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Kapow Toys Review zu SXS A02 Cold Weapons für Optimus Prime

Kapow Toys Hier kommt die Review von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys zum SXS A02 Cold Weapons Set für den Optimus Prime.

SXS-A02 Cold Weapons For Op

Similar to the Corbot V War Axe the Cold Weapons for Op feature a sword and shield combo made from really sturdy and durable abs plastic. The set comes in either red or blue with the blue being the more limited of the sets.

Upon opening the clam shell pack your greeted with what is surprisingly a very large sword and shield along with a tiny grey adapter section which is required if your plugging the shield into the forearm of War for Cybertron Optimus Prime. Installing the sword is very easy, the handle simply pops off and is then slotted inside the closed fist, the blade then simply clicks in place on top. The shield is even easier plugging into the hole on the forearm of either WFC or FOC Optimus & Magnus.

With both in place you can create a large number of poses with both accessories staying tightly in place, my favourite figure to display them with was def the Fall of Cybertron Optimus Prime and from the pictures you can see just what an awesome if tiny action figure he really is.

Overall I would recommend the set, it is a tad pricey and could really do with being a little cheaper however if you consider the War Axe was around the £16 - £20 mark you can maybe justify it seeing as you get 2 components but that's entirely going to depend on the buyer and how far up your wants list the set comes.

We score the SXS A-02 a meaty 8/10

sxs1 sxs2 sxs3 sxs4 sxs5 sxs6 sxs7 sxs8 sxs9 sxs10 sxs11 sxs12 sxs13 sxs14 sxs15 sxs16 sxs17 sxs18 sxs19 sxs20 sxs21 sxs22 sxs23

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Kapow Toys Review zu TG-01 Optimus Prime

Kapow Toys Hier haben wir die Video Review von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys zum TG-01 Optimus Prime.


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Kapow Toys Review zu FoC Data Discs Ratbat & Frenzy und Rumble & Ravage

Kapow Toys Hier kommt die Review von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys zu Fall of Cybertron Data Discs Ratbat & Frenzy und Rumble & Ravage.

Kapow Toys Reviews FOC Decepticon Data Discs

These are toys, purely toys for one very important reason, they have come to earth disguised as Bakugan! for those of you not familiar with Bakugan they transform when dropped on a hard surface and that's exactly what these guys do. Coming extremely well presented each figure has its own data case which has a hollow centre allowing you to push out the disc onto said hard surface thus watching it transform. My personal faves are Ravage and Ratbat as the idea / gimmick seems to suit animals better, its nice having Rumble and Frenzy but its only the arms that move.

Not essential on their own but if you have the Voyager Soundwave or Soundblaster then you have another added dimension of fun, each Voyager can hold 3 discs in their chest and with the back lever you can push them out one by one again watching them transform as they go.

Overall we score the Decepticon Data Discs 8/10 purely based on the fun factor and reviewing purely from a toy point of view.

focdisc1 focdisc2 focdisc3 focdisc4 focdisc5 focdisc6 focdisc7 focdisc8 focdisc9 focdisc10 focdisc11 focdisc12 focdisc13 focdisc14 focdisc15 focdisc16 focdisc18 focdisc19 focdisc20

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Kapow Toys Review Takara Tomy TG-01 FoC Optimus Prime und TG-02 Jazz

Kapow Toys Hier kommen die Reviews von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys zu den Takara Tomy TG-01 Fall of Cybertron Deluxe Optimus Prime und TG-02 Fall of Cybertron Deluxe Jazz.

Transformers Fall of Cybertron TG-01 Optimus Prime

Once again Takara Tomy trump their counterpart in every dimension with the 1st release in their TG series, Optimus Prime! looking a lot more like the game character the figure is exactly the same build wise but where the finish is concerned he is a cut above. Featuring nice thick shiny paint applications the red detail really helps bring out the molded detail on the torso with the head appearing far more vibrant. The thighs are molded in a darker grey which leads into the lower legs which aren't painted but feature a slightly lighter more animated style blue with the purple energy detail being applied in small measure.

Articulation wise most of us now know this figure is pretty awesome but a little on the small side with the same weapon in the form of his black blaster. Is it worth the import pricing ? no, not if you have the figure already unless that is your unhappy with its lack of detail then I would say go for it.

Overall I would score TG01 a mighty 8.5/10 but if you already own the Hasbro version deduct another point due to value for money.

Transformers TG-02 Fall Of Cybertron Jazz

The 2nd release in Takara's TG Fall of Cybertron series and once again it beats out the Hasbro version hands down. Molded in a light grey plastic instead of white Jazz immediately looks better value for money, the bright white of the Hasbro release has had many complaints that it makes the figure feel cheap and nasty. Paint apps are minimal for Jazz with but what is applied is applied very well, the new blue visor really makes his head standout and the purple energy detailing added to the body also compliments and brings out all the detail molded into the figure.

Articulation wise Jazz is not as good as Optimus with no waist swivel and limited leg movement due to the static angled ankle joints, he does however come with the neat transformation which although simplistic is quite fun. The name Jazz would normally imply an essential purchase but sadly in this case not so much, its a much, much nicer figure than the Hasbro version but still suffers from slightly below par design.

Jazz score 7.5 / 10

tgjazz1 tgjazz2 tgjazz4 tgjazz5 tgjazz6 tgjazz7 tgjazz8 tgjazz9 tgjazz11 tgjazz12 tgjazz13 tgop1 tgop2 tgop3 tgop4 tgop5 tgop6 tgop7 tgop8 tgop9 tgop10 tgop11 tgop12 tgop13 tgop14 tgop15 tgopmain

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Kapow Toys Review Transformers AM-29 Arms Micron Shockwave

Kapow Toys Hier kommt die Review zum Transformers AM-29 Arms Micron Shockwave von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys

Transformers Arms Micron AM-29 Shockwave

Now this is a strange one, Takara kick off their own Generations line this very month with TG-01 & 02 FOC Optimus and Jazz yet Shockers got rammed in the Arms Micron line which has left him somewhat overlooked. Coming in a lighter shade of purple than his Hasbro compatriot he appears closer to the cartoon Shockwave which will please a lot of people. Size wise he's definitely not any bigger ( just kidding ) and suffers from some quite thin legs, I however think it works and is a very nice representation of whats seen on screen in the video game. He has a bundle of articulation in the arms and legs, the head swivels but sadly there is no waist swivel which in these days of cutting costs is understandable on a deluxe class figure. The micron is neatly put together but has a very strange alt mode, it does come across as a gun with bug legs, it is also not capable of snapping onto Shockwaves arms and entirely concealing the fist so must always be hand mounted which is a little bit of a letdown but not the end of the world.

Alt mode is improved by the bulkier Micron figure in that it helps the ship hold together very tightly, you also get some nice battle damage stickers to plaster over the bulkhead making him look nice and worn. The style of the alt mode is fully Cybertronian appearing to be a cross between a flying cannon / ship, I personally like it but know some people don't having hoped for a full on space gun.

To conclude, FOC Shockwave has been a paint to find and when people do its usually at a premium but still cheaper than this version, does a Micron add enough value to warrant a purchase ? probably not so this will only be for you if you fancy completing your AM collection, like the lighter shade of purple or just flat out cannot find the FOC version.

Overall we score Shockwave 7.5/10

amshockwave1 amshockwave2 amshockwave3 amshockwave4 amshockwave5 amshockwave6 amshockwave7 amshockwave8 amshockwave9 amshockwave10 amshockwave11 amshockwave12 amshockwave13 amshockwave14 amshockwave15 amshockwave16 amshockwave17 amshockwave18

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Kapow Toys Review zu Transformers Prime Dark Energon Wheeljack

Kapow Toys Hier ist die Review von unserem Sponsor Quelle: Kapow Toys zum Transformers Prime Dark Energon Wheeljack.

Dark Energon Deluxe Wheeljack

If you want a Slicer for your collection then this is your guy, its already a really cool mold which I own as Wheeljack and Deadend, did I hesitate on a 3rd ? yeah I did, I wasn't sure about these guys until they were in hand, what swung it was the fact they are not all translucent, its mostly the arms and lower legs, everything else is pretty much regular solid plastic.
Not going over old ground too much this guy has great articulation and swords so there are 2 good points straight away, his 3rd and best point is the new colours, they really do pop especially the red eyes set against a burnt orange / gold mouth plate. Car mode is nice and sleek and fits together very well without any apparent problems. If your not a repaint fan then consider this for your classics collection, I know Botcon did Slicer but that figure is a brick, this guy is sleek and sexy with turbo handling!
Overall we score Dark Energon Wheeljack a mighty 8/10

dewj1 dewj2 dewj3 dewj4 dewj5 dewj6 dewj7 dewj8 dewj9 dewj10 dewj11 dewj12 dewj13 dewj19

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Neue Angebote bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys Hier kommen die neusten Angebote von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys.

Dark Guard Optimus Prime - he's black & gold just like Sam Sparro -
Transformers Prime Dark Guard Optimus Prime - Kapow Toys

G1 Reissue Ultra Magnus - he's old but still good- Transformers G1 Reissue Ultra Magnus - Kapow Toys

Dark Energon Set of 4 - translucent goodness! Wheeljack is immense - Transformers Prime Dark Energon Deluxe Set of 4 - Kapow Toys

Fall of Cybertron Starscream restocks - he's got fists like an ape but a face like adonis! -
Transformers Fall of Cybertron Starscream - Kapow Toys

Für NTF-Archive User kostet der Versand nach Deutschland nur £8,50!
Fragen werden gern hier im Forom beantwortet.

Kapow Toys Videoreview zu Fall of Cybertron Starscream

Kapow Toys Unser Sponsor KapowToys hat auf YouTube ein neues Videoreview online gestellt.

Dieses Mal ist Fall of Cybertron Starscream an der Reihe, viel Spaß dabei.


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Kapow Toys Review zu TF-Prime AM-25 Arms Micron Nemesis Prime

Kapow Toys Transformers Arms Micron Nemesis Prime

nem15 nem1 nem2 nem3 nem4 nem5 nem6 nem7 nem8 nem9 nem10 nem11 nem12 nem13 nem14

An underrated figure gets even better with a new black deco and massive Arms Micron blade! Powerizer Optimus didn't set the world alight due to a number of things, 1) Megatron looked better 2) The First Edition kicked butt 3) He had that hideous weapon and loads of horrible grey visible on him, but he was still a good toy that a lot of folks missed out on, hopefully this will rectify things with Nemesis reaching a wider audience. Coming with the obligatory sticker sheet Nemesis is primarily black and dark charcoal grey with the chest being broken up via the red windows and light grey border. It works very well, so well that you may chose not to apply your stickers, I prefer them applied as they add a little more detail and help bring out the red on his forearms more.

Articulation wise Nemesis is very capable with lots of ball joints allowing him to twist and turn into a variety of poses, he is also very well balanced which might come a surprise due to the large back pack made up of the trucks side panels. The Micron is makes a very cool weapon but not such a cool Micron looking a little like a pelican in its robot mode but I'm not displaying him that way and the blade mode is pure win!

Truck mode again can either have stickers on or off and it looks great, I've taken some pics with and without so you can check it out and make your mind up. I personally like the stickers on as it gives it that higher level of detail and contrasts well with the black, a really nice touch by Takara is the inclusion of 5 M.E.C.H stickers which you can place on Nemesis to your hearts content giving him that nice link to the TV show.

Overall he is a repaint so automatically becomes less desirable for some but he is Nemesis Prime, a character thats always been popular, we score him 8/10

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Kapow Toys Review zu Generations Fall of Cybertron Kickback und Air Raid

Kapow Toys Unser Sponsor Kapow Toys hat Reviews zu den Generations Fall of Cybertron Kickback und Air Raid gemacht.

Fall of Cybertron Fireflight

The Wave 3 repaint of Shockwave comes with a brand new chest, colours, weapons and head. Having had a name change to Air Raid along the way this guy seems to make a much better usage of the cybertronian ship alt mode than Shockwave did who suffered from complaints he was too small, Air Raid however does not share this fate as there is nothing to measure him against other than than the existing G1 toy which is tiny.
Most of you will know what to expect of the articulation on this guy, it does the job and does it well, only gripe is no waist swivel. Weapon wise he comes with a modification of Shockwaves 3 pronged cannon minus a prong this forms the base of the huge sword if you can be bothered to make it out of all 3 sections, we tried but in total honesty it didn't stay together well and looked kind of pants, they do however all stand on their own very well, the small sword being of particular awesomeness. You can mount the gun on Air Raids arms with the fist introverted or simply in his hand, the swords can be hand held only. Both the gun and large sword can be stored on Air Raids back.
Overall this is a good use of an existing mold, the weapons, head and chest have changed it enough to warrant a purchase for hardcore fans or those who do not own Shockwave, we score Air Raid - 8/10

Fall Of Cybertron Kickback

Now this guy is definitely the star of the show along with Starscream. The only other brand new mold in Wave 3 is one of the Dinobots main foes from the FOC video game. He comes with a massive weapon in the form of an energon crossbow which which shoots the disc via a grey switch on top, the purple blades can be detached to become either handheld blades or part of Kickbacks alt mode.
Articulation is very good, the arms have a lot of swivel and ball joints in them and the legs the same, he has no waist swivel but does have ball jointed ankles allowing a lot of cool stances. The panels on his chest and shoulders can get in the way if I'm honest but its not enough to annoy, his forearms can be slid up or down to form blades and as you can see from the pics he looks really good either way.
Alt mode was looking a but bland from the stock images but once in hand its actually really big and hold together well, he even has a bug shell formed by the arms which I myself wasn't aware of before having it in hand.
Kickback is nice addition to the line, he does look like he belongs in the Prime universe slightly more than the FOC one but thats not a bad thing.
Overall Kickback scores 9/10

fire1 kickback1

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