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Botcon 2009 TOY Infos!

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party

Hab hier mal was von TFW gegriffen:

Auch wenn es sehr viel ist, es stehen wahnsinnige News drin, z.B. dass Movie Devastator aus 6 UND 7 Bots bestehen kann!
Es wird noch einen neuen Movie Bludgeon geben (Panzermode), es wird auch noch einen Movie Lockdown geben!
Das alles und noch viel, viel mehr steht drin, wenn ihr auf "mehr" klickt!

Quelle: tfw2005.com

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1:06 Okay, I'm in position, just waiting for it to kick off
1:09 [Comment From Tekkaman Blade]
Yes the panel where we will find out how much money we will waste for the rest of the year
1:11 Yeah, that's the one!
1:11 No photos or video for this one, still waiting for it to kick off guys
1:12 Message for aksmth while we wait "truck to robot"
1:15 And here we go!
1:15 Whoa, feedback!
1:17 Just doing introductions now
1:18 Greg Lombardo, Aaron Archer, Eric Siebernaler (sp), Bill Rawley, Joe "Big Daddy" Kyde, Forest Lee
1:18 Going to see 2010 stuff
1:19 RotF up first
1:19 Exclussives
1:20 Target Hot Zone, Prime, Thrust
1:20 Reissue Insecticons
1:21 [Comment From me]
are those the 6 inch titanium ones?
1:21 Yes
1:21 Reissue Perceptor
1:21 Will all have vac metal, Perceptor no missile launcher
1:22 WAlmart Masterpiece Skywarp, closer to the toy
1:22 RotF Battle Pack at Tru, Blue Soundwave, Movie 1 Voyager Megs
1:23 Target exclusive burning Fallen
1:23 These will be released, Hasbro will make every effort, timing TBD, will be released
1:24 will run into 2010
1:24 may be exclusives in places
1:24 Electrostatic Soundwave
1:24 with Ratbat
1:25 Arcee
1:26 They want to get her out there somehow
1:26 Rodimus Minor, Ratcher Cybertron Mode
1:27 Rodimus looks awesome, bow spoiler missiles, odd legs
1:27 Ratchet looks pretty close to the flashbacks
1:28 Ironhide will be made from the mold as well, new sculpt head
1:28 WASP
1:28 Bumblebee repaint, no new head though
1:28 Name Fugitive Waspinator
1:29 Deluxe first Bumblebee repaint
1:30 Goldfire Grimlock
1:30 Hydrodive Bumblebee
1:30 He does detach from the scuba pack
1:31 Blackout, Wingblade Prime
1:31 Blackout is an earth mode
1:31 Arm launches disks
1:32 Wingblade is the nDeluxe Optimus, with the wings, gauntlets and hammer
1:32 Voyager Thundercracker
1:32 because they made the other two as Voyagers
1:32 On to 2010 plans
1:33 RotF Legends Wheelie, Soundwave
1:33 Scout Breakdown, G1 style deco apparently
1:33 Skystalker, Scout class, based on a drone plane
1:34 Scattorshot, Scout, little minesweeper / tank, twin rifles
1:34 Meant to fight Skystalker
1:35 Movieverse Lockdown
1:35 will be a Deluxe class, looks a lot like Animated done real world
1:35 EMP blaster weapon
1:36 Deluxe class Ratchet
1:36 Deluxe Dirge
1:36 conehead
1:36 like a harrier jump jet
1:36 big missiles
1:37 Voyager Ironhide
1:37 redeco, new weapons, bumpoer turns into crossbow
1:38 Voyager Bludgeon, tank, samurai robot mode, huge sword, orange body, red helmet, green tank orange robot
1:39 Human Alliance Barricade with Frenzy
1:39 Frenzy can hold twin guns
1:40 that sounds like it is it for the sneak preview, more tomorrow
1:40 Ironhide is a mission specific repaint, not red, black with thunderbolts
1:41 [Comment From torque]
are all the toys you said after Lockdown and before HA Barricade from the movie universe?
1:41 Yes, all 2010 stuff is for the Movie
1:41 including Lockdown
1:42 Classics Universe will be back in 2010 at least in Deluxe scale
1:42 third bike will get made, will be a redeco but will be made different from the others
1:43 no plans to make Female Starscream, her name is confirmed as Slipstream by the way
1:43 Drift toy - come back tomorrow
1:43 [Comment From Pravus Prime]
Was there any pics of Wingblade Prime in alt mode or what the wings do in truck mode?
1:45 The core robot is the Deluxe, the wings and stuff make up a trailer
1:45 [Comment From Pickle]
Did Deluxe Movie Ratchet have his gun or buzzsaw?
1:45 big gun
1:45 Some of this stuff might be in the display case later today so stay tuned
1:46 New cartoon series will be of Animated's quality
1:47 Animated toys will have Animated packaging for the short term anyway
1:48 Won't be doing repaints for the sake of repaints, won't be a full line of repaints, will be mixed with new toys, and will have a story behind them
1:49 MP Grimlock - if an opportunity comes up, he'll get brought out in the US. They plan to try to release him in the next 18 months, details sketchy
1:49 No immediate plans for more G1 Robot Heroes
1:50 Animated Omega Supreme - wanted to do him and others who don't have toys, Constructicons for example, decided it was not the best time to do them at the time.
1:52 Female Starscream Slipstream cannot get a toy because there was not room to fit her into the line
1:53 Devastator - individual robot modes not possible because of the cost involved, to make them all look as good as they cold, to hold together, to be playable, to be a lot of fun. Wanted the individuals to be the best possible toys without the combining feature pulling them down
1:54 No plans to add in Animated to the possible Universe line relaunch Fall 2010 but that is the line it might come into.
1:55 RotF bikes - toys will be able to combine, apparently the combining was dropped from the Movie
1:56 No plans for Citybots
1:57 Looking into reducing the numbers of twist ties, looking at ones that will be easier to cut, greener packaging in general
1:57 Smaller packaging
1:57 Smaller packaging blisters, even
2:00 Hardhead - redeco of Universe Onslaught, based on IDW comic incarnation, head not remolded
2:01 [Comment From scorpion]
A little clarification...was Wingblade Prime the deluxe Cybertron mode or (as I assume) the Earth mode (battle damaged two pack with megatron)
2:01 Two pack version, Voyager pricepoint
2:01 Legends Devastator will be a store exclusive in Spring 2010
2:02 [Comment From Chris McFeely]
ROTF Legends Dev - individually packed or giftest?
2:02 giftset I assume
2:03 [Comment From Rhinox]
Voyager price for a deluxe? that's... laaaame. Inconsistent too, with samurai prowl 'n all.
2:03 It's pretty huge all assembled, wings and hammer are huge
2:03 Much bigger than Samurai Prowl
2:04 Fall 2010 will have a new Leader, not Blackout, not confirmed as Starscream but not denying him either
2:04 Alternity - not coming to US, Takara has a deal with Takara, not Hasbro so can't bring it over
2:05 No plans to release Mighty Muggs Shockwave and Jazz at this time
2:05 Blah, Takara has deal with Nissan
2:05 Springer will probaly not get a mainline toy, you have probably seen all the toys of him already.
2:06 Mighty Muggs - no current plans on the third wave, but they'll try to find a home for him
2:08 Price rises, put up the costs rather than make the toys smaller - if they'd kept the cost the same the toys would have been 75% of the size
2:12 Yes, aborted design by all accounts
2:13 It Was Real to Me was a bit of test footage they liked so much they decided to release it
2:13 [Comment From Chris McFeely]
What was an "aborted design"?
2:14 Apologies, comment did not copy through. Springer was an aborted character from the Movie, was planned but dropped out
2:15 Ice Cream twins - they decided it was so weird that they had to do it
2:15 Same as toaster bot
2:16 Some RotF Megatron tank designs incorporated flight mode elements like the Voyager, originally was meant to fly awkwardly, sounds like the jet was kept to keep the character cool
2:18 Animated Activators Fireblast Grimlock and Soundwave will be coming out, not saying when
2:20 Devastator is made of 6-7 Constructicons,



He's formed by however many Constructicons are around. So 6 and 7 members are both accurate!
2:20 [Comment From C.Lennox]
"It Was Real to Me"?
2:21 Video clip redoing the 1986 Movie Optimus Megatron fight in full CGI
2:26 Fan made products (FansProject and stuff) - love them for doing things that they generally would not do, however they're starting to infringe on Hasbro's IP, they've gone too far with some of the stuff coming down the road, officially not approved of at all, Hasbro is looking hard at it. Sounds to me like the hammer is coming down.
2:27 Robot mode packaging depends on the character - robot modes are used when it is felt it might sell the product better / present it better on the shelves.
2:28 Universe Cyclonus means no Animated Cyclonus
2:30 Focus on the broader scale of the brand, so more Cybertron modes potentially
2:31 Animated Freeway Jazz is still happening
2:31 Will not necessarily be seeing every character in Devastator as an individual character
2:32 Nexus Maximus again - Hasbro also says ooops
2:33 On the subject of the possible new Universe series, plan is to use the line to draw on the full rich history of the brand. Shattered Glass is probably off limits to Hasbro because it is a convention thing
2:34 If they make a Universe Sky Byte, Forest Lee wants to make his bio and all the other text haiku, he's a big Sky Byte fan
2:35 [Comment From Robogeek28]
More Cybertron modes for which toyline?
2:36 Not made 100% clear, I assume across the board
2:36 or Universe
2:36 the two RotF Bludgeons, the exclusives and the tank, will be explained
2:37 Universe / Classics Sunstorm is still a possibility but no specific plans
2:39 [Comment From optibotimus]
premium line on the rotf announced yet?
2:40 They said no complete lines of repaints, so probably not happening.
2:45 RotF Voyager Bludgeon designed as a possible Universe style toy
2:45 Universe line is well liked by the Hasbro team, because it is an oppotunity to keep doing different characters. Does a lot for Hasbro, when Universe stops it is because they've got a lot of other stuff going on not because it is unpopular
2:45 Hasbro are moving toward putting more detail into the toys
2:46 [Comment From Dirge121]
Any word on reasoning behind cutting ROTF Starscreams missile launcher and wrist articulation?
2:47 Yes - they were costed out and goofed on fixing the copy to take it off of the packaging. Normally when these things happen they fix the copy, this time they didn't fix the packaging
2:48 [Comment From bumblebot98]
will soundwave be getting a legends class figure
2:48 Yes - 2010
2:48 Henkei Red Alert - not coming to the US
2:51 Unofficial stance on fan works - when done in fun it's fine, when they start making money off the intellectual property, it is less than okay. Full blown business with tools and retail prives of $100 + is going too far
2:54 Okay, end of the panel. And to finish the panel, the Hasbro panel is signing the theme song!
2:54 Or one line of it anyway
2:55 [Comment From HikariOblivion]
Uh. Probably extremely late. but that Movie Lockdown - same spiky look to the vehicle mode, and similar robot mode tall-and-limber appearance?
2:55 Yes, very much like how the Animated character would look in the Movie / Classics verse, extremely cool
2:56 And with that I'm signing off, next up is the TFCC roundtable and the reveal of their new exclusives!

Botcon 2009 TOY Infos!

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