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Teutonicons - Der Deutsche Transformers Podcast - Episode 10

Episode 10 von unserem deutschsprachigen Transformers Podcast ist jetzt online auf Youtube und zum Download verfügbar:

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Bumblebee Movie Aufsteller

TF-Allgemein Wir zeigen euch ein Bild von den aufsteller von Bumblebee Movie.



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Neue Transformers Cyberverse Figuren gelistet

TF-Allgemein Bei sind jetzt die neuen Transformers Cyberverse Figuren gelistet wurden.

Cyberverse Warrior (Hasbro assortment number E1884):
Hot Rod

Cyberverse Ultra (Hasbro assortment number E1886):
“Woodducks” = Optimus Prime
“Greenjackets” = Slipstream

Cyberverse Ultimate (Hasbro assortment number E1885):


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Transformers Cyberverse Warrior Welle 2 und Scout Optimus Prime

TF-Allgemein Jetzt können wir euch die Bilder von der Transformers Cyberverse Warrior Welle 2 und dem Scout Optimus Prime zeigen. In der Warrior Klasse sind Megatron, Acid Storm und Windblade.

01-_Transformers-_Cyberverse-_Warrior-_Class-wave-2 02-_Transformers-_Cyberverse-_Warrior-_Class-wave-2 03-_Transformers-_Cyberverse-_Warrior-_Class-wave-2 04-_Transformers-_Cyberverse-_Warrior-_Class-wave-2 05-_Transformers-_Cyberverse-_Warrior-_Class-wave-2 06-_Transformers-_Cyberverse-_Warrior-_Class-wave-2 07-_Transformers-_Cyberverse-_Warrior-_Class-wave-2 08-_Transformers-_Cyberverse-_Warrior-_Class-wave-2 09-_Transformers-_Cyberverse-_Warrior-_Class-wave-2 10-_Transformers-_Cyberverse-_Scout-_Optimus-_Prime 11-_Transformers-_Cyberverse-_Scout-_Optimus-_Prime 12-_Transformers-_Cyberverse-_Scout-_Optimus-_Prime


Einen Dank an Nevermore, für diese News.

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Transformers Cyberverse Serie – Episoden 1 bis 5

TF-Allgemein Hier haben wir die Titel und die Inhaltsangaben zu den ersten 5 Episoden der kommenden Transformers Cyberverse Serie.

Episode 1: Fractured – September 1, 2018 – Windblade arrives on Earth before the Decepticons and meets her old friend Bumblebee who has no idea who she is.
Episode 2: Memory – September 8, 2018 – Realising that Bumblebee’s memory is in bad shape, Windblade must resort to extreme measure to try and help fix her friend.
Episode 3: AllSpark – September 15, 2018 – While searching his memories to understand the Allspark, Bumblebee makes a more important discovery… the memory of his friend Optimus Prime.
Episode 4: The Journey – September 22, 2018 – During its journey from Cybertron, the ARK’s Energon supplies run low and the desperate crew is forced to enter stasis.
Episode 5: Whiteout – September 28, 2018 – A mysterious clue from Bumblebee’s memory leads Windblade on a treacherous journey.



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Transformers Cyberverse - Neuer Clip

TF-Allgemein Hier ist von Cartoon Network, ein neuer Clip zu Transformers Cyberverse mit dem Titel: "Memories of the Allspark".


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Transformers Cyberverse Action Attackers Figuren

TF-Allgemein Hier haben wir den deutschen Werbespot zu den Transformers Cyberverse Action Attackers Figuren.

Quelle: Hasbro

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Transformers Cyberverse Ultra Grimlock

TF-Allgemein Hier ist eine Video Review vom Transformers Cyberverse Ultra Grimlock.

Quelle: emgo316

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Transformers Cyberverse Serie - Neuer Trailer

TF-Allgemein Hier haben wir einen neuen Trailer zur kommenden Transformers Cyberverse Serie.

The designs for Decepticons Megatron, Soundwave, Starscream, and heroic Autobots Bumblebee and Optimus Prime are direct homages to the after school cartoons that started airing in 1984.

“When we were designing the look and feel of Transformers: Cyberverse, we were inspired by the classic clean appearance of the original G1-style,” Tom Warner, Senior VP for the Transformers franchise at Hasbro, which is producing the series. “This was the design we initially fell in love with in the ‘80s and it felt like the perfect fit for this new origin story.”


The show features Jeremy Levy as the voice of Bumblebee, and Jake Tillman as Optimus Prime. Ryan Andes voices the dinobot Grimlock, while Sophia Isabella is Windblade, who is helping Bumblebee unlock his damaged memory bank.

On the side of the bad guys, Marc Thopson voices megalomaniacal Megatron, Billy Bob Thompson is the duplicitous jet Starscream, Andes pulls double-duty as cyclopian Shockwave, and Deanna McGovern is Shadowstriker.

Fans seeking an early preview can catch Episode 1 on the CN app starting Monday, with new episodes every Friday.

Quelle: Entertainment Weekly

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Teutonicons - Der Deutsche Transformers Podcast - Episode 9

Episode 9 von unserem deutschsprachigen Transformers Podcast ist jetzt online auf Youtube und zum Download verfügbar:

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