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Paramount Pictures entfernt Transformers 7

TF-Real Movies So wie es aussieht hat Paramount Pictures Transformers 7 von der Lister der kommenden Transformers Movies entfernt. So überraschend ist das allerdings jetzt nicht, denn Hasbro entfernte den Film auf mysteriöse Weise einen Tag vor der New York Toy Fair 2018. Trotz der Tatsache, dass während der Messe selbst eine gewisse Berichtigung durchgeführt wurde, war die Nachricht bereits in der Fangemeinde verbreitet. Paramount Pictures schwieg bis heute darüber. schreibt: “In addition, the Melrose lot has undated Transformers 7 from its previous date of June 28, 2019. In its place, Paramount will release the Tiffany Haddish comedy Limited Partners on that date. Paramount had hatched a writers room led by Akiva Goldsman to hammer out future iterations of Transformers movies. The spinoff Bumblebee, whose clips were well received at CinemaCon, comes out on Dececmber 21 directed by Travis Knight. Michael Bay has hinted that Transformers: The Last Knight was his final stint in the director’s chair for a Transformers movie. Transformers 7 was put in as a placeholder on the calendar years ago, and the studio is rebooting the entire franchise in the direction of Bumblebee.”

Der kommende Transformers: Bumblebee Film ist jedoch so eingestellt, dass er die Serie mit einer neuen Richtung neu startet.

Wir halten euch weiter auf dem Laufenden.


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Transformers Studio Serie Voyager Brawl

TF-Real Movies Hier ist eine Review vom Transformers Studio Serie Voyager Brawl.


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Transformers Studio Serie Voyager Megatron

TF-Real Movies Hier haben wir ein Video vom Transformers Studio Serie Voyager Megatron. In diesem wird auch die Transformation gezeigt.


Einen Dank an Bulkhead, der das gefunden hat.

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Studio Series Voyager Brawl und Voyager Revenge Of The Fallen Megaton

TF-Real Movies Jetzt können wir euch neue Bilder von den beiden Studio Series Figuren Voyager Brawl und Voyager Revenge Of The Fallen Megaton zeigen.

01-_Studio-_Series-_Brawl-_In-_Hand-_Images 01-_Studio-_Series-_Wave-2-_Voyager-_Megatron-_In-_Hand 02-_Studio-_Series-_Brawl-_In-_Hand-_Images 02-_Studio-_Series-_Wave-2-_Voyager-_Megatron-_In-_Hand 03-_Studio-_Series-_Brawl-_In-_Hand-_Images 03-_Studio-_Series-_Wave-2-_Voyager-_Megatron-_In-_Hand 04-_Studio-_Series-_Brawl-_In-_Hand-_Images 04-_Studio-_Series-_Wave-2-_Voyager-_Megatron-_In-_Hand 05-_Studio-_Series-_Wave-2-_Voyager-_Megatron-_In-_Hand


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Bumblebee The Movie

TF-Real Movies Auf der CinemaCon wurde ein 5 min Clip vom kommenden Bumblebee The Movie gezeigt. Davon haben wir hier eine Zusammenfassung.

An alarm goes off at 8:00 AM. Charlie shuts it off, unhappily waking up. Her room is covered in posters. She rocks out with headphones on while brushing her teeth. In the garage, her car is playing the same song. When she enters, it stops.

A piece of the car hits the floor. She look beneath it. Getting on a board with wheels, she slides under the car. Ultimately, she finds Bee’s face, which lights up in the eyes and stands up above her. She’s shocked. This thing fits in the garage! They have a standoff. Bee stumbles around. She reaches for the door handle but sees he is just stumbling around and scared as he huddles himself into the corner.

She approaches and says, “Hi.” Bee chirps back. He’s still scared and avoiding her in the corner. “Do you speak?: she asks. Bee nods to indicate he does not. He stands up, holding his neck, after seeing the wrench in her hand. He analyzes her hands and comes closer, allowing them to touch his face. He can understand her. “What are you?” she asks. “Where did you come from?” He shies away from answering. He points to her shirt. He is asking who she is. “I’m Charlie,” she tells him. “Charlie Watson, I’m 18 today. Actually, it’s my birthday today. What’s your name?” He shies away, with his ears going down. She rules, “You sound like a little bumblebee.” That’s what she’s going to call him from now on. “Matches your outfit, too,” she says.

Later, clips of Bee running from a helicopter, trucks exploding, Bee playing on the beach, driving Charlie around, and other Transformers cut into the frame. A red and white winged Transformer is fighting him. He uses his arm cannon. He fights fighter jets. Charlie does her best to help him. He lands in a desert


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Transformers Studio Serie Grimlock

TF-Real Movies Jetzt wurde auch der Transformers Studio Serie Grimlock angekündigt. Er wird in der Leader Klasse erscheinen.

Quelle: Transformers

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Transformers Studio Serie Deluxe Jazz und Lockdown & Voyager Brawl und Megatron

TF-Real Movies Hier haben wir die Bilder von den Transformers Studio Serie Figuren Deluxe Jazz und Lockdown & Voyager Brawl und Megatron.

SSwave21 SSwave210 SSwave211 SSwave212 SSwave213 SSwave214 SSwave215 SSwave216 SSwave217 SSwave218 SSwave219 SSwave22 SSwave220 SSwave221 SSwave222 SSwave223 SSwave23 SSwave24 SSwave25 SSWave26 SSwave27 SSwave28 SSwave29


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Transformers Studio Serie Black Out

TF-Real Movies Jetzt von von Hasbro ein Video veröffentlicht, in dem Transformers Studio Serie Leader Black Out angekündigt wird.

Quelle: Hasbro

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Takara Tomy Transformers Studio Serie

TF-Real Movies Hier haben wir die Verpackungsbilder von den kommenden Takara Tomy Transformers Studio Serie Figuren.

01-_Takara-_Tomy-_Studio-_Series-_Packaging 02-_Takara-_Tomy-_Studio-_Series-_Packaging 03-_Takara-_Tomy-_Studio-_Series-_Packaging 04-_Takara-_Tomy-_Studio-_Series-_Packaging 05-_Takara-_Tomy-_Studio-_Series-_Packaging 06-_Takara-_Tomy-_Studio-_Series-_Packaging 07-_Takara-_Tomy-_Studio-_Series-_Packaging 08-_Takara-_Tomy-_Studio-_Series-_Packaging 09-_Takara-_Tomy-_Studio-_Series-_Packaging 10-_Takara-_Tomy-_Studio-_Series-_Packaging 11-_Takara-_Tomy-_Studio-_Series-_Packaging 12-_Takara-_Tomy-_Studio-_Series-_Packaging 13-_Takara-_Tomy-_Studio-_Series-_Packaging 14-_Takara-_Tomy-_Studio-_Series-_Packaging 15-_Takara-_Tomy-_Studio-_Series-_Packaging 16-_Takara-_Tomy-_Studio-_Series-_Packaging

Quelle: Planetiacon

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Transformers Studio Serie Bonecrusher?

TF-Real Movies Es kann sein, das wir hier die Ankündigung vom Transformers Studio Serie Bonecrusher gefunden haben. Allerdings ist das Bild nur ein Platzhalter, so das wir noch keine Informationen haben, welche Größe diese Figur haben wird. Wir halten euch auf dem Laufenden.



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