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Fans Toys - Phoenix TF-10X Metallic Version

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Die 3rd Party Firma Fans Toys bringt jetzt die Hommage an den G1 Cartoon Skyfire/Jetfire noch einmal heraus. diesmal als Phoenix TF-10X Metallic Version.

01-_Fans-_Toys-_FT-10_X 02-_Fans-_Toys-_FT-10_X 03-_Fans-_Toys-_FT-10_X 04-_Fans-_Toys-_FT-10_X 05-_Fans-_Toys-_FT-10_X 06-_Fans-_Toys-_FT-10_X 07-_Fans-_Toys-_FT-10_X

Quelle: Fans Toys

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Dr Wu - DW-M16 T-Rex

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Von der 3rd Party Firma Dr Wu kommt jetzt das DW-M16 T-Rex heraus. Es handelt sich dabei um einen Kampfspeer für den Studio Serie Grimlock.

01-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_M16 02-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_M16 03-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_M16 04-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_M16 05-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_M16 06-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_M16

Quelle: Dr Wu

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Toyworld - TW-GS01 Legends G1 Wheeljack, Exhaust & Cyberverse Wheeljack

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Die 3rd Party Firma bringt jetzt den Toyworld TW-GS01 Legends G1 Wheeljack heraus. Er ist 9 cm hoch und soll Cartoon genau werden. Diese Figur kommt dann noch zweimal heraus. allerdings mit zwei verschiedenen Köpfen. Einmal als Exhaust und einmal als Cyberverse Wheeljack.

tw-gs01-toyworld-01 tw-gs01-toyworld-02 tw-gs01-toyworld-03

Quelle: Toyworld

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Planet X PX-C02 Kadmos (IDW Star Saber)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier haben wir die Skizzen Bilder zu dem kommenden Planet X Projekt. Diesmal handelt es sich um den PX-C02 Kadmos, welcher eine Hommage an den IDW Star Saber ist.

PX-_C02-_Kadmos-01 PX-_C02-_Kadmos-02 PX-_C02-_Kadmos-03

Quelle: Planet X

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Toyhax August Update

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party We're wrapping up the summer season with a very extensive release! We have new sets for POTP, including for Battletrap, the Prime Masters wave 3, and the entire set of Terrorcons! ... etrap.html ... rs-w3.html ... minus.html

We also have a conversion set for POTP Inferno, to pay homage to G1 Hosehead: ... ehead.html

On the third party side, we've finally completed our TFC Trinity Force line with our set for Wildhunter: ... unter.html

Some finishing touches for Generation Toys' Tyrant figure: ... yrant.html

Our next submission for Maketoys reformatted, this time for Skycrow: ... ycrow.html

For you Legends scale fans, Dx9 Rager and Iron Factory Cygnus are sporting amazing new sets: ... rager.html ... ygnus.html

An oversized, reworked version of the Feral Rex labels: ... l-rex.html

And we're pretty sure we saved the best for last! We have this impactful set for KFC Stratotanker! ... anker.html

Proud sponsor of TFcon, The World's Largest Fan-Run TF Convention! See it in Chicago, from Oct. 26 - 28. for more info!"


DNA Design - DK-06 Kit für SS-07 Grimlock

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Von der 3rd Party Firma DNA Design kommt jetzt das DK-06 Kit für den SS-07 Grimlock heraus. Das Zubehör ergänzt die Waffen und auch den Brustbereich der Figur. Dazu kommt, das man es vollständig in die Figur verbauen kann. Die Bilder erklären den Rest.


Alle Bilder sind unter Mehr.


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Mastermind Creations Reformatted R-35 Magna (Sky Lynx)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier sind die neue Bilder vom Mastermind Creations Reformatted R-35 Magna (Sky Lynx).

lynx1 lynx2 lynx3 lynx4 lynx5 lynx6 lynx7 lynx8

Quelle: Planet Steel Express

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DNA Design - DK-07 Predaking Upgrade Kit

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier sind zum DNA Design - DK-07 Predaking Upgrade Kit neue Bilder mit einigen Updates.



Hello fans,
We have heard your opinions and adjusted the color of sword. Thanks for your support and advice.

DNA design team


38686123_2152898644998646_6729704833567162368_o 38689496_2152970388324805_1861676019950288896_o 38696860_2152898731665304_4362950400593100800_n 38714623_2152898871665290_5805947055704637440_n 38726855_2152898604998650_4397901598907432960_n 38737628_2152898834998627_3555693383001309184_o 38745542_2152898548331989_5651210662613876736_n 38745578_2152898818331962_7849115590286376960_n 38748238_2152898614998649_7437533280947142656_n 38787426_2152898741665303_8039229873807425536_o 38789950_2152898504998660_6470991276559826944_o 38806614_2152898771665300_7082795645454516224_n 38825346_2155072021447975_6513003057511399424_n 38833524_2155072001447977_8181831523998105600_o 38840315_2152898514998659_3184270224765485056_o 38860580_2155072064781304_5689015613293330432_n

Quelle: DNA Design

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Dr. WU - Waffen für Titans Return / Power Of The Primes Minibots & TR Clones

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Von der 3rd Party Firma Dr, Wu kommen jetzt Waffen Sets für Titans Return / Power Of The Primes Minibots heraus und dazu für den Titans Return Clones.

DWP-40 Clone Trooper: 2 different pairs of guns for the Titans Return Autobot Clones.
DWP-41 Clone Warriors: 2 different pairs of guns, and extra pieces to hold them in beast modes for the Titans Return Decepticon Clones.
DWP-42 Comber: Gun for Power Of The Primes Beachcomber.
DWP-43 Fishing Gun: Harpoon for Titans Return Seaspray.
DWP-44 Charger: 2 guns (one white, another black) for Power Of The Primes Windcharger and Tailgate.

01-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P40-_Clone-_Trooper 02-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P40-_Clone-_Trooper 03-_Dr-_Wu-_Minibots-_Weapons 04-_Dr-_Wu-_Minibots-_Weapons 05-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P41-_Clone-_Warriors 06-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P41-_Clone-_Warriors 07-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P40-_Clone-_Trooper 08-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P40-_Clone-_Trooper 09-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P40-_Clone-_Trooper 10-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P40-_Clone-_Trooper 11-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P41-_Clone-_Warriors 12-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P41-_Clone-_Warriors 13-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P41-_Clone-_Warriors 14-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P41-_Clone-_Warriors 15-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P41-_Clone-_Warriors 16-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P41-_Clone-_Warriors 17-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P41-_Clone-_Warriors 18-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P41-_Clone-_Warriors 19-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P41-_Clone-_Warriors 20-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P41-_Clone-_Warriors 21-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P43-_Fishing-_Gun 22-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P42-_Comber 23-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P42-_P43 24-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P44-_Charger 25-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P44-_Charger 26-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P43-_Fishing-_Gun 27-_Dr-_Wu-_DW-_P42-_Comber

Quelle: Dr. WU

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DNA Design - DK09 Studio Serie Voyager Megatron Upgrade Kit

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Von der 3rd Party Firma DNA Design kommt jetzt das DK09 Upgrade Kit ist für den Studio Serie Voyager Megatron.

Movie-accurate and transformable right arm/cannon.
Interchangeable right “normal” arm.
Extra parts for the feet and tank mode.
These extra parts fill the gaps on the sides of robot mode.

DNA-_Design-_DX09-_Studio-_Series-_Voyager-_Megatron-_Upgrade-01 DNA-_Design-_DX09-_Studio-_Series-_Voyager-_Megatron-_Upgrade-02 DNA-_Design-_DX09-_Studio-_Series-_Voyager-_Megatron-_Upgrade-03 DNA-_Design-_DX09-_Studio-_Series-_Voyager-_Megatron-_Upgrade-04 DNA-_Design-_DX09-_Studio-_Series-_Voyager-_Megatron-_Upgrade-05

Quelle: DNA Design

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