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Transformers Victory HasLab Teaser

TF-Generations Auf Comicbook.com wurde jetzt das nächste HasLab Transformers Projekt angekündigt. Es ist nur ein Teaser Bild, aber es verspricht großes aus der Victory Reihe.

“As you can see in the image, on the next slide, Hasbro is teasing its newest HasLab project, which follows the impressive Unicron project that brought in 8,000 backers to bring that project to life. Unicron was shipped out in April of this year, and now Hasbro hopes to follow that up with another dream product for fans. Hasbro says HasLab is the place to awaken another unique project along those lines, and the teaser image, which is in Japanese, hints at a new Transformers HasLab announcement coming soon. So, what do you think it is?”


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Transformers Victory HasLab Teaser

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