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Kapow Toys Review Transformers Generations TG11 Ultra Magnus

Kapow Toys Jetzt haben wir die Review von unserem Sponsor Kapow Toys zum Transformers Generations TG11 Ultra Magnus für euch.

TG11 Ultra Magnus

The TG series is in full swing with No 11 Ultra Magnus and his wave mates seeing the light of day. These guys are expensive, perhaps too expensive which will be the deal breaker for some fans, This is a shame seeing as they are indeed a cut above the standard release figures coming with premium paint and in Sideswipes case an extra weapon. With regard to Ultra Magnus he looks great with a shiny torso and arms blended with flat legs and Energon detailing on the wheels. The figure is nice and tight, it poses in all manner of stances thanks to the addition of a waist swivel and ball joint ankles, If I am honest the shoulders could have done with a little more articulation but it does not detract from what is a superb action figure. Weapon wise he comes with the standard blaster seen with Optimus but also a stonking great sword of bad ass which can be added onto the blaster in a Final Fantasy gunblade style.

Truck mode is nice and compact, transformation is not complex in the slightest which might upset some people but it all clips together nice and tight so you can freewheel him round without fear of it falling to pieces. Both weapons can be mounted on the vehicle with the blade being positioned on the outside like its ready for jousting practice and the gun can be mounted just over the roof to see off the bad guys.

TG11 Ultra Magnus scores 7.5 / 10 - loses a 0.5 due to value for money.

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Kapow Toys Review Transformers Generations TG11 Ultra Magnus

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