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Planet X - Fall of Cybertron Insecticons

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Von der 3rd Party Firma Planet X kommen jetzt die Fall of Cybertron Insecticons heraus. Sie basieren auf Sharpshot, Hardshell und Kickback aus dem Transformers game Fall of Cybertron. Ihre Namen sind Morpheus, Phobetor und Phantasus.

Planet-_X-_Insecticons-1 Planet-_X-_Insecticons-10 Planet-_X-_Insecticons-11 Planet-_X-_Insecticons-12 Planet-_X-_Insecticons-13 Planet-_X-_Insecticons-2 Planet-_X-_Insecticons-3 Planet-_X-_Insecticons-4 Planet-_X-_Insecticons-5 Planet-_X-_Insecticons-6 Planet-_X-_Insecticons-7 Planet-_X-_Insecticons-8 Planet-_X-_Insecticons-9

Quelle: Planet X

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Zeta Toys ZA-03 Blitzkrieg (Masterpiece G1 Onslaught)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier sind neue Bilder vom Zeta Toys ZA-03 Blitzkrieg (Masterpiece G1 Onslaught) . Diesmal sieht man ihn auch im kombinierten Modus.

Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-01 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-02 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-03 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-04 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-05 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-06 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-07 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-08 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-08 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-09 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-10 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-11 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-12 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-13 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-14 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-15 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-16 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-17 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-18 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-19 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-20 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-21 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-22 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-23 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-24 Zeta-_Toys-_ZA-03-_Blitzkrieg-25

Quelle: und Zeta Toys

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DX9 x Uniquetoys - K3 La Hire

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Jetzt zeigen wir euch den Prototyp Des kommenden DX9 x Uniquetoys K3 La Hire. Er ist eine Hommage an Hot Rod und hat Masterpiece Größe.

K3 LA HIRE is a royal guard knight.
Its size is matched with the MPM series. The door can be opened in the vehicle mode and put the action figure in.
The car spoilers can be adjusted up and down.It

also contain many alloy parts.
Its vehicle mode is perfectly matched with the real car whose back wheels are larger than the front ones.
The waist is made of rubber tube.

Coming in the middle of the 2018

Unique-_Toys-_Dx9-_K3-_La-_Hire-01 Unique-_Toys-_Dx9-_K3-_La-_Hire-02 Unique-_Toys-_Dx9-_K3-_La-_Hire-03 Unique-_Toys-_Dx9-_K3-_La-_Hire-04 Unique-_Toys-_Dx9-_K3-_La-_Hire-05

Quelle: DX9

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FansToys FT-39 Jabber (Masterpiece Blurr)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Jetzt können wir euch die Prototyp Bilder vom FansToys FT-39 Jabber (Masterpiece Blurr) zeigen. Diese Figur soll dem Cartoon gerecht aussehen.

Fans-_Toys-_FT-39-_Jabber-01 Fans-_Toys-_FT-39-_Jabber-02 Fans-_Toys-_FT-39-_Jabber-03 Fans-_Toys-_FT-39-_Jabber-04 Fans-_Toys-_FT-39-_Jabber-05 Fans-_Toys-_FT-39-_Jabber-06 Fans-_Toys-_FT-39-_Jabber-07 Fans-_Toys-_FT-39-_Jabber-08 Fans-_Toys-_FT-39-_Jabber-09

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TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party We've been gone for a while, but we're back with 32 new sets that will blow your minds!

We'll start things off with a whole new section for the POTP line: ... dwind.html ... -slug.html ... swoop.html ... -jazz.html

...Including an alternate set for a G2-inspired POTP Jazz set: ... zz-g2.html

We also have more sets for Titans Return figures, this time for Slugslinger and Wingspan (including weapons!) ... inger.html ... gspan.html

Just when you thought you'd seen enough cassette sets, here's three more! ... renzy.html ... sanna.html ... enemy.html

An outstanding conversion set for TLK's Nitro to turn him into Thunderwing (with some help from the Thunderwing head that comes with the Siege on Cybertron box set): ... rwing.html

Continuing on with TLK sets, here's a fabulous one for Hound: ... hound.html

To add even more awesomeness, you IDW fans will be happy to see these new symbol sets! ... mbols.html ... mbols.html ... mbols.html

On the third party side, we've created a set for Maketoys' Meteor, and an alternate G2 version of the Downbeat set: ... eteor.html ... at-g2.html

For those of you who opted for Toyworld's Coolsville, you'll want to see this: ... ville.html

We've finally completed the full line of stickers for TFC's Poseidon, and started on their Trinity Force line as well: ... shell.html ... kills.html ... -bite.html ... -bull.html

MMC's Turben gets the love: ... urben.html

FT TERMINUS GIGANTICUS. Enough said: ... ticus.html

We've started some beautiful work on our long-awaited offerings for TFM Havoc: ... order.html ... evolt.html

This next set for PE Jinrai jibes well with our previous set for TR PM Prime: ... prime.html

This time, delivering an IDW prime, here's our set for GT Opex: ... -opex.html

We are officially declassifying this label set for XTB Klaatu: ... laatu.html

Continuing with the minibot theme, we have fantastic labels for FT Spindrift: ... drift.html

More of the DX9 War in Pocket series: ... umper.html ... uaker.html

labels-for-mmc-turben labels-for-pe-jinrai-prime labels-for-potp-dreadwind labels-for-potp-slug labels-for-tfc-big-bite labels-for-tlk-thunderwing labels-for-tr-frenzy labels-for-tr-slugslinger labels-for-tw-coolsville mtmte-plain-symbols

Perfect Effect PC-23 Upgrade Set für Power of the Primes Dinobots

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Von Perfect Effect kommt jetzt das PC-23 Upgrade Set. Es ist für die Power of the Primes Dinobots. Im Set ist enthalten:

Schwert x5
Schild x1
Arme x2
Schenkel x2
Dino Fighter x1
Combiner Part x1

Perfect-_Effect-_PC-23-_Perfect-_Combiner-_Add-_On-01 Perfect-_Effect-_PC-23-_Perfect-_Combiner-_Add-_On-02 Perfect-_Effect-_PC-23-_Perfect-_Combiner-_Add-_On-03 Perfect-_Effect-_PC-23-_Perfect-_Combiner-_Add-_On-04 Perfect-_Effect-_PC-23-_Perfect-_Combiner-_Add-_On-05

Quelle: Perfect Effect

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Zeta Toys ZA-03 Blitzkrieg (Masterpiece G1 Onslaught)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Jetzt können wir euch die Farbbilder vom, Zeta Toys ZA-03 Blitzkrieg (Masterpiece G1 Onslaught) zeigen. Er gehört zu dem Combiner Armageddon der 3rd Party Firma.

Zera-_Toys-_ZA-5-_Blitzkrieg-_Onslaught-01 Zera-_Toys-_ZA-5-_Blitzkrieg-_Onslaught-02 Zera-_Toys-_ZA-5-_Blitzkrieg-_Onslaught-03 Zera-_Toys-_ZA-5-_Blitzkrieg-_Onslaught-04


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Zeta Toys ZB-01 Fly Fire und Armageddon

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Jetzt können wir euch Bilder vom Zeta Toys ZB-01 Fly Fire zeigen. Er ist eine Hommage an G1 Fireflight in Masterpiece Größe. Diese Figur gehört zu dem Zeta Toys Kronos Combiner, der ein Masterpiece Superion wird.

Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-01 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-02 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-03 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-04 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-05 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-06 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-07 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-08 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-09 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-10 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-11 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-12 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-13 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-14 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-15 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-16 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-17 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-18 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-19 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-20 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-21 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-22 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-23 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-24 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-25 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-26 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-27 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-28 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-29 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-30 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-31

Dazu haben wir hier die Bilder vom Combiner Armageddon der 3rd Party Firma. Es sind die ersten Farbbilder der Hommage von Bruticus.

Zeta-_Toys-_Armaggedon-01 Zeta-_Toys-_Armaggedon-02


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Unique Toys Palm Serie 2 neue Sets!

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Von der Unique Toys Palm Serie, kommen zwei neue Sets und von ihrem Weibo Kanal haben wir erste Bilder dazu. Es handelt sich hier bei um die beiden Sets:

No Minds (Apeface) und Unhappy (Highbrow)

Day (Cerebros) und Night (Snapdragon)

Unique-_Toys-_Apeface-1 Unique-_Toys-_Apeface-2 Unique-_Toys-_Apeface-3 Unique-_Toys-_Apeface-4 Unique-_Toys-_Apeface-5 Unique-_Toys-_Cerebros-1 Unique-_Toys-_Cerebros-2 Unique-_Toys-_Cerebros-3 Unique-_Toys-_Highbrow-1 Unique-_Toys-_Highbrow-2 Unique-_Toys-_Highbrow-3 Unique-_Toys-_Highbrow-4 Unique-_Toys-_Snapdragon-1 Unique-_Toys-_Snapdragon-2 Unique-_Toys-_Snapdragon-3 Unique-_Toys-_Snapdragon-4 Unique-_Toys-_Snapdragon-5 Unique-_Toys-_Snapdragon-6

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Perfect Effect PC-21, PC-22 und PC-23 Upgrade Sets

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Jetzt wurde von Perfect Effect die Upgrade Sets PC-21, PC-22 und PC-23 angekündigt.

PC-21 Upgrade Set for POTP Dinobots
PC-22 Upgrade Set for POTP Starscream
Release in March/2018

Product Features:
* Gear joint
* New mold
* Transformed into the arms

Box Contents:
Hand———–x 2
foot———–x 2

PC-23 will coming soon

pc21a pc21b pc22 pc22a

Quelle: Perfect Effect

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