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NTF-Toys Ab jetzt zur Preorder bei NTF-Toys:

Preorder: Maketoys Cross Dimension MTCD-01SP Striker Noir…

Preorder: Maketoys MTRM-06 Contactshot mit Targetwarrior…

Preorder: Mastermind Creation R-27 Calidus…

Preorder: Mastermind Creation Reformatted R-28 Tyrantron…

Preorder: Mastermind Creation R-23 Dicamus…

Preorder: Mastermind Creation R-24 Turben…

Preorder: Mastermind Creation R-25 Oberon…

Preorder: Perfect Effect PE-DX06 Beast Gorira…

beastgorira1 maketoys-striker-noir-01 mastermind-creations-calidus mmcoberon1 mmcroadbuster1 mmcturben2 mmctyranatron1 reduced-galery_image_12400_22514

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Transformers IDW Collection Phase Two Volume 5

TF-Comics Hier ist die Vorschau zur Transformers IDW Collection Phase Two Volume 5.

Transformers: The IDW Collection Phase Two, Vol. 5
Chris Metzen, Flint Dille, John Barber, James Roberts (w) • Livio Ramondelli, Dheeraj Verma, Andrew Griffith, Alex Milne, James Raiz (a) • Marcelo Matere (c)
At the dawn of the conflict, battle lines are drawn and sides are set… now legends will be made in, Primacy. On current Cybertron, Shockwave sets into motion a long-gestating plan but Soundwave, now commander of the Decepticons, confronts him in the ancient Crystal City. On the Lost Light, Rodimus leads his crew to the gates of heaven–or something much worse as larger forces close in and an ancient plan is reaching fruition. Collects Transformers: Primacy, Transformers: Robots in Disguise #19–22, and Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #17–22.
HC • FC • $49.99 • 344 pages • 7” x 11” • ISBN: 978-1-63140-844-1

Bullet points:
The absolute best way to enjoy the depth of IDW’s TRANSFORMERS line.

1487673158-vol1 1487673158-vol2 1487673158-vol3 1487673158-vol4 1487673159-vol5 1487673159-vol6 1487673159-vol7

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IDW Revolutionaries #2 - Vorschau

TF-Comics Hier haben wir für euch von IDW die große Vorschau zum kommenden Heft IDW Revolutionaries Nummer 2.

Revolutionaries #2
John Barber (w) • Fico Ossio (a) • Tradd Moore (c)
ENTER THE SHADOW! One of the REVOLUTIONARIES is missing—and when his teammates launch a rescue mission, they get a little help... from the 4"-tall other-dimensional MICRONAUTS! Together they'll have to face the swords of the all-new, all-different STORM SHADOW—and she's not taking prisoners!
FC • 32 pages • $3.99

Bullet points:
Enter the all-new, all-different STORM SHADOW!
The secrets of the Hasbro universe are revealed here!
Variant cover by Andrew Griffith!

1487672769-re1 1487672769-re2 1487672769-re3 1487672769-re4 1487672769-re5 1487672769-re6 1487672769-re7

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Neue Angebote von Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys

Transformers The Movie 10th Anniversary Re-stocks now available!

1) Optimus Prime -…

2) Bumblebee -…

16807654_1403535696333289_1188326245526261050_n 16807796_1403535666333292_4548860397796112660_n 16830823_1403535592999966_1805500131940779411_n 16865129_1403535632999962_3604994662812907339_n

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Neue Angebote bei TF Robots

TF Robots Takara MP-35 Grapple - expected on 27 February 
Still availble for pre order @

Hasbro Titans Return Sixshot now available @

16797304_1273485626032541_6111488288886398662_o 16864185_1273485622699208_5448081567447250015_n 16865184_1272666739447763_6934281943419241463_n

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TFsource News! MB Feilong, MP-34 Cheetor & MP-35 Grapple, FT Sovereign & More!


TFsource News! MB Feilong, MP-34 Cheetor & MP-35 Grapple, FT Sovereign, Extreme Sets & More!


- FansToys FT-16 Sovereign
- Make Toys - MRTM-09 - Downbeat
- Extreme Sets - Pop-Up Diorama - Control Center Set
- Transformers Movie 10th Anniversary Figures
- Unique Toys - YM02 - Palm Collection - Schunck & Betta
- MP-27 - Masterpiece Ironhide with Drill
- MP-11SW - Masterpiece Skywarp - Reissue w/ Coin
- Fans Hobby Master Builder - MB-02 Megatooth
- Diaclone Reboot - DA-02 Diaclone Powered-Suit set Type A and DA-03 Diaclone Powered-Suit set Type B
- Transformers Unite Warriors - UW-EX - Megatronia


- Fans Hobby - Master Builder - MB-03 Feilong
- MP-34 Masterpiece Beast Wars Cheetor
- MP-35 Masterpiece Grapple
- MP-36 Masterpiece Megatron
- SXS-R04 - R-04 - Hot Flame
- Mastermind Creations R-27 Calidus
- Generation Toy - Gravity Builder - GT-01GS - Green Shadow - Set of 6 Figures
- DX9 K1 Freeman
- ThreeA Premium Scale 16'' G1 OPTIMUS PRIME CLASSIC EDITION - Transformers Generation One
- Mastermind Creations - R-19 - Kultur - Reissue
- ToyWorld - TW-M05 Coolsville
- MP-38 Masterpiece Optimus Primal - Supreme Commander Version

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Toys Alliance - MAS-02 Megatron

TF-Generation 1 Vor einiger Zeit hat die Firma Toys Alliance den MAS-01 Optimus Prime heraus gebracht. Wir haben euch darüber berichtet. Jetzt kommt dazu auch ein Megatron heraus. Er hat die Nummer MAS-02. Das MAS steht für Mega Action Serie. Diese Produktion ist lizenziert von Hasbro.


Quelle: Toys Alliance

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Transformers Monopoly Game von Winning Solutions

TF-Generation 1 Es wird ein neues Transformers Monopoly Spiel geben. Es ist im G1 Look und ist komplett aus Aluminium. Es ist magnetisch, so das man es quasi an die Wand hängen, um zu spielen. Allerdings lässt der Preis zu wünschen übrig. Es soll zwischen $500 und $600 kosten.

“Featuring original artwork inspired by the packaging of the ‘80s toy line, Transformers Monopoly replaces all of the game’s classic properties with Transformers characters. Where you’d normally find Park Place and Boardwalk, you’ll instead find Bumblebee and Optimus Prime as the game’s most valuable spots to buy up on the board.”

Transformers-Monopoly-01 Transformers-Monopoly-02 Transformers-Monopoly-03 Transformers-Monopoly-04 Transformers-Monopoly-05 Transformers-Monopoly-06


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Transformers Robots in Disguise Warrior und Legion Figuren

TF-Robots In Disguise Hier sind die offiziellen Bilder von den Transformers Robots in Disguise Warrior und Legion Figuren. Zu sehen sind:


-Windblade (masked version)

1487613238-c2335-legion-heatseeker-robot 1487613238-c2335-legion-heatseeker-vehicle 1487613239-c0264-legion-cyclonus-robot 1487613239-c0264-legion-cyclonus-vehicle 1487613239-c0264-legion-starscream-robot 1487613239-c0264-legion-starscream-vehicle 1487613239-c0874-legion-blurr-robot 1487613239-c0874-legion-blurr-vehicle 1487613239-c1079-warrior-windblade-vehicle 1487613246-c1079-warrior-windblade-robot 1487613254-c2345-warrior-twinferno-robot 1487613254-c2345-warrior-twinferno-vehicle

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Takara The Last Knight Toyline

TF-The Movie 5 Hier haben wir die offiziellen Bilder zu der kommenden Takara The Last Knight Toyline. Darunter sind:

TLK 01 Bumblebee
TLK 02 Decepticon Beserker
TLK 03 Dinobot Slash
TLK 04 Grimlock
TLK 05 Speed Changes Bumblebee
TLK 06 Speed Changes Optimus Prime
TLK 07 Speed Changes Barricade
TLK 08 Speed Changes Hound

Außerdem haben die die Art Work Bilder von Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Barricade und Hound. Und wir können euch mitteilen, das die neue Webseite von Takara Tomy online ist. Auf der gibt es alle Informationen zur neuen Transformers The Last Knight Toyline.

1485370357-barr2 1487604081-tfm-bumblebee01 1487604081-tlk01-1bumblebee 1487604081-tlk01-2bumblebee 1487604081-tlk03-1berserker 1487604081-tlk03-2berserker 1487604081-tlk04-1slash 1487604081-tlk04-2slash 1487604081-tlk05-1grimlock 1487604081-tlk05-2grimlock 1487604081-tlk-06-vehicle-r 1487604081-tlk07-02 1487604081-tlk-07-vehicle-r 1487604081-tlk08-02 1487604081-tlk-08-vehicle-r 1487604081-tlk9-01 1487604081-tlk9-02 1487604081-tlk9-04 1487604081-tlk-voyager-prime 1487604081-tlk-voyager-prime-02 tlk-01 tlk-03 tlk-04 tlk-05 tlk-06 tlk-07 tlk-08 tlk-09 Transformers-5-The-Last-Knight-CGI-Package-Art-B Transformers-5-The-Last-Knight-CGI-Package-Art-B Transformers-5-The-Last-Knight-CGI-Package-Art-H Transformers-5-The-Last-Knight-CGI-Package-Art-O ttl02 ttl03

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