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Perfect Effect PC-23 Upgrade Set für Power of the Primes Dinobots

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Von Perfect Effect kommt jetzt das PC-23 Upgrade Set. Es ist für die Power of the Primes Dinobots. Im Set ist enthalten:

Schwert x5
Schild x1
Arme x2
Schenkel x2
Dino Fighter x1
Combiner Part x1

Perfect-_Effect-_PC-23-_Perfect-_Combiner-_Add-_On-01 Perfect-_Effect-_PC-23-_Perfect-_Combiner-_Add-_On-02 Perfect-_Effect-_PC-23-_Perfect-_Combiner-_Add-_On-03 Perfect-_Effect-_PC-23-_Perfect-_Combiner-_Add-_On-04 Perfect-_Effect-_PC-23-_Perfect-_Combiner-_Add-_On-05

Quelle: Perfect Effect

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Zeta Toys ZA-03 Blitzkrieg (Masterpiece G1 Onslaught)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Jetzt können wir euch die Farbbilder vom, Zeta Toys ZA-03 Blitzkrieg (Masterpiece G1 Onslaught) zeigen. Er gehört zu dem Combiner Armageddon der 3rd Party Firma.

Zera-_Toys-_ZA-5-_Blitzkrieg-_Onslaught-01 Zera-_Toys-_ZA-5-_Blitzkrieg-_Onslaught-02 Zera-_Toys-_ZA-5-_Blitzkrieg-_Onslaught-03 Zera-_Toys-_ZA-5-_Blitzkrieg-_Onslaught-04


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Zeta Toys ZB-01 Fly Fire und Armageddon

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Jetzt können wir euch Bilder vom Zeta Toys ZB-01 Fly Fire zeigen. Er ist eine Hommage an G1 Fireflight in Masterpiece Größe. Diese Figur gehört zu dem Zeta Toys Kronos Combiner, der ein Masterpiece Superion wird.

Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-01 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-02 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-03 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-04 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-05 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-06 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-07 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-08 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-09 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-10 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-11 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-12 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-13 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-14 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-15 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-16 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-17 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-18 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-19 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-20 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-21 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-22 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-23 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-24 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-25 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-26 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-27 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-28 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-29 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-30 Zeta-_Toys-_ZB-01-_Fly-_Fire-31

Dazu haben wir hier die Bilder vom Combiner Armageddon der 3rd Party Firma. Es sind die ersten Farbbilder der Hommage von Bruticus.

Zeta-_Toys-_Armaggedon-01 Zeta-_Toys-_Armaggedon-02


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Unique Toys Palm Serie 2 neue Sets!

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Von der Unique Toys Palm Serie, kommen zwei neue Sets und von ihrem Weibo Kanal haben wir erste Bilder dazu. Es handelt sich hier bei um die beiden Sets:

No Minds (Apeface) und Unhappy (Highbrow)

Day (Cerebros) und Night (Snapdragon)

Unique-_Toys-_Apeface-1 Unique-_Toys-_Apeface-2 Unique-_Toys-_Apeface-3 Unique-_Toys-_Apeface-4 Unique-_Toys-_Apeface-5 Unique-_Toys-_Cerebros-1 Unique-_Toys-_Cerebros-2 Unique-_Toys-_Cerebros-3 Unique-_Toys-_Highbrow-1 Unique-_Toys-_Highbrow-2 Unique-_Toys-_Highbrow-3 Unique-_Toys-_Highbrow-4 Unique-_Toys-_Snapdragon-1 Unique-_Toys-_Snapdragon-2 Unique-_Toys-_Snapdragon-3 Unique-_Toys-_Snapdragon-4 Unique-_Toys-_Snapdragon-5 Unique-_Toys-_Snapdragon-6

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Perfect Effect PC-21, PC-22 und PC-23 Upgrade Sets

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Jetzt wurde von Perfect Effect die Upgrade Sets PC-21, PC-22 und PC-23 angekündigt.

PC-21 Upgrade Set for POTP Dinobots
PC-22 Upgrade Set for POTP Starscream
Release in March/2018

Product Features:
* Gear joint
* New mold
* Transformed into the arms

Box Contents:
Hand———–x 2
foot———–x 2

PC-23 will coming soon

pc21a pc21b pc22 pc22a

Quelle: Perfect Effect

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Fans Toys FT-30B Iceman (Masterpiece Air Raid)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier haben wir die Prototyp Bilder vom Fans Toys FT-30B Iceman (Masterpiece Air Raid). Er gehört zum Er gehört zum FansToys FT-30A Ethereaon Combiner.

Fans-_Toys-_FT-30_B-_Iceman-01 Fans-_Toys-_FT-30_B-_Iceman-02 Fans-_Toys-_FT-30_B-_Iceman-03 Fans-_Toys-_FT-30_B-_Iceman-04 Fans-_Toys-_FT-30_B-_Iceman-05 Fans-_Toys-_FT-30_B-_Iceman-06 Fans-_Toys-_FT-30_B-_Iceman-07 Fans-_Toys-_FT-30_B-_Iceman-08 Fans-_Toys-_FT-30_B-_Iceman-09

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Dr Wu - DW-M11 Merlin's Wand, DW-M10 Lancelot & DW-M09 Arthur

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier haben wir die Bilder von den Dr Wu Waffen DW-M11 Merlin's Wand, DW-M10 Lancelot und DW-M09 Arthur.

25660411_580215218995576_3393645506842926076_n 26001430_580215328995565_3317304240702808021_n 26023836_580213745662390_2361288450976915647_o 26024028_580215268995571_2829242320388888260_o 26024201_580215215662243_1441838317256686288_o 26025809_580213742329057_314333972989920877_o 26025989_580216175662147_7405619554343295086_o 26055965_580216012328830_4066728487139899031_n 26063420_580216182328813_1058344591237654345_o 26063532_580213778995720_1615338752289292525_o 26111967_580213702329061_3744951975479948245_n 26112369_580216082328823_7406762081097695814_n 26113743_580213732329058_2171523115681052112_n 26114495_580215325662232_4214627858134609192_o 26114645_580216142328817_788980494530668210_o 26165199_580215332328898_305228391158484511_n 26165530_580215222328909_4186640863809888033_n 26168911_580213698995728_4452798102182490257_n 26169478_580216008995497_1620262860987757572_n 26170014_580213802329051_5750314701788882148_n 26170146_580216172328814_2069434773958564151_o 26170359_580213695662395_4271509322425640549_o 26171247_580215252328906_8370092076546397765_o 26172432_580215265662238_2273608927757656890_o 26172492_580213782329053_827919168134369706_o 26198524_580216005662164_1719026037600892392_o

Quelle: Dr Wu

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Generation Toys GT-8A Sergeant (G1 Streetwise)

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier haben wir neue Bilder vom Generation Toys GT-8A Sergeant. Er ist eine Hommage an G1 Streetwise. Er gehört zu dem Combiner GT-8 Guardian/Defensor.

GT-08_A-_Guardian-01 GT-08_A-_Guardian-02 GT-08_A-_Guardian-03 GT-08_A-_Guardian-04 GT-08_A-_Guardian-05 GT-08_A-_Guardian-06 GT-08_A-_Guardian-07_1 GT-08_A-_Guardian-08_1 GT-08_A-_Guardian-089jpg_1


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Fans Hobby Master Builder MB-06 Power Baser

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier ist eine Review vom Fans Hobby Master Builder MB-06 Power Baser.

Quelle: Benscollectables

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Perfect Effect PE-DX09 Mega Doragon

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier haben wir neue Bilder und Informationen vom Perfect Effect PE-DX09 Mega Doragon.

Release in MAY/2018

Product Features:
* 10 inches(25.4cm) in leader
* 23 inches(70cm) from dragon head to tail
* 3 modes: leader, beast, and ground
* Original Arm Cannon mode

Set Contents:
Wing Sword – x 2
Interchangeable faces – x 1

Doragon1 Doragon2 Doragon3 Doragon4 Doragon5 Doragon6

Quelle: Perfect Effect

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