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Artikel zum Thema: TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party

TFC Toys S-01 Astaroth (G1 Sinnertwin)

Hier sind die Prototyp Bilder in Farbe vom TFC Toys S-01 Astaroth, Er ist eine Hommage an den G1 Sinnertwin.

S-01-Astaroth-1 S-01-Astaroth-2 S-01-Astaroth-3 S-01-Astaroth-4 S-01-Astaroth-5 S-01-Astaroth-6 S-01-Astaroth-7

Quelle: TFC Toys

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Transform And Roll Out - TR-02 Commander Of Stars (Cybertron Optimus Prime)

Von der 3rd Party Firma Transform And Roll Out kommt jetzt der TR-02 Commander Of Stars. Er ist eine Hommage an den Cybertron Optimus Prime. Die Figur ist 24 cm hoch und im kombinierten Zustand 28 cm. Der Truck ist ,36 cm lang, 10 cm breit und 7 cm hoch.

Transform-Rollout-TR-02-Commander-Of-Stars-01 Transform-Rollout-TR-02-Commander-Of-Stars-02 Transform-Rollout-TR-02-Commander-Of-Stars-03 Transform-Rollout-TR-02-Commander-Of-Stars-04 Transform-Rollout-TR-02-Commander-Of-Stars-05 Transform-Rollout-TR-02-Commander-Of-Stars-06 Transform-Rollout-TR-02-Commander-Of-Stars-07

Quelle: weibo.com

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Zeta ZV-02 Core Star neue Bilder!

Hier haben wir von Zeta neue Bilder zu ihrer Version von Unicron, dem Zeta ZV-02 Core Star!
"Zeta ZV02 Core Star Full image!
Head Height at 48cm, include die cast parts, LED. It is Fully Transformable. No parts needed to be detached or add on during transformation.
Expected to release in December 2019.
Stay tuned!"

69451223-694303581034147-5008766632684683264-n 69536635-694303507700821-1540166059640750080-n 69542287-694303517700820-5051679068278226944-n 69546951-694303431034162-2191664327306510336-n 69598613-694303561034149-3639038718028808192-n 69629125-694303447700827-3272259527541522432-n 69813512-694303477700824-7169719641722322944-n 70168745-694303641034141-8261492459985436672-n 70575688-694303607700811-987316662413819904-n

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Fans Toys FT-43 Dunerider

Hier haben wir die Farbbilder vom Fans Toys FT-43 Dunerider. Diese Figur ist eine Hommage an Masterpiece G1 Beachcomber.

FT-43-Dunerider1 FT-43-Dunerider2 FT-43-Dunerider3 FT-43-Dunerider4 FT-43-Dunerider5 FT-43-Dunerider6 FT-43-Dunerider7

Quelle: tfw2005.com

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Neue Bilder zu Zeta V-02 Core Star

Hier sind von Zeta neue Teaser Bilder und Infos zum kommenden Zeta V-02 Core Star.

Zeta ZV02 Core Star Full image!
Head Height at 48cm, include die cast parts, LED. It is Fully Transformable. No parts needed to be detached or add on during transformation.
Expected to release in December 2019. Pricing will be announced on or after 9th September 2019.
Stay tuned!

69171665-690477011416804-8517353394204049408-n 69436878-690477034750135-1362061020075393024-n 69645216-690477084750130-2774253607099301888-n 69822691-690477001416805-4864958143928467456-n

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Iron Factory IF-EX39 Hexwrench Video Review

Hier ist von Peaugh eine Video Review zu Iron Factory IF-EX39 Hexwrench (Wheeljack) für euch.

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Toyhax August 2019

We're ending summer with a well rounded release that hits all the bases!

Our first upgrade kit, featuring 3 tail fin accessories, makes proper tetrajets out of the Siege Rainmakers:
https://toyhax.com/for-siege/2807-parts ... akers.html

Siege Springer gets a brilliant set, to match the fantastic that he is:
https://toyhax.com/for-siege/2806-label ... inger.html

We've also got some pretty inspired sets for both Siege Brunt and Lancer:
https://toyhax.com/for-siege/2810-label ... ancer.html
https://toyhax.com/for-siege/2811-label ... brunt.html

TR Trypticon gets his very own Chief of Engineering with this conversion set for Siege Brunt, into Deadlift:
https://toyhax.com/for-siege/2812-label ... dlift.html

Adding to our line of Cel-Shaded windows, we've finally covered MP Bumblebee:
https://toyhax.com/for-masterpiece/2815 ... e-csw.html

Toyhax has made a comeback with MMPR! Check out our sets for Zeo Megazord and Super Zeo Magazord:
https://toyhax.com/labels-for-mmpr/2808 ... azord.html
https://toyhax.com/labels-for-mmpr/2809 ... azord.html

There have been lots of requests for labels for ZT Kronos, we've happily obliged with this beast of a set:
https://toyhax.com/mp-scale/2816-labels ... ronos.html

Lastly, PE Black Jinrai gets some long awaited additions:
https://toyhax.com/standard-scale/2814- ... inrai.html


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Perfect Effect Jetpower Revive Commander Video Review

Hier haben wir für euch von Emgo eine Video Review zum Perfect Effect Jetpower Revive Commander.

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DNA Design PotP Predaking Upgrade Kits Review

Moin Leute, auch wenn das Video nicht so überzeugt ... Ist es der Start meiner 4K60FPS Videos für den Kanal :)

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Zeta Toys Zeta-V Bumblebee Movie Blitzwing

Von Zeta Toys kommt jetzt ein Zeta-V Blitzwing heraus. Er ist eine Hommage an den Blitzwing aus dem Bumblebee Movie.

Zeta-Toys-Bumblebee-Movie-Blitzwing-01 Zeta-Toys-Bumblebee-Movie-Blitzwing-02 Zeta-Toys-Bumblebee-Movie-Blitzwing-03 Zeta-Toys-Bumblebee-Movie-Blitzwing-04 Zeta-Toys-Bumblebee-Movie-Blitzwing-05 Zeta-Toys-Bumblebee-Movie-Blitzwing-06 Zeta-Toys-Bumblebee-Movie-Blitzwing-07 Zeta-Toys-Bumblebee-Movie-Blitzwing-08

Quelle: TransFans

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