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Transformers More Than Meets The Eye - Interview mit Marcelo Matere

TF-Comics Wir haben hier ein Interview mit dem IDW Comic Buch Artisten Marcelo Matere. Er arbeiten an Transformers More Than Meets The Eye und an Transformers Robots In Disguise Comic mit.

Q: When youstarted drawing Transformers, did you try to emulate any other artist’s style,or did you just go with your own way of doing it from the start?
MARCELOMATERE: Professionally, yes, at that time I was trying to emulate the Dreamwavestyle, when they started the TRANSFORMERS ARMADA comic and the new G1 comics.It was a style close to the cartoon, but with some anime touches in the colors.

Q: How did youfirst come to be involved in working on Transformers comics for IDW? Was it areal dream come true when it happened?
MARCELOMATERE: In 2006, I was asked to do a two-page test for the new IDW comic books.At that time I was working on TRANSFORMERS: CYBERTRON package art—and I wasable to finish only one [page of the tryout]. One year later, [IDW Publishingeditor-in-chief] Chris Ryall asked me if I would be interested to work on oneof the TRANSFORMERS SPOTLIGHT comics. I’d already worked on comics before,doing TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE pages for the Official Transformers Collectors’Club in 2004, and later on one TRANSFORMERS: ENERGON issue. But when Idiscovered the character Chris wanted me to draw—Soundwave—man, I freaked out!It took me almost a week to realize what was going on. I was really lucky because I had achance to work again with Simon Furman!

Q: When you’redrawing a character design or a cover/comic page, how long does the processtake for you and what kinds of pencils/markers do you use?
MARCELOMATERE: Okay, for character designs, I usually do them all-digital, so it takesme two hours for each stage—sketch/pencil or inks and colors. It depends on thecharacter and how complex it is. As for a cover, it usually takes me aday-and-a-half to do one from sketch to final inks. I usually start with thedigital sketches and then I print it and clean up the pencils and do the inkswith pen and markers. For interiors, I usually start the layouts/roughs digitally,then print it and do the pencils on the light box, then I move to the inks.This process usually takes me a day and a half. It depends on the page. When Ido pages digitally they take less time, like a day.

Q: Having drawn and contributed so muchto Transformers so far, do you have any plans to write your own story as wellas draw it?
MARCELOMATERE: I’ve had some ideas butnever develop them to a level that I can tell you, “okay… let’s make anTRANSFORMERS story about it.” I have plans to write a comic book/kids booksoon. Maybe I should start with TRANSFORMERS? Let’s see!

Q: Are thereany characters that we haven’t seen yet that you would like to bring orre-design just for the comics IDW publishes?
MARCELOMATERE: I would love to see (work if possible) combiners like Predaking andLiokaiser! They are awesome!

Q: Your longtime collaborator on the IDW comics is Priscilla Tramontano.How did you meet and start working together on Transformers?
MARCELOMATERE: In 2007, I needed an artist to help me with the new TRANSFORMERSUNIVERSE line for Hasbro, and I friend of mine sent me a Deviantart page of anyoung girl with really cool TRANSFORMERS illustrations. She was really fast andloved to draw robots! So I hired her and she started to help me with the colorsfor a lot of package art and concept art stuff for Hasbro. When I startedworking on a MAXIMUM DINOBOTS cover, I asked my editor if Priscilla could colorsome covers. Since they loved her work, and she worked for me, we started towork together on a lot of covers. I’m really lucky to have her as my colorist!

Q: You’veworked on many Transformers projects for IDW over the past 8 years. Is thereone story or moment that really stands out for you?
MARCELOMATERE: I think I was lucky enough to work on great projects like theSPOTLIGHTs SOUNDWAVE, GRIMLOCK, and METROPLEX. I was able to draw some of myfavorites characters! Then covers for the TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED series—I wassupposed to work on the interiors, but I had no time because I was working onthe TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE package art for Hasbro. SPOTLIGHT: METROPLEX wasreally cool working on the sense of scale of the characters and action. Lovedthat work as well. And that was my first comic book that I worked digitally onall the pages. It was a great experience!

Q: You’re backagain at Botcon as a guest. How much do you enjoy talking to the fans anddrawing different characters for them? And do you like to be a fan yourself atan event such as that?
MARCELOMATERE: I love to talk with the fans! I was a fan before I started workingprofessionally, so I respect them a lot. And I really like to make things in mywork that fans will enjoy, like little cameos or references to otherTRANSFORMERS lines. I like to be a fan, especially with the other artists fromthe comics, cartoons, video games, and even movies, when I meet them.

Q: Obviously you are very busy with manydifferent projects. Can you say or drop any hints about what you have comingup?
MARCELOMATERE: Yeah, this past month before Botcon was crazy for me! Doing great worksfor Hasbro, IDW and other companies. I’m also working on a new stuff for IDW,and it’s not Transformers… I think you will know more about it soon.

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Transformers More Than Meets The Eye - Interview mit Marcelo Matere

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