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Play With This Too Astroblast und Desolataur

TF-Toys, Upgrades & 3rd Party Die 3rd Party Firma Play With This Too zeigt heute ihr nächstes Projekt. Es ist der Desolataur. Hier haben wir Skizzen dazu und zum Astroblast gibt es auch neue Skizzen. 

Play With This Too sagt:

ASTROBLAST – The first figure we ever revealed. All our action figures will feature 5mm ports, interchangeable heads and hands, multiple weapons and stand 6″ tall. Each figure will feature a Tech Drone – a transforming robot tactical weapon deployer.

DESOLATAUR – A second figure reveal which debuted at Retrocon. Our monster characters will feature the same articulation as our other characters and also come with a Tech Drone.

HEAD SHOTS – Along with our figures, we’ll also be offering sets of three heads. These heads work with most 6″ action figures – not just figures produced by PWTToo. We’ve given our designers free range to create what they want to create. “After years of working for huge micromanaging corporations with lots of unnecessary oversight where designers are told what to design by marketers, non-product purchasing focus groups and huge brick and mortar stores, our designers can finally get back to being just that… Creative designers.” – Rik Alvarez Our first series of Head Shots are designed by the infamous Steve Redinger.

desolatour retrocon heads retrocon print 3 retrocon print1 retrocon print1e

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Play With This Too Astroblast und Desolataur

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