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TakaraTomy Generations Select Special Web Manga/Comic Final – Teil #01

TF-Generations TakaraTomy hat nun das Generations Select Special Web Manga/Comic Teil #01 veröffentlicht.

“Primus” seems to finally reveal their own agenda for the power of all the different Matrix.
Primacron finally takes an active part.
We can see another Primus in the form of The Last Knight Cybertron figure (Cybertron Primus redeco) .
Battle starts again. God Neptune faces Super Megatron.
Super Megatron converts into a hand/claw and combines with Shattered Glass Optimus Prime.
Lawbhammer (Lobclaw/Nautilator in BW II Seacons colors) appears and betrays God Neptune.
Volcanicus, the Golden Lagoon Transformers and more characters enter into battle.
“Primus” (Gold G1 Rodimus) finally makes his final move defeating both Super Megatron and Shattered Glass Optimus Prime.

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TakaraTomy Generations Select Special Web Manga/Comic Final – Teil #01

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