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Takara Tomy Transformers Lost Age LA-01 Battle Command Optimus Prime

TF-Real Movies Von Amazon gibt es neue Bilder zum Takara Tomy Transformers Lost Age LA-01 Battle Command Optimus Prime.

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Takara Tomy Transformers Lost Age Movie Advanced AD01, AD 03 & AD08

TF-Real Movies Von ACToys haben wir hier ein paar sehr schöne Bilder zu den Takara Tomy Transformers Lost Age Movie Advanced Figuren AD01 Optimus Prime, AD 03 Grimlock und AD08 Battle Blade Bumblebee.

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Takara Transformers AoE Movie Advanced AD01-AD15

TF-Real Movies Heute können wir euch Bilder zu den Takara Transformers AoE Movie Advanced AD01-AD15 Figuren zeigen. Zu sehen sind: AD-01 Leader Optimus Prime, AD-02 Classics Optimus Prime, AD-03 Voyager Grimlock, AD-04 Classics Bumblebee, AD-05 Dinobot Scorn, AD-06 Crosshairs, AD-07 Dinobot Slug, AD-08 Battle Blade Bumblebee, AD-09 Protoform Optimus Prime, AD-10 Deluxe Starscream, AD-11 Dispenser, AD-12 Voyager Revenge Optimus Prime, AD-13 Devastator, AD-14 Jolt und AD-15 Ratchet.

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TakaraTomy Transformers Movie Advance Line

TF-Real Movies Auf der Webseite von Takara kann man jetzt einige Charaktere aus der Transformers Movie Advance Line sehen. In dieser Reihe kommen nicht nur die Figuren zu Transformers: Age Of Extinction, sondern auch Figuren aus Dark Of The Moon, Hunt For The Decepticons , Revenge Of The Fallen und Movie 1.

Takara Tomy Transformers Movie Advance Line 1397

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TakaraTomy Lost Age Figuren Welle 1

TF-Real Movies Hier haben wir die ersten Bilder der TakaraTomy Lost Age Figuren. Diese sind aus Welle 1. hier sind enthalten:

Dispensor, G1 Style Protoform Optimus Prime, verschiedene Bumblebees, Crosshairs, Jolt, Ratchet, Dino, Devastator, Soundwave, Starscream und mehr. Man kann davon ausgehen, das Takara die Age of Extinction Toys alle unter dem Logo Lost Age heraus bringt.

1394134115 Bi EC WHCMAAe Yp X Bi EI Xg CUAA0 Ec5 png large Bi EJYnq Cc AAf S5g png large Bi EK6v GCYAAld JW png large Bi ELc XWCc AAc AZq png large Bi ELGGWCc AAESZx png large Bi ELq WUCIAAzy Mj png large Bi EM0h QCAAASvvn png large Bi EMENPCAAAUJp A png large Bi EMr QYCEAAr Wyc png large Bi EMUe1 CIAAy XJg png large Bi ENvf PCQAAFGqw png large Bi EOFp TCIAALTg C png large Bi EOg L CQAAJt2q png large Bi EOxit CIAAnw9 E png large Bi EPn3j CUAAYcf D png large Bi EPUAx CYAAjq Uh png large Bi EQOHCCIAAj Ej png large Bi ER9 Kt CEAEc EUu png large Bi ERpf ECUAAgngs png large Bi ERV77 CIAA9 GYD png large Bi ES 9 VCMAAmsul png large Bi ESPgm CMAA89me png large Bi ESvv XCUAAWh4 E png large Bi EUc AECYAAc Dsf png large Bi EUNhx CAAAQGs S png large 1506903 729746120392587 1828178868 n 1513694 729746210392578 1051363179 n 1782038 729746353725897 1841521336 n 1904043 729746247059241 1777026385 n 1912514 729746130392586 543845312 n


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Calibre Optimus Prime und Bumblebee Statue

TF-Real Movies Von der Firma Calibre wird jetzt noch einmal eine limitierte Stückzahl der beiden Movie Stauen Optimus Prime und Bumblebee heraus kommen. Von beiden kommen nur 130 Stück und sie haben neue Metall Teile. AUßerdem kommen sie unter dem Logo 30th Anniversary.

1392780311 1 1392780311 2


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Movie Universe Bumblebee Statue von Prime 1 Studios

TF-Real Movies Von den Prime 1 Studios kommt noch eine Statue heraus. Diesmal ist es ein Movie Universe Bumblebee, zu dem wir hier die Prototyp Bilder haben.

1392145145 2 1392145145 3

Quelle: Autobase Aichi

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Transformers: Human Alliance Arcade Game

TF-Real Movies Sega Amusements hat ein offizielles Statement zum Transformers: Human Alliance Arcade Game abgegeben, was wir euch nicht vorenthalten wollen.

“Of all the current licensed titles available as video games, none has the broad demographic appeal enjoyed by Transformers,” said SEGA COO and President, Paul Williams. “Transformer’s is a brand that’s perfect for our industry; it’s family-friendly while still appealing to teens and young adults.”
To ensure supply will meet demand, SEGA has begun production on both sides of the Atlantic. “We’ve got factories in the US and UK producing Transformers so we’re able to service the needs of our markets as quickly and economically as possible,” continued Williams. “Our distributors will find a ready supply of product available to meet what is sure to be very high demand for an extraordinary title.”
Transformers – Human Alliance is now available in two configurations. Both are available now.
Transformers - Human Alliance 42” Deluxe. – Two-player up-right game with fixed position blasters.
Transformers - Human Alliance 55" Theatre – Two player sit-down environmental theatre game.
Vending Times also states the following:
The Dave and Buster's premiere, held in a venue popular with amusement industry showgoers, was a great success, according to Sega Amusements general manager Peter Gustafson. It took a good deal of planning, he explained, but showcased Sega's capabilities for effective fun center design.
"With Transformers, we wanted to create awareness that went well beyond simply placing the game on a trade show floor and hoping people played it," Gustafson said. "We wanted our promotion to have an impact, to 'cause the pause.'"
Sega called the management team at Dave and Buster's to propose using the restaurant on Orlando's International Drive as a backdrop to promote the launch of Transformers--Human Alliance. The D&B's management team liked the idea, Gustafson reported, but insisted that whatever styling Sega implemented had to complement the location, not detract from it.

Sega Transformers Cabs 1387602226

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The Transformers: Human Alliance Arcade Game

TF-Real Movies Wir haben hier einige Bilder zum The Transformers: Human Alliance Arcade Game. Zu sehen ist quasi der Controler, mit dem man das Game spielt. Genauer ist es die Maschine, in der man sitzt.

Transformers 552522 Theatre Cabinet 1386773042 Transformers Standee 01 1386772653 Transformers Standee 02 1386772635 Transformers55 HQ Image 01 1386772560 Transformers55 HQ Image 02 1386772544 Transformers55 HQ Image 03 1386772615 Transformers55 HQ Image 04 1386772578


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Transformers 5 & 6 hängen von Transformers 4 Age Of Extinction ab

TF-Real Movies Rob Moore, der Top Manager von Paramount Pictures, hat in einem Interview gesagt, das die Transformers Movies 5 und 6 davon abhängen, ob Transformers 4 Age Of Extinction ein Erfolg wird.

Rob Moore states that Paramount Pictures would love to produce Transformers 5 and 6, however they are waiting to see the success of Transformers: Age Of Extinction first. Mr. Moore also said that they changed the mind of Director Michael Bay (who previously said Transformers: Dark Of The Moon is his last Transformers movie) by giving him a new Challenge. Mr. Bay was given the opportunity to film at locations never before done for a Hollywood movie and with a brand new set of Cast members including Chinese actors.

Regarding Chinese actors, Rob Moore says that they brought in superstar Han Geng. His popularity may boost the success of TF4 for the Asian region. Li Bingbing is another Asian actress who will play a vital role in the upcoming movie. Four newcomers were also included (who won the reality show) and they had the pleasure of working with veteran Hollywood actors such as Mark Wahlberg and Stanley Tucci.

Das ganze Interview könnt ihr unter sehen.

Transformers 4 Age Of Extinction China Paramount

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