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Transformers Earth Wars - DARK DEEDS

TF-Games Im Transformers Earth Wars Game startet das nächste Event. DARK DEEDS:

Quelle: Transformers Earth Wars

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Transformers Multiplayer Online Game für China

TF-Games Jetzt zeigen wir euch einen neuen Trailer vom Transformers Multiplayer Online Game für China. In diesem werden neue Charaktere gezeigt, diesmal aus Transformers The Last Knight.

Quelle: MMOJACKX57

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Transformers Forged to Fight Mobile Game - Waspinator

TF-Games Im Transformers Forged to Fight Mobile Game wurde jetzt eine neuer Beast Wars Charakter hinzugefügt. Es ist Waspinator.

Waspinator joins the fight April 20th, 10AM PDT
Faction: Predacons

Class: Demolitions

Despite his loyalty to the Predacon cause, the stalwart Waspinator never gets the respect he deserves from both his team mates or the universe. He has a knack for being crushed, smashed, and torn apart, but this bug has shown himself to be nearly indestructible, always appearing reassembled and ready for the next battle.


Health: 1662
Attack: 144
Max Rating: 571

Health: 4081
Attack: 302
Max Rating: 1326

Health: 10606
Attack: 785
Max Rating: 3524

When Waspinator drops below half of his Base Health, he diverts power to his ranged weapons, doubling Projectile Speed for the remainder of the fight.
When Waspinator drops below a quarter of his Base Health, he gains a 15~29% Special Damage for the remainder of the fight.
Ranged Attacks

Basic ranged attacks sting the opponent, inflicting a 20~28% Resistance De for 2 seconds after a short delay.
Heavy Attacks

100% chance to instantly inflict a 20~28% Resistance De for 5 seconds.
100% chance to Nullify a Resistance .
Waspinator’s ability to endure otherwise fatal blows and quickly reassemble himself makes him a tough bot to take out.

On Knockout Blow

If Waspinator’s HP would become 0 he instead becomes Invulnerable, Purifies all Des and Heals 1~20% of his health.
Special 1 – Eye Lasers

Waspinator overloads his optic sensors!

70~90% chance to gain a 13~25% Precision , increasing Critical Rate and lowering the opponent’s chance of Evading attacks for 5~7 seconds.
Special 2 – Unsteady Sting Shot

Waspinator use kick then Waspinator use gun.

100% chance to instantly inflict a 20~28% Resistance De for 5 seconds.
100% chance to Nullify a Resistance .
Special 3 – Surprise ‘Nuke

Now Waspinator has the giant bomb! Now Waspinator is greatest of Predacons!

This attack has a 100% chance Waspinator Burns the opponent dealing Heat Damage equal to 100% of his attack over 5 seconds.
Enemies with Rhinox
Rhinox and Waspinator both receive increased Attack Rating when paired with each other.
1~8% Attack Rating.
Sky Assault with Windblade
Waspinator and Windblade receive improved tracking when paired with each other.
Opponents become 5~25% less evasive.
Weaponsmiths with Mixmaster
Waspinator gains an increased Critical Chance on Heavy Attacks when paired with Mixmaster.
6~15% Heavy Attack Critical Hit
Ultra Magnus
Ultra Magnus’s Resistance s make him one of the tougher bots in the game, but weakening the Resistances of bots is Waspinator’s specialty. Resistance down and Nullification of Resistance s make the Wasp a great counter for the Autobot leader.
Waspinator’s Signature Ability to nullify des allows him to stave off death from bleeding once per fight. Arcee’s low health also becomes a serious disadvantage when facing a well timed Special Attack from Waspinator.
Rhinox’s Shield offers the perfect counter to Waspinator’s punishing Special Attacks. The Shield’s ability to withstand Waspinator’s Ranged Attacks ensure it is available when the Wasp unleashes his highest damage.
The quickest way to mitigate Waspinator’s powerful Special Attacks is to deny him Power. Mirage’s Power Drain mode will allow him to keep Waspinator from unleashing his full damage.
Offense: Superconductor-1000
Waspinator has some of the most devastating Special Attacks, and the Superconductor 1000 helps him use them more often, and with less resistance.
The Superconductor-1000 is exclusive to the Raid Store.
Defense: Repair Module
Waspinator’s Signature Ability gives him more opportunity to heal up with the Repair Module’s abilities, helping ensure he sticks around for fight after fight.
The Repair Module is found in the Premium Module Crystal.
Utility: Paralyzer
The chance to Stun gives Waspinator’s Sting more time to shine by keeping opponents from escaping while they’re vulnerable.
The Paralyzer Module is exclusive to the Alliance Crystal and Alliance Missions.

Quelle: Transformers Forged to Fight Mobile Game

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Transformers Earth Wars Event - Blast from the Past

TF-Games Hier haben wir die Daten und Infos zum nächsten Transformers Earth Wars Game Event mit dem Titel "Blast from the Past" für euch.

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Transformers Earth Wars - MIXED SIGNALS

TF-Games Im Transformers Earth Wars Game startet ein neues Event.

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Transformers Earth Wars Video mit Optimus Primal und Megatron

TF-Games Im folgenden Transformers Earth Wars Video sieht man zum ersten mal Optimus Primal und Megatron.

Quelle: Transformers Earth Wars

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Transformers Earth Wars Beast Wars - Comic

TF-Games Am Osterwochenende wird im Spiel Transformers Earth Wars Beast Wars ein Comic veröffentlicht. Bei der großen Eier Jagd kann man es finden. Hier haben wir das Cover dazu.


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Transformers Earth Wars Beast Wars Saga Update

TF-Games Im Transformers Earth Wars Game gibt es jetzt das Beast Wars Saga Update. Dazu gibt es neue Charaktere, wie zum Beispiel Optimus Primal und Megatron T-Rex. Simon Furman gab zu diesem Update ein Live Interview, welches wir hier für euch haben.

Live-Video von TransformersEarthWars auf anzeigen


17504255_835148589972872_4995279884483841462_o beastwars-cover Earth-Wars-Megatron-Art Earth-Wars-Megatron-Robot Earth-Wars-Megatron-TRex Earth-Wars-Optimus-Primal-Ape Earth-Wars-Optimus-Primal-Art Earth-Wars-Optimus-Primal-Robot

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Transformers Forged To Fight Mobile Game

TF-Games Seit gestern ist das neue Transformers Forged To Fight Mobile Game überall verfügbar. Dazu haben wir jetzt hier ein Video und die Pressemitteilung.

The New High Definition Action-Fighting Mobile Game Brings Together Iconic Bots from Nearly Every Generation of the “More than Meets the Eye” Franchise

SAN FRANCISCO, Apr. 6, 2017 – Today Kabam, a world leader of massively multiplayer mobile games for a global audience and wholly-owned subsidiary of Netmarble Games, and Hasbro Inc. officially launch TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight, a new high-definition, action-fighting RPG mobile game. For the first time ever, Transformers fans and mobile gamers everywhere will be able to build their Transformers team and battle with the most iconic Autobots and Decepticons from nearly every era of the storied franchise’s 30-plus year history.

The game features authentic Transformers action set in a stunning 3D environment, challenging players to assemble the ultimate team of Autobots and Decepticons, including fan-favorite bots from previous and current animated Transformers TV series, Paramount’s blockbuster films, Transformers comic books and Hasbro’s line of iconic action figures. As fans assemble their team, they will forge alliances, battle other players and dive into a unique storyline that goes beyond good versus evil.

“TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight brings together some of the most powerful Autobots and Decepticons from nearly every generation of the Transformers franchise,” said Mark Blecher, Senior Vice President, Digital Gaming and Corporate Development at Hasbro. “The team at Kabam has created a truly remarkable Transformers experience, and we’re confident that fans and gamers will be thrilled with the game.”

In TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight, players will explore an epic new universe where multiple realities collide to form a massive planetary battlefield. Players will assemble a team of Autobots and Decepticons from across time and space to fight against a world of corrupted Transformers robots and their villainous overlords. The game features amazing visuals, intense one-on-one battles, meaningful robot to vehicle converting action and deep RPG elements. Game features include:

• Collect iconic bots from the Transformers universe such as Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, Waspinator, Grimlock and Soundwave.
• Battle other players with devastating special attacks, ranged blasting, destructible terrain and huge 360 degree arenas.
• Team up with your friends, forge alliances and battle in global events.
• Set a gauntlet of bots and defenses to protect your base, get revenge on those that attack, and raid enemy bases.
• Deploy away teams to score epic loot.

“The Transformers brand is larger-than-life, and Kabam’s sophisticated, centralized tech engine allowed us to deliver HD graphics and a gameplay experience that is fitting for the franchise,” said Mike McCartney, Executive Producer for TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight. “The game features non-stop action, huge bots and a thrilling 360 degree battle arena that we think fans are going to love. It’s a must-play for anyone that is a fan of the Transformers brand or just enjoys quality action-fighting RPG games.”

TRANSFORMERS: Forged to Fight was developed by Kabam, the studio who created Fast & Furious: Legacy and Marvel Contest of Champions, a top 10 grossing game on the App Store. The game is now available worldwide in more than 155 countries on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and Google Play for Android devices. Visit for more information.

About Kabam
Kabam Games creates, develops, and publishes massively multiplayer games that are available to a global audience on mobile devices via its own dedicated channel in the App Store and Google Play. The company has partnered with leading entertainment companies such as Disney, Hasbro and Universal for mobile games based on some of the world’s most iconic franchises, including Marvel, Transformers and Fast & Furious. Kabam games have been enjoyed by more than 100 million players globally and consistently rank in the top 10 grossing apps on the App stores. The company has more than 150 employees, with studios and offices in Vancouver, San Francisco and Austin, Texas. Kabam Games is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Netmarble Games. More information about Kabam can be found at

About Hasbro
Hasbro (NASDAQ: HAS) is a global company committed to Creating the World’s Best Play Experiences by leveraging its beloved brands, including LITTLEST PET SHOP, MAGIC: THE GATHERING, MONOPOLY, MY LITTLE PONY, NERF, PLAY-DOH and TRANSFORMERS, and premier partner brands. From toys and games, television programming, motion pictures, digital gaming and consumer product licensing, Hasbro fulfills the fundamental need for play and connection with children and families around the world. The Company’s Hasbro Studios and its film label, Allspark Pictures, create entertainment brand-driven storytelling across mediums, including television, film, digital and more. Through the company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, including philanthropy, Hasbro is helping to build a safe and sustainable world and to positively impact the lives of millions of children and families. Learn more at, and follow us on Twitter (@Hasbro & @HasbroNews) and Instagram (@Hasbro).

Create your ultimate team of Autobots and Decepticons in Transformers: Forged to Fight by Kabam! New mobile game available now on the App Store and Google Play!

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Transformers Earth Wars Game Event - A Stitch In Time

TF-Games Hier sind die Infos für euch zum nächsten Transformers Earth Wars Game Event mit dem Titel "A Stitch In Time".

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