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Black Friday Sale!

TF Robots Black Friday Sale starts now!



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TF Robots In stock now @ 
Transformers TCG Boosterbox & Metroplex deck:

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TF Robots Expected to be in stock soon @
- Transform and Rollout TR-01 Hova:
- BMB LS-05 SS Grimlock [Oversized]:
- TFC STC-01A Supreme Tactical Commander:
- DX9 K2 AncestRod:
- Master Made SDT-02 Diabolus REX [restock]:

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TF Robots Wei Jiang Night Blades available for pre order @
Set A: Night Blades + Scorpion:
Set B: Night Blades + Scorpion + diorama:

Available for pre order @
WFC Siege Leader Ultra Magnus:
WFC Siege Leader Shockwave:

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TF Robots New pre order available @
Unique Toys UT R-03


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TF Robots In stock now

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TF Robots In stock

45473387-1938812536166510-251971944411299840-n 45496769-1938812366166527-164131118654685184-n 45510989-1938812289499868-6896736584155004928-n 45571218-1938812596166504-996620583779172352-n

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TF Robots Takara BB-01 Classic Optimus Prime available for pre order @


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TF Robots In stock now @

War for Cybertron Siege []
In stock now: 
- Voyager Optimus Prime
- Voyager Megatron

Expected next week:
- Deluxes Hound, Sideswipe, Cog & Flywheels
- Battlemasters Blowpipe, Lionizer & Firedrive
- Micromasters Airstrike, Race Car Patrol & Autobot Battle Patrol

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TF Robots New in

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