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Transformers Earth Wars - Beast Wars Optimus Primal und Megatron

TF-Games Das Transformers Earth Wars Game kĂĽndigt jetzt auf ihrer Facebook Seite die Beast Wars Charaktere Optimus Primal und Megatron an.

BEAST WARS: Find out what brings OPTIMUS PRIMAL & MEGATRON to present day Earth. A new series of characters and events, featuring story from TV show writer Simon Furman. Commences 31st March!

Zum Download geht es hier.


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Transformers Robots In Disguise - Lolli Ringe 3er Pack

TF-Robots In Disguise Bei kann man jetzt die Transformers Robots In Disguise - Lolli Ringe im 3er Pack kaufen. In Päckchen sind Optimus Prime, Bumblebee und Grimlock.

sweet-01 sweet-02 sweet-03 sweet-04 sweet-05 sweet-06 sweet-07

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Transformers The Last Knight Metall Figuren

TF-The Movie 5 Von der Firma Herocross stehen jetzt Transformers The Last Knight Metall Figuren bei zur Preorder zur VerfĂĽgung. Leider gibt es noch keine Bilder, aber es sollen wohl Sets sein, in denen Bumblebee, Hound, Optimus Prime, Megatron und Sqweeks sind.


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Transformers The Last Knight - Offizielle Webseite jetzt online

TF-The Movie 5 Die offizielle Webseite zu Transformers The Last Knight ist jetzt online. Auf der Startseite wird man von Optimus Prime begrĂĽĂźt. Unter dem Punkt Story sieht man die Charaktere Optimus Prime, Megatron, Bumblebee, Barricade, Hot Rod, Sqweeks, Cogman und Hound. Weiter findet man eine Bildergalerie und einige Videos. Das ganze wird mit dem Soundtrack von Steve Jablonsky untermalt.



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Transformers Titans Return Deluxe Scourge

NTF-Toys Hier ist die Review zum Transformers Titans Return Deluxe Scourge von unserem Freund Reyjin, die er fĂĽr NTF-Toys gemacht hat.

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Neu bei Kapow Toys

Kapow Toys

NEW 3rd Party Pre-orders Now Available !

1) Transformission Havoc -…

2) DX9 Rager -…

17545248_1439260076094184_8201904661408843508_o 17553398_1439260186094173_5745498678325401056_n 17553997_1439259909427534_4193986845828935870_n 17626495_1439260926094099_8542705130482527807_n 17626567_1439262719427253_8423687290205699694_n 17630064_1439259812760877_3889319067613737652_n

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Neu bei TF Robots

TF Robots New pre order available: 
X-Transbots MX-IX Aegis -
X-Transbots MX-IX Paean -

17622088_1306968116017625_5641160263333600930_o 17636906_1306968342684269_3180214140940335295_o

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Xtransbots - MX-VIII Aegis und MX-IX Paean

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier sind jetzt neue Bilder von Xtransbots MX-VIII Aegis und MX-IX Paean. Beide Figuren sind jetzt bei TFsource in der Preorder.

17457809_10154397102431711_7609667831713294868_n 17499399_10154397102886711_1535709102437031995_n 17499415_10154397102766711_3697963886334389273_n 17553457_10154397102336711_415702625233784708_n 17554041_10154397102876711_3921744594979122055_n 17629687_10154397102426711_4658525731810665576_n

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DX9 D10G Hanzo - Retro Color Version

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Hier haben wir neue Bilder vom DX9 D10G Hanzo in der Retro Color Version.

17499134_10154397317821711_6802297960820976379_n 17553814_10154397317816711_2341856840469379997_n 17553913_10154397317811711_6311466892274783420_n 17554041_10154397317701711_7354692263508582709_n 17626668_10154397317696711_7728302900026931116_n 17630017_10154397317606711_8717844479407778823_n

Quelle: TFsource

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Takara Tomy Masterpiece MP-36 Megatron

TF-Masterpiece Hier haben wir sehr schöne Größenvergleichsbilder vom Takara Tomy Masterpiece MP-36 Megatron. Dazu haben wir eine Information von HobbyLinkJapan, das die Figur auch die orange Kappe hat für den Waffenmodus.


This is Mark Kutsugi at HobbyLink Japan. Thank you very much for your order with us for Takara-Tomy's Transformers Masterpiece MP-36 Megatron. We anticipate starting to fill orders for this item on or about April 3 Japan time.

This toy will be packaged in robot mode. However, it can be transformed into a realistic-looking likeness of a gun, which we understand is also pictured on this item's packaging. As a result, for customers in the United States and Australia, HobbyLink Japan will be placing a plastic orange plug into the end of the barrel in order to keep this toy in compliance with Title 15, Chapter 76 of the United States Code.

Installing this plug on the item will require our staff to open the packaging, which will require cutting the tape holding the box flap closed. This will be performed with the utmost care, but of course it will prevent us from delivering this product to U.S. and Australian customers in "unopened" condition. Note that without this modification, your purchase could be confiscated by your country's customs service, and U.S. customers could be charged with a crime under the above U.S. Federal law.

HobbyLink Japan understands and appreciates the desires of toy collectors in the U.S. and Australia related to merchandise of this nature, and we feel this is the best solution to meet those needs under the circumstances. In order to maintain your item's compliance with your country's laws, we recommend that you do not remove the plastic plug after you have received the item.

We appreciate your understanding, and your business with us.

Best Regards,

Mark Kutsugi
HobbyLink Japan

1490725742-mp-megs-09 1490725743-mp-megs-07 1490725743-mp-megs-08 1490725744-mp-megs-05 1490725744-mp-megs-06 1490725745-mp-megs-03 1490725745-mp-megs-04 1490725746-mp-megs-01 1490725746-mp-megs-02

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