parts storing away as the cars exhaust port.

Overall another quality release from FP, even if your not into the individual figures its worth considering the end product which is of course a Menasor-esque monster which is currently looking very tasty.

We score T-Bone 8/5 - 10

kptbone1 kptbone2 kptbone3 kptbone4 kptbone5 kptbone6 kptbone7 kptbone8 kptbone9 kptbone10 kptbone11 kptbone12 kptbone13

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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys Welcome to a Kapow Toys update

In stock we've got the mighty Fansproject Car Crash! if you pre-ordered this guy on a single invoice they all shipped out yesterday, the dispatch emails are a little behind, all you guys that ordered with T-Bone will see your items ship when both are in stock.

You can find Car Crash here - Fansproject Causality CA-09 Car Crash - Kapow Toys

Next up we are anticipating the arrival of the awesome Quake Wave V2 which comes with the alternate hand and barrel kit in opaque as well as the original purple hand and barrel, there are just 20 of these left and they are due in stock in the next couple of weeks.

You can find Quake Wave V2 here - Fanstoys FT-02 Quake Wave V2 - Kapow Toys

Shipping to us in the next 7 - 10 days are not only Beast Hunters Voyagers Wave 2 but also the highly anticipated MP16 Frenzy & Buzzsaw!

You can find these guys via the following links

Beast Hunters Voyagers Wave 2 - Kapow Toys

MP16 Frenzy and Buzzsaw - MP16 Masterpiece Frenzy & Buzzsaw - Kapow Toys

Also due to ship to us this Monday are TFC Toys SR71 Blackbird and Toyworld Aurora and Hardbone!

Any questions just shoot an email through to


Für NTF-Archive User kostet der Versand nur £8,50
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Kapow Toys Review Transformers Generations TG11 Ultra Magnus

Kapow Toys Jetzt haben wir die Review von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys zum Transformers Generations TG11 Ultra Magnus für euch.

TG11 Ultra Magnus

The TG series is in full swing with No 11 Ultra Magnus and his wave mates seeing the light of day. These guys are expensive, perhaps too expensive which will be the deal breaker for some fans, This is a shame seeing as they are indeed a cut above the standard release figures coming with premium paint and in Sideswipes case an extra weapon. With regard to Ultra Magnus he looks great with a shiny torso and arms blended with flat legs and Energon detailing on the wheels. The figure is nice and tight, it poses in all manner of stances thanks to the addition of a waist swivel and ball joint ankles, If I am honest the shoulders could have done with a little more articulation but it does not detract from what is a superb action figure. Weapon wise he comes with the standard blaster seen with Optimus but also a stonking great sword of bad ass which can be added onto the blaster in a Final Fantasy gunblade style.

Truck mode is nice and compact, transformation is not complex in the slightest which might upset some people but it all clips together nice and tight so you can freewheel him round without fear of it falling to pieces. Both weapons can be mounted on the vehicle with the blade being positioned on the outside like its ready for jousting practice and the gun can be mounted just over the roof to see off the bad guys.

TG11 Ultra Magnus scores 7.5 / 10 - loses a 0.5 due to value for money.

thmag1 thmag2 thmag3 thmag4 thmag5 thmag6 thmag7 thmag8 thmag9 thmag10 thmag11 thmag12 thmag13 thmag14 thmag15 thmag16 thmag17 thmag18 thmag19

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