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Neuer Transformers Live Action Movie in Arbeit

TF-Real Movies Der Produzent Lorenzo di Bonaventura hat in einem Gespräch mit Den Of Geek über einen neuen Transformers Live Action Movie gesprochen.

“What’s interesting is we are talking about a movie that made $650 million, the last one. It’s not exactly dead. I think what we’re doing is we’re having a script written soon. We put it aside a little bit because we were all focused on Bumblebee, and that takes a lot of time and creative attention.

Now that we’ve come up for air, we’ve been meeting with writers and sort of formulating where we’re going to go with that franchise. We’re meeting with some of the most successful writers in our business, so they’re certainly not shying away from spending a lot of money on a script. Doesn’t mean we’re going to make a movie, but when you deal with studios, you get a sense of the current. My sense of the current is they absolutely want to make another one. They just don’t know how much they want to spend on it. That’s my sense of it.”

“It’s possible. I avoid the word “reboot” because I don’t think it’s really accurate, but I will give you a sense of how wide-ranging our thought process is. We have talked about a World War II movie. We have talked about a time travel movie because they can go through wormholes, so you can go to different timeframes from that. We have talked about a lot of different kind of genre concepts to put on it. We have talked about going later in the timeline. What would that look like?

All those things are swirling around at the same time, and we really haven’t settled on a writer, but I just got off the phone this morning, talking about this very thing and coming up with a take. It’s exciting to think that we could do something different.”


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Transformers Studio Serie Bumblebee The Movie Helm

TF-Real Movies Hier haben wir ein Bild vom kommenden Studio Transformers Studio Serie Bumblebee The Movie Helm. Er wird mit Batterie betrieben und hat Bluetooth.


Quelle: f90happy

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Singing und Dancing DJ Bumblebee Figur

TF-Real Movies In der Bumblebee Movie Reihe kommt im Winter 2019 eine Singing und Dancing DJ Bumblebee Figur heraus. Dieses Spielzeug nimmt deine Stimme auf und mischt das dann unter die vorprogrammierte Musik von drei verschiedenen Liedern. Diese sind: Aerosmiths - Walk This Way, Young MCs - Bust A Move oder das originale Transformers Titellied.

Hasbro schreibt:

Transformers: Bumblebee – DJ Bumblebee
Drop the beat with the DJ Bumblebee figure. Using Sing-Back Tech, this figure records kids’ voices, and then plays back the soundbite in sync with 1 of 3 awesome tracks. Kids control the mix – move the figure’s left arm to switch songs and right arm to control the tempo. Figure comes pre-loaded with music clips Walk This Way, originally by Aerosmith, Bust A Move, originally by Young MC, and the original G1 Transformers Robots in Disguise theme song. The DJ Bumblebee figure also dances to the beat during playback. Product does not convert, but can still mix it up.

Price: $39.99

E0850_AS00_630509700943_detail_18 E0850_AS00_630509700943_pkg_18 E0850_DAD_Life_F18_TRA_DJBumblebee_0169 E0850_DAD_Life_F18_TRA_DJBumblebee_0173 E0850_DAD_Life_F18_TRA_DJBumblebee_0206


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Transformers Bumblebee Movie – Energon Igniters Toys

TF-Real Movies Jetzt können wir euch die ersten Bilder der kommenden Transformers Bumblebee Movie Energon Igniters Toys zeigen. Dabei sind:

Energon Igniters Speed
Energon Igniters Power
Energon Igniters Power Plus
Energon Igniters Nitro

01-_Transformers_Bumblebee_Energon_Igniters_Group 01-_Transformers_Bumblebee_Energon_Igniters_Group-1278x665 02-_Transformers-_Bumblebee-_Energon-_Igniters-_Speed 03-_Transformers-_Bumblebee-_Energon-_Igniters-_Speed 04-_Transformers-_Bumblebee-_Energon-_Igniters-_Power-_Plus 05-_Transformers-_Bumblebee-_Energon-_Igniters-_Power-_Plus


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Transformers Studio Serie - Revenge of the Fallen Starscream

TF-Real Movies Jetzt können wir euch ein Bild zeigen, auf dem man den Transformers Studio Serie - Revenge of the Fallen Starscream sieht.

studio-series-rotf-starscream-1278x665 studio-series-rotf-starscream

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Quelle: Hasbro Pulse

Bumblebee Movie - Decepticons veröffentlicht

TF-Real Movies Jetzt wurde ein Bild gezeigt, auf dem man zwei neue Decepticons aus dem kommenden Bumblebee Movie sieht. Der rote Plymouth Satellit ist ein weiblicher Transformers mit dem Namen Shatter.Im Movie wird sie von Angela Bassett gesprochen. Der blaue AMC Javelin hat den Namen Dropkick und seine Stimme kommt von Justin Theroux.


Quelle: Entertainment Weekly

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Bumblebee Movie - Power Charge Bumblebee

TF-Real Movies Jetzt können wir euch die neuen Bilder vom kommenden Power Charge Bumblebee zeigen. Diese Figur gehört zum kommenden Bumblebee Movie und hat Licht - und Soundeffekte.

Power-_Charge-_Bee-01 Power-_Charge-_Bee-02 Power-_Charge-_Bee-03 Power-_Charge-_Bee-04


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Transformers Studio Serie 19 - Bumblebee Retro Rock Garage Vol. 1

TF-Real Movies Jetzt können wir euch die Bilder vom Transformers Studio Serie 19 - Bumblebee Retro Rock Garage Vol. 1 zeigen.

Studio Series presents Vol.1 of a totally awesome convention exclusive series. Packed with retro radness, this installment features a bodaciously Special Edition Bumblebee Gold Camaro figure and 2 dynamite dino-cassette figures, Dairu and Uruaz (the evil twin of Zauru), remixed from an '80s Japan-only release.

Retro Rock Garage - Vol. 1 is a celebration of the Bumblebee movie and the awesomeness of cranking up some tunes as you tune up your ride. Especially if that ride is a righteous '77 Camaro with special edition deco that converts from robot mode in 25 steps.

"Perfect soundtrack for tuning up my '77 Chevrolet Camaro" -Charlie, Human Ally Magazine

"The movie-inspired details really come through, great one for the collection" -The Prime Times

"Wouldn't even intercept the transmission" -Soundwave, Rolling Decepticon

"Cassettes don't actually play music" -Disclaimer Weekly

• Includes: Bumblebee figure, 5 accessories, 2 mini-cassette figures, and instructions.

• Convention Exclusive Studio Series Deluxe Class Bumblebee figure with special edition deco
• Details, styling, and figure scale inspired by the rockin' world of Transformers: Bumblebee
• 2 dino-cassette figures based on a classic 1980's release, sold only in Japan
• Premium packaging inspired by old-school mix tape style
• Show off the exclusive Bumblebee figure inside a cassette-inspired Retro Rock Garage - Vol 1 display

• Figure scale: 4.5 inches

45_DF37_DC537441_E6_B543_B5_B147_AB3_C16 557_CF95453_B64_C8488_B1_A4539_CE74887 7_C06_B97593_D348248_F52_B7_DDE058581_A 80084_C75_EA2_D44_AF909_CC9817_F946_CFE 92_CF11_FBE19347_B0_A03001_B7975_BEF26 F4_DEE1_A925084_F23_B971_AC31_EDC1277_C


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Transformers Bumblebee Movie - Travis Knight spricht

TF-Real Movies Wir haben hier ein Video, in dem der Director Travis Knight über den Transformers Bumblebee Movie. Es ist ein kleiner Blick hinter die Kulissen und man sieht ein paar neue Szenen.

Quelle: Paramount Pictures

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Bumblebee The Movie - Interview mit John Cena und Hailee Steindfield

TF-Real Movies Hier ist ein Video, in dem ein Interview mit John Cena und Hailee Steindfield zu sehen ist. Es ist ein Blick hinter die Kulissen vom kommenden Bumblebee The Movie.

Quelle: Entertainment Tonight

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