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IDW Comic Lost Light #5

TF-Comics Hier ist die kleine Vorschau zum IDW Comic Lost Light #5.

1493253008-ll51 1493253008-ll52 1493253008-ll53

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IDW Comic Optimus Prime #6

TF-Comics Hier ist die große Vorschau zum IDW Comic Optimus Prime #6.

“NEW CYBERTRON”—CONCLUSION! As the Junkions reveal their ultimate plan, Optimus Prime makes a decision that will define the relationship between Earth and Cybertron for all time… but will Arcee be able to live with the fallout?

Optimus-Prime-6-1-1 Optimus-Prime-6-2-1 Optimus-Prime-6-3-1 Optimus-Prime-6-4 Optimus-Prime-6-5 Optimus-Prime-6-6 Optimus-Prime-6-Retailer-Incentive-Cover


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IDW Hasbro Universe Comics Event

TF-Comics Im Septmeber kommt ein neues Comic heraus. Es gehört zum IDW Hasbro Universe Comics Event und nennt sich “First Strike”.

IDW Publishing has a new Hasbro crossover on the way, and it doesn’t sound like good news for the Transformers.

CBR has the first details on “First Strike,” announced Thursday at the Diamond Retailer Summit in Chicago. The story starts with two issues in August, from the writing team of IDW Transformers vet Mairghread Scott & David Rodriguez (Narrative Director at Vicarious Visions, the game company best known for the “Skylanders” franchise) and artist Max Dunbar, recently of IDW’s “Micronauts” series.

Following 2016’s “Revolution” event — which saw IDW’s licensed Hasbro properties united in one shared universe — “First Strike” picks up with Earth about to join the Cybertronian Council of Worlds. That peaceful event is interrupted by Cobra, as Baron Ironblood — historically the British counterpart to Cobra Commander — has targeted all Cybertronians for termination, putting the Transformers in serious jeopardy. The G.I. Joes, led by Scarlett, and the Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, stand in the way in the face of extinction — enlisting help along the way from, apparently, an unlikely ally in the form of Soundwave of the Decepticons.

While this certainly sounds like the comic book equivalent of a blockbuster summer movie, Scott said it’s also a “deeply personal character story.”

“One man attempts to dominate, one woman stands against him,” Scott said in a statement to CBR. “Watch as Scarlett leads her G.I. Joes on a daring mission to save all of Cybertron from their gravest threat yet. ‘First Strike’ is a fast-paced, hard-hitting, and deeply personal character story set against the backdrop of intergalactic war with all the giant robots, cyborg ninjas, and massive explosions you could ask for.”

IDW Publishing Editor-in-Chief David Hedgecock described “First Strike” as the natural progression from what the company started in “Revolution.”

“In ‘Revolution,’ we united our Hasbro comic book titles into one shared universe,” Hedgecock said. “In ‘First Strike,’ we see what it’s like to live in the shadows of a massively powerful, ancient, alien race that has been warring with itself for millions of years and, in doing so, has brought death and destruction to every planet it has touched.”

“What, if anything, can one man do to save his planet? What depths will he go to in order to save mankind? How do you destroy all the Transformers?”

True to the “Revolution” spirit, it won’t just be Transformers and G.I. Joe getting involved in “First Strike” — the M.AS.K. team will also be involved.

“‘First Strike’ is your childhood toy box exploding onto the [comic] page: the Transformers, G.I. Joe, and M.A.S.K. teams brought together, each of them positioned on different sides of this planet-spanning conflict,” Rodriguez said in a statement. “Sometimes the groups will line up along expected party lines, but other times, you’ll see them being torn apart from the inside, as they are forced to face the impossible concept of one human man declaring war against Cybertron and then being really good at it.”

“First Strike” will run for three months, with six issues planned to ship on a twice-monthly schedule. Tie-ins to the event will be revealed at a later date. Covers for each issue will be illustrated by “Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” artist Freddie E. Williams II, along with multiple variants.

First Strike #1

Mairghread Scott & David Rodriguez (w) • Max Dunbar (a) • Freddie E. Williams II (c)
The crossover of the year is here! Earth is finally ready to officially join the Cybertronian Council of Worlds and appoint their first representative to the Council. Too bad the ceremony is interrupted by a massive explosion and the forces of COBRA! Now it’s up to Scarlett, Optimus Prime, G.I. Joe and the Autobots to save two worlds!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Expected in-store date: 8/9/17

Bullet points:

· The Hasbro crossover event of 2017 is here!
· Spiraling out of the events of Revolution, Revolutionaries, G.I. Joe, Optimus Prime and Transformers: Till All Are One!
· The explosive next chapter of the Hasbro line! Literally! There are explosions!

First Strike #2

Mairghread Scott & David Rodriguez (w) • Max Dunbar (a) • Freddie E. Williams II
The crossover of the year continues! Scarlett learns the truth behind Baron Ironblood’s plan to destroy all life on Cybertron, but with her team stranded on Earth, she must turn to an unlikely ally to help her reach the besieged planet. Enter: Soundwave!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Expected in-store date: 8/23/17

Bullet points:

· The Hasbro crossover event of 2017 is here!
· As Cybertron is attacked, G.I. Joe looks to answer one of the biggest questions: Why?

1492722321-f0 1492722321-f1


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IDW Comic Ankündigungen Juli 2017

TF-Comics Hier sind die IDW Comic Ankündigungen für Juli 2017.

(W) John Barber (A/CA) Kei Zama
THE LIFE OF SIDESWIPE! A Junkion machine finally gives long-injured Sideswipe a new lease on life! But when his brother goes missing, Sideswipe and Arcee return to Cybertron-and nothing will be the same between them ever again.

(W) James Roberts (A) Jack Lawrence (CA) Tom Whalen
THE HUNT IS ON! Ever lost something and spent forever looking for it? Try visiting Troja Major, the lost property capital of the universe. Just bear in mind that it’s better known by another name: the Howling Town. And the Autobots are about to find out why.

(W) Mairghread Scott (A/CA) Sara Pitre-Durocher
Starscream makes his most desperate move yet in order to protect himself from Elita One’s rising power. But for once the master of manipulation’s only choice is to make himself helpless to another. Good thing no one’s got a grudge against Starscream, right?

(W) John Barber (A) Fico Ossio (CA) Igor Lima
OPTIMUS PRIME VS. BARON IRONBLOOD! The final mystery is revealed as Baron Ironblood reveals his true identity! Only by teaming with Transformers leader Optimus Prime do the Revolutionaries have a chance to save Earth-and the whole Hasbro universe! The senses-shattering conclusion to Revolutionaries leads directly into next month’s massive crossover event!

(W) John Barber, Christos Gage (A/CA) Alex Milne
Meet the universe’s only Cybertronian Solstar Knight! Hundreds of years ago, Rom discovered Stardrive, the sole survivor of a doomed space probe. Stardrive committed herself to protecting the galaxy from the Dire Wraiths… but when the Decepticon called Starscream makes a deadly deal, Rom and the Transformers are forced into a collision course… with Stardrive caught between two worlds!

(W) John Barber, Various (A) Robert Atkins, Various (CA) Fico Ossio
If you’re new to the Hasbro Universe or a long-time fan, this book is for you! Featuring a veritable TON of bios on your favorite characters, from P to Z, plus papercraft projects, a map of the Heliopolis, the Micronauts’ ship, and a fantastic story leading in to the next huge Hasbro event!

(W) John Barber, James Roberts, Mairghread Scott (A) Phil Jimenez, Andrew Griffith, Sarah Stone, Brendan Cahill, Atilio Rojo, James Raiz, Livio Ramondelli, Nick Roche, Robert Gill, Alex Milne (CA) Guido Guidi
Presenting IDW’s Transformers comics in preferred reading order! The end of everything! Shockwave makes a move millions of years in the planning-an ultimate strategy to remake Cybertron and destroy both the Autobots and Deceptions! Only the combined forces of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Rodimus can save their world-but billions of miles and eons of war leave our heroes divided, in “Dark Cybertron.” Plus, Windblade takes the planet by storm-but where did she come from-and what does her secret mean for the future of the Transformers? Collects Dark Cybertron #1 and Finale, More Than Meets The Eye issues #23-27, Robots In Disguise issues #23-27, and Windblade issues #1-4.

(W) John Barber, Cullen Bunn, Various (A) Fico Ossio, Various (CA) James Biggie
THE REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN! Celebrating more than a decade of stories by IDW and HASBRO, this unprecedented event draws everything together-and leaves nothing standing. The REVOLUTION is here-TAKE A STAND! Collects Revolution issues #0-5 as well as all of the Revolution One-Shots, including Transformers, G.I. JOE, Action Man, Rom, Micronauts, and M.A.S.K., with an expanded cover gallery.

Hasbro-Heroes-Sourcebook-3-Fico-Ossio-Cover Hasbro-Presents-Revolution Optimus-Prime-9-Kei-Zama-Cover Optimus-Prime-9-Tom-Whalen-Cover Revolutionaries-8-John-Lima-Cover Rom-vs-Transformers-Shining-Armor-Cover Transformers-Lost-Light-8-Tom-Whalen-Cover Transformers-The-IDW-Collection-Phase-2-Volume-6 Transformers-Till-All-Are-One-12-Sara-Pitre-Duro


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Earth Wars Beast Wars Mini-Comic

TF-Comics Jetzt können wir euch neue Seiten vom Earth Wars Beast Wars Mini-Comic zeigen. Die Seiten wurde je eine an Allspark, TFW2005 und Seibertron geschickt. Die Seiten sind von Simon Furman gemacht.

1492198523-tfw-spaceape-gives-page-2 1492200139-allspark-page-1 1492201410-bw3 1492201410-bwcov

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IDW Comic Transformers Till All Are One Heft #9

TF-Comics Hier ist die kleine Vorschau zum IDW Comic Transformers Till All Are One Heft #9.

After the costly victory against the Titans, Iacon is in shambles and Starscream finds himself on shakier ground than ever. The key to his political (and likely literal) survival rests in the outcome of a very unlikely event: the trial of the Council's first official war criminal—Chromia of Caminus!

225x225bb Transformers Till All Are One Issue 9 Three Page Transformers Till All Are One Issue 9 Three Page Transformers Till All Are One Issue 9 Three Page


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IDW Comic Optimus Prime #6

TF-Comics Hier ist die kleine Vorschau zum IDW Comic Optimus Prime #6.

“NEW CYBERTRON”—CONCLUSION! As the Junkions reveal their ultimate plan, Optimus Prime makes a decision that will define the relationship between Earth and Cybertron for all time... but will Arcee be able to live with the fallout?

Optimus-Prime-6-1 Optimus-Prime-6-2 Optimus-Prime-6-3 Optimus-Prime-6-Casey-Coller-Cover


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Interview mit James Roberts über Transformers: Lost Light

TF-Comics Auf ist ein Interview mit James Roberts, indem er über Transformers: Lost Light spricht. James Roberts spricht über seinen Schreibprozess und Ideen für die Serie. Die Art, wie er über seine Arbeit spricht, zeigt, wie nah er der Serie ist..

"The first few drafts of the script are usually in longhand – I have a tower of notebooks full of my barely legible handwriting. I refine the dialog when typing everything up, and then edit it all again by hand" - James Roberts

Der Artikel erwähnt auch die Charaktere und Geschichten und wie sie in Zusammenhang mit James Robert's Gedanken sind. Es ist ein interessantes Lesen, denn man bekommt ein Gefühl dafür, wie tief die Geschichte ist. Er teilt auch seine Ideen über einige der Charaktere in MTMTE und Lost Light mit.

"Anode, being a totally new character – and someone who was unfamiliar with our regulars and their backstory ... I wanted a driven, funny, independent, ebullient, cheeky new character, with a unique set of skills.” - James Roberts


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IDW Comic Revolution Aw Yeah! #1

TF-Comics Hier ist die große Vorschau zum IDW Comic Revolution Aw Yeah! #1.

1491274850-rev-awyeah-01-pr-1 1491274850-rev-awyeah-01-pr-2 1491274850-rev-awyeah-01-pr-3 1491274850-rev-awyeah-01-pr-4 1491274850-rev-awyeah-01-pr-5 1491274850-rev-awyeah-01-pr-6 1491274850-rev-awyeah-01-pr-7

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IDW Crossover Comic Rom vs. Transformers: Shining Armor

TF-Comics Es gibt ein neues IDW Crossover Comic. Es hat den Titel Rom vs. Transformers: Shining Armor. Geschrieben wird es von John Barber und Christos Gage. Beide haben zu diesem Comic ein Interview gegeben, das findet ihr unter

Rom-vs-Transformers-Shining-Armor-Art-Preview-1 Rom-vs-Transformers-Shining-Armor-Art-Preview-2 Rom-vs-Transformers-Shining-Armor-Art-Preview-3 Rom-vs-Transformers-Shining-Armor-Cover

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