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Toy Fair 2016 – Hasbro Präsentation

Toy Fair TFW2005 hat die Hasbro Präsentation auf der Toy Fair 2016 verfolgt und wir haben es hier für euch.

Things are just kicking off at the Hasbro Presentation (1:42PM EST)

Hasbro’s Darryl DePriest is kicking off first, doing some Cobra Commander impersonations and setting out the ground rules.

Transformers presentation is kicking off. John Warden & Ben Montano are up first. (1:51 EST)

Showing concept art of Trypticon and talking about fan votes. Trypticon prototype on show. Very blocky, made out of foam.

Next, the explanation of the three tier approach of marketing Transformers. Rescue Bots, Robots in Disguise, Generations

Showing a trailer for Robots in Disguise Season 2. Weakened Optimus Prime VS Steeljaw, Overload also shown.

Robots in Disguise toys.

Warrior class versions of Windblade, Scorponok, and Power Surge Optimus Prime. Scorponok is orange and has swords. Windblade may be a retool of the Generations one.

Larger version of Power Surge Optimus also shown. Comes with Mini-Con Aerobolt, who connects to the chest.

Hasbro reports that IDW’s Robots in Disguise comics will return this Fall.

Robots in Disguise will also see some Platinum edition releases. Platinum edition Warrior Bumblebee and Voyager Grimlock shown, with high end paint. They look good! Grimlock is the version Takara-Tomy released in Japan last year.

On to Generations now, and talking about the Prime Wars trilogy.

Earth Wars game shown. Talking about the gameplay, showing a trailer for the game. A Decepticon focused version of first trailer.

Now talking about the Transformers Roll Out album.

Next up, Titans Return

Hype video shown first. Showed off the Titan Masters.

Fortress Maximus on show. Hasbro brought along the physical prototype to the presentation and are showing it off in person. Has light and sound effects including the transformation sound and light up eyes. Says various phrases. Titan Masters can peg in to various spots on the toy. Also has a jail. Leader toys base modes can attach to the base mode via their ramps.

Fortress Maximus comes with both Cerebros and Spike. Spike is being called Emissary.

Titans Return Leaders. Soundwave with Soundblaster shown off first. Showing the renders we saw previously.

Deluxes next. Blurr with Hyperfire. Scourge with Fracas. Mindwipe with Vorath. Chromedome with Stylor.

Blurr and Scourge are coming in Wave 1. Mindwipe and Chromedome are Deluxe Wave 2. Chromedome looks good, Generation 1 inspired body but with an IDW inspired head.

Legends next. Laserbeak and Rumble are in Titans Return Legends Wave 2. Rumble is red, Laserbeak is a redeco of Buzzsaw. Wheelie also shown, new mold, looks very Generation 1. He’s in Legends Wave 1. Ravage was also teased.

Platinum Edition being shown now. Showing off Armada & Cyclonus pack. Cyclonus, Scourge, and a Sweep. Using the Generations / Universe molds.

That concludes the Transformers portion of the presentation.

Toy Fair 2016 Hasbro Transformers 928x250

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Toy Fair 2016 – Hasbro Präsentation

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