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Transformers Prime - Die neue Cyberverse Welle

TF-Prime Hier kommen die offiziellen Bilder der neuen Cyberverse Welle zu Transformers Prime. Auf Hasbro.com haben wir auch die Bios dazu gefunden.

Quickblade Bumblebee
When you specialize in fighting at close quarters using an Energon blade, speed is essential. The DECEPTICON ranks are full of top-notch melee fighters – robots who have spent years honing their skills in the use of fist and blade. MEGATRON places a bounty on some of the more formidable AUTOBOTS, which many DECEPTICONS eagerly seek. That’s why BUMBLEBEE trains constantly to be the fastest thing on four wheels. His reflexes – and his ultra-sharp blade – are the only things standing between the DECEPTICONS and victory.

Hyperspeed Wheeljack
Few DECEPTICONS have ever heard of WHEELJACK, but that’s mostly because those that do learn about him don’t last long. He is one of the most devastating special operations commandos ever trained by the AUTOBOTS. He strikes from the shadows with speed and overwhelming force, and then fades away into space. Nowhere in the universe is safe. If you’re a DECEPTICON, and WHEELJACK is on your trail, you better start saving your Energon chips for some repairs.

Decepticon Flamewar
DECEPTICON FLAMEWAR has spent years preparing for the final battle against the AUTOBOT ARCEE. She has studied every one of her enemy’s moves, and devised a strategy to counter it. Now she waits, her weapons ready, for the unwary AUTOBOT to wander into her trap. She stalks the Earth at the orders of the DECEPTICON leader MEGATRON, but every diabolical move she makes is carefully planned to draw her web ever tighter around AUTOBOT ARCEE.

Nightwatch Optimus Prime
OPTIMUS PRIME is not built for stealth, but long years of fighting have taught him that some skills are worth learning. Sometimes, a frontal assault is the wrong move. When it’s time for a sneak attack, the AUTOBOT leader is one of the most dangerous silent warriors around.

Ultra Magnus
As the commander of the most elite AUTOBOT special forces unit ever assembled, you’d expect ULTRA MAGNUS to be just about one of the most unstoppable warriors this side of the galactic core. You’d be right.

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Transformers Prime - Die neue Cyberverse Welle

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