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Neue Asia Exclusive?

TF-Japan So wie es aussieht haben wir hier ein Liste gefunden, die die nächsten Asia Exklusive ankündigt. Diese Liste ist wohl noch nicht bestätigt, also behandeln wir sie erst einmal als Gerücht.

Platinum Edition Ultra Magnus (This would be the remolded Weaponizer Optimus Prime with Forge of Solus Prime accessory, shown at Toy Fair)
Platinum Edition Grimlock Vs Bruticus (Also mentioned at Toy Fair, expected to be a six pack containing Generations Fall of Cybertron Grimlock and the five Combaticons)
Platinum Edition Classic Predaking (This one is new to us, but is speculated to be a "premium" Predaking reissue in the same style as the Sixshot reissue from a few years back due to the high cost)
Platinum Edition CNY (Chinese New Year) RID Ultra Magnus (New to us, but the description sounds like a new release of the Robots in Disguise Ultra Magnus toy)
Platinum Edition CNY Supreme Starscream (Another new reveal, expected to be a new release of the gigantic Transformers Cybertron Supreme Starscream)
ACG HK Con Metroplex (Given the price, we anticipate this will be Generations Titan Class Metroplex. ACG HK refers to the Anime-Comic-Game Expo held in Hong Kong - it could possibly be a special edition "debut" release)
Cybertron Con Shockwave's Lab (New to us. Priced similar to Platinum Edition Ultra Magnus, it sounds like it might be some kind of playset or possibly a multipack. Cybertron Con is an Asian Transformers convention, so it is probably a convention exclusive)
Cybertron Con Beast Hunter Optimus Prime (Beast Hunter Optimus Prime is the Ultimate Class version of Optimus Prime with the dragon disc accessory on his back, which matches up with the approximate pricing. Again it may be a special debut edition or other variant for the Cybertron Con convention)

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Neue Asia Exclusive?

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