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IDW Comic Transformers Galaxies #7

TF-Comics Hier ist die Vorschau zum IDW Comic Transformers Galaxies #7.

Sam Maggs (Marvel Action: Captain Marvel, Marvel: Fearless and Fantastic!, DC: Brave and Bold!) and Umi Miyao (Transformers) weave a tale of deception and perception in “Gauging the Truth,” Part 1! Cycles ago, a Reversionist ship left Cybertron in the wake of a great calamity. Gauge, the youngest Cybertronian in the universe, knows she was forged on the planet, but only remembers her life on the ship. Her life’s about to be shaken as her whole concept of the truth is thrown into question by the mysterious figures in the brig.

TFG7-5-001 TFG7-5-002 TFG7-5-003 TFG7-5-004 TFG7-5-005 TFG7-5-006 TFG7-5-007 TFG7-5-008 TFG7-5-009

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IDW Comic Transformers Galaxies #7

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