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Perfect Effect Gorira Prime / Primal Prime

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Heute können wir euch das nächste Projekt der 3rd Party Firma Perfect Effect vorstellen. es ist Gorira Prime / Primal Prime, welcher eine Redeco von dem Beast Wars Optimal Optimus von Perfect Effect ist.

Perfect-_Effect-_Primal-_Prime-1 Perfect-_Effect-_Primal-_Prime-2 Perfect-_Effect-_Primal-_Prime-3 Perfect-_Effect-_Primal-_Prime-4

Quelle: Perfect Effect

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X-Transbots Toys MM-IX Klaatu (Transformers Masterpiece Cosmos)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier ist eine Review vom X-Transbots Toys MM-IX Klaatu, dem Transformers Masterpiece Cosmos.

Quelle: Benscollectables

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Maketoys MTRM-10 Galaxy Meteor

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier ist eine Review zum Maketoys MTRM-10 Galaxy Meteor.

Quelle: peaugh

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Maketoys MTCD-03SP - Thunder Erebus

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier ist eine Review vom Maketoys MTCD-03SP - Thunder Erebus.

Quelle: peaugh

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Perfect Effect “Perfect Beast” Transmetal 2 Megatron

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Die 3rd Party Firma Perfect Effect plant jetzt eine Hommage an den “Perfect Beast” Transmetal 2 Megatron. Das verrät uns das Bild, was sie auf ihrer Facebook gepostet haben.


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Perfect Effect PC-20 Black Ginrai

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Jetzt können wir euch das nächste Projekt von der 3rd Party Firma Perfect Effect vorstellen. Es ist er PC-20 Black Ginrai. Im Set enthalten:

Black Ginrai (x1)
Breastplate (x1)
Interchangeable hands (x2)
Laser gun (x1)
Neck kit (x1)
Combine helmet (x1)

Perfect-_Effect-_Black-_Ginrai-01 Perfect-_Effect-_Black-_Ginrai-02 Perfect-_Effect-_Black-_Ginrai-03 Perfect-_Effect-_Black-_Ginrai-05 Perfect-_Effect-_Black-_Ginrai-06 Perfect-_Effect-_Black-_Ginrai-07

Quelle: Perfect Effect

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ToyHax im August

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party

We've been at it again, and we're happy to bring you another extensive update!

We have a single set for all 4 TR Legends from waves 4 and 5:

A gigantic set spanning all of Takara's Legends Ginrai and Godbomber:

And perhaps the most incredible conversion set this year!  A set to convert TR Voyager Optimus into Action Master Optimus, complete with new weapons / smoke stacks!

A full set for Fans Toys Phoenix:

A glorious upgrade for DNA Design's brilliant Susanoo figure:

Fanshobby's Gunfighter II gets some help:

MMC Dicamus never looked better:

We've finally started on Toyworld's Constructor:

And we've begun an exquisite series of sets for TFC's Poseidon:

KFC's Ditka looks like a completely different toy!

And we haven't forgotten about you Legends scale collectors:

ALLOCATOR_PROMO Blitzwingmap1 Blitzwingmap2 Blitzwingmap3 Blitzwingmap4 DICAMUS_MAP1 DICAMUS_MAP2 DICAMUS_MAP3 DICAMUS_MAP4 DICAMUS_MAP5 DICAMUS_PROMO DNAS_PROMO DNA_SS_MAP1 DNA_SS_MAP2 DNA_SS_MAP3 DNA_SS_MAP4 DNA_SS_MAP5 FT-_Phoenix-photo-map-1 FT-_Phoenix-photo-map-2 FT-_Phoenix-photo-map-3 FT-_Phoenix-photo-map-4 FT-_Phoenix-photo-map-5 FT-_Phoenix-photo-map-6 FT-_Phoenix-photo-map-7 FT-_Phoenix-photo-map-8 FT-_Phoenix-_PROMO FT_PROMO godbombermap1 godbombermap2 godbombermap3 godbombermap4 Godbomberpromo Gunfighter_MAP1 Gunfighter_MAP2 Gunfighter_MAP3 Gunfighter_MAP4 Gunfighterpromo KFC-_DITKA-photo-map-1 KFC-_DITKA-photo-map-2 KFC-_DITKA-photo-map-3 KFC-_DITKA-photo-map-4 KFC-_DITKA-photo-map-5 KFC-_DITKA-photo-map-6 KFC-_DITKA-photo-map-7 KFC-_DITKA-promo MPsoundtrackpromo octone_map1 octone_map2 octone_map3 octone_map4 octone_map5 Octone_promo Soundtrackmap1 Soundtrackmap2 Soundtrackmap3 TFC-_CYBERJAW-photo-map-1 TFC-_CYBERJAW-photo-map-2 TFC-_CYBERJAW-photo-map-3 TFC-_CYBERJAW-photo-map-4 TFC-_CYBERJAW-photo-map-5 TFC-_CYBERJAW-promo TFCDC_MAP1 TFCDC_MAP2 TFCDC_MAP3 TFCDC_MAP4 TFCDC_MAP5 TFCDC_PROMO TR-_Action-_Master-_Optimus-_Prime-map-1 TR-_Action-_Master-_Optimus-_Prime-map-2 TR-_Action-_Master-_Optimus-_Prime-map-3 TR-_Action-_Master-_Optimus-_Prime-map-4 TR-_Action-_Master-_Optimus-_Prime-map-5 TR-_Action-_Master-_Optimus-_Prime-map-6 TR-_Action-_Master-_Optimus-_Prime-map-7 TR-_Action-_Master-_Optimus-_Prime-map-8 TR-_Action-_Master-_Optimus-_Prime-map-9 TR-_Action-_Master-_Optimus-_Prime-_PROMO TR-_Full-_Tilt_1 TR-_Full-_Tilt_2 TR-_Full-_Tilt_3 TR-_Full-_Tilt_4 TR-_Full-_Tilt_5 TR-_Full-_Tilt_6 TR-_Full-_Tilt_7 TRBlitzwingpromo TW_A_MAP1 TW_A_MAP2 TW_A_MAP3 TW_A_MAP4 TW_B_MAP1 TW_B_MAP2 TW_B_MAP3 TW_B_MAP4 TW_B_MAP5 TW_B_PROMO

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Mastermind Creations Exklusiv Shadow Ghost Calidus

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Die 3rd Party Firma Mastermind Creations bringt jetzt ihren Calidus noch einmal heraus. Diesmal als Exklusiv Shadow Ghost Calidus. Dieser soll eine Shattered Glass/Evil Version des More Than Meets The Eye Hot Rod sein.


Quelle: Peaugh auf Twitter

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Zeta Toys - Armageddon (Masterpiece Bruticus)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier ist das erste Bild von dem Combiner Armageddon von der 3rd Party Firma Zeta Toys. Er ist eine Hommage an Bruticus und er wird Masterpiece Größe haben.



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DX9 Toys - X16G Usurper Ghost

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier sind neue Bilder vom DX9 Toys X16G Usurper Ghost.

19260249_1939694652918406_7622113070412434940_n 20245681_1939694419585096_6186347020370184594_n 20258274_1939694706251734_6020203080394623617_n 20264608_1939694476251757_9183595936744405016_n 20264610_1939694692918402_5614565096078899814_n 20264713_1939694409585097_496376665684568264_n 20264792_1939694499585088_3254754962029277876_n 20264797_1939694519585086_1492730725069545827_n 20264856_1939694289585109_1340117284236669702_n 20264883_1939694532918418_1133184023251131781_n 20265093_1939694766251728_1315560589981680218_n 20265121_1939694712918400_7622827502534030541_n 20292607_1939694729585065_6913757563247554443_n 20293094_1939694649585073_4626004962758466849_n 20293127_1939694622918409_383260048009736180_n 20293155_1939694626251742_5897064942317923768_n 20294145_1939694322918439_3555174657268543391_n 20374261_1939694312918440_989161446366958547_n 20374403_1939694306251774_5860634337676620871_n 20374525_1939694392918432_2070036077871055817_n 20374575_1939694396251765_2111562019233206067_n 20374580_1939694529585085_7998931566957541191_n 20376106_1939694332918438_458904379150633810_n

Quelle: DX9 Toys

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