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ADHD-Toys - Newsletter


To all readers!

Welcome to the new newsletter!

01 Temporary shutdown of the webshop

A quick note before the web shop will shut down at Saturday 21th of September.

The webshop will be putt offline on Saturday the 21th of September at around 23.55. After that time it won’t be possible to place orders or log into your account. The webshop will be online again in the beginning of November. There will be an updated inventory of new releases and mostly Japanese items.

If you are interested in an item I have for sale, please order it before the deadline so the money can arrive in time so the order can be shipped out in a normal fashion.

If the money isn’t in at Monday the 23rd of September, shipping will be delayed to the beginning of November.

02 Inventory

The inventory is partly restocked. Lots of new releases.

See the featured section : http://adhdtoys.dyndns.org/index.php/new.html

A quick pick on the updated sections, G1 head, power en target masters, Universe, Hasbro MP soundwave, Shockwave’s lab, G1 reissues, Macross, 3rdparty.

Thanks for shopping at my webshop!


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ADHD-Toys - Newsletter

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