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Threezero DLX The Last Knight Optimus Prime Statue

Hier sind die Bilder von der Threezero DLX The Last Knight Optimus Prime Statue, die auf der San Diego Comic-Con 2022 ausgestellt ist.

20220721-100634 20220721-100638 20220721-100642 20220721-100652 20220721-100653 20220721-100655 20220721-100657 20220721-100659 20220721-100701 20220721-100708 20220721-100711 20220721-100726

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threezero DLX Transformers The Last Knight Optimus Prime

Hier sind neue Bilder vom threezero DLX Transformers The Last Knight Optimus Prime. Er kommt mit Schwert, Schild, Armklinge, alternativen Gesichtsmaske, mehrere Hände und Teile, um Dinge auf unterschiedliche Weise zu verbinden.

Transformers : The Last Knight DLX Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime is back at Cybertron and is brainwashed by the villain Quintessa. Quintessa tells Optimus Prime that he must retrieve her staff, and he almost destroys the Earth while retrieving the staff which can absorb Earth’s energy.

Transformers: The Last Knight – DLX Optimus Prime is approximately 11.2 inches (28.5 cm) tall and features approximately 73 points of articulation, with a die-cast metal frame, and LED illuminated eyes.

Accessories include one Blaster Shield, one Detachable Wrist Balde, one Cybertronian Sword, one interchangeable battle mask, a total of four pairs of interchangeable hands, and a DLX Action Stand for various expressive poses.

DLX Collectible Figures present intricate Transformers designs in a smaller scale with high-fidelity production value. With its unique die-cast metal frame design, DLX not only provides an advanced range of articulation, but also greatly enhances the weight and durability. Together with the detailed and weathered paint application of threezero, a remarkable resemblance is achieved in matching the characters as seen in the original media.

TRANSFORMERS and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. ©2022 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. © 2022 Paramount Pictures Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro.

Pre-order Price: 239 USD / 1540 RMB /1860 HKD/ 26270 JPY

Estimated Shipment: 4th Quarter 2022

Brand – Transformers : The Last Knight

Merchandise Name – DLX Optimus Prime

Officially Licensed by Hasbro and TakaraTomy
Approximately 11.2” (28. 5 cm) tall
Approximately 73 Points of Articulation
Die-cast Metal Parts
LED Illuminated Eyes *

One (1) interchangeable Battle Mask
One (1) Blaster Shield
One (1) Detachable Wrist Balde
One (1) Cybertronian Sword
Four (4) pairs of interchangeable hands: one (1) pair of Fists, one (1) pair of Relaxed Hands, one (1) pair of Action Hands, and one (1) pair of hands for holding the Sword
One (1) DLX Action Stand for various expressive poses
Remarks – *LED FEATURES requires AG13 x2 Batteries (Batteries Not Included)

Materials – Die-cast Zinc Alloy, POM, ABS, and PVC

Package Size – ~ (W320 x H370 x D130) mm (2 kg)


Alle Bilder sind unter Mehr.

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3A - Movie Transformers Statuen

Auf der TFcon 2018 wurden von 3A die neusten Statuen ausgestellt. Zu sehen sind:

The Last Knight Optimus Prime
The Last Knight Bumblebee
The Last Knight Megatron

TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-01 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-02 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-03 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-04 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-05 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-06 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-07 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-08 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-09 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-10 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-11 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-12 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-13 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-14 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-15 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-16 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-17 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-18 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-19 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-20 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-21 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-22 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-23 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-24 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-25 TFcon-2018-3-A-Transformers-26

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Takara - Turbo Change Serie TC-13 Battle Command Optimus Strongest Command Set

Hier haben wir die Bilder vom Takara - Turbo Change Serie TC-13 Battle Command Optimus Strongest Command Set. In diesem sind TC-09 Battle Command Optimus Prime (eine Reissue vom Lost Age LA-01 Optimus Prime Battle Command), Turbo Change Drift (eine Redeco vom One-Step Drfit) und Turbo Change Bumblebee (eine Redeco vom One-Step Changer High Octane Bumblebee).

01-_TC-13-_Battle-_Command-_Optimus-_Strongest-_Command-_Set 02-_TC-13-_Battle-_Command-_Optimus-_Strongest-_Command-_Set 03-_TC-13-_Battle-_Command-_Optimus-_Strongest-_Command-_Set 04-_TC-13-_Battle-_Command-_Optimus-_Strongest-_Command-_Set 05-_TC-13-_Battle-_Command-_Optimus-_Strongest-_Command-_Set 06-_TC-13-_Battle-_Command-_Optimus-_Strongest-_Command-_Set 07-_TC-13-_Battle-_Command-_Optimus-_Strongest-_Command-_Set 08-_TC-13-_Battle-_Command-_Optimus-_Strongest-_Command-_Set 09-_TC-13-_Battle-_Command-_Optimus-_Strongest-_Command-_Set

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Prime 1 Studio - The Last Knight Bumblebee Statue

Auf der San Diego Comic Con 2018 steht auch die neue The Last Knight Bumblebee Statue. Hier sind die Bilder.

DSC01598 DSC01599 DSC01600

Quelle: Toyark.com

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Jada Toys-Remote Control 1:16 The Last Knight Bumblebee & 1:32 G1 Optimus Prime

Von Jada Toys kommen jetzt Remote Control 1:16 The Last Knight Bumblebee und 1:32 G1 Optimus Prime. Beide sind ferngesteuert.


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Jada Metals Die-Cast The Last Knight Optimus Prime und Bumblebee

Jetzt können wir euch die Bilder zu den Jada Metals Die-Cast The Last Knight Figuren Optimus Prime und Bumblebee zeigen. Sie sollen nächsten Monat erscheinen. Sie sind ca. 10 cm hoch und sie gehören in die Super-deformed Kategorie.

Jada-_Toys-_Metalfigs-_TLK-_Bumblebee-01 Jada-_Toys-_Metalfigs-_TLK-_Bumblebee-02 Jada-_Toys-_Metalfigs-_TLK-_Bumblebee-03 Jada-_Toys-_Metalfigs-_TLK-_Bumblebee-04 Jada-_Toys-_Metalfigs-_TLK-_Optimus-_Prime-05 Jada-_Toys-_Metalfigs-_TLK-_Optimus-_Prime-06 Jada-_Toys-_Metalfigs-_TLK-_Optimus-_Prime-07 Jada-_Toys-_Metalfigs-_TLK-_Optimus-_Prime-08

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Toy Fair 2018 – Transformers Movie Masterpiece MPM-5 Barricade & MPM-6 Ironhide

Hier haben wir die Bilder von der Toy Fair 2018 auf denen man die Transformers Movie Masterpiece Figuren MPM-5 Barricade und MPM-6 Ironhide sieht.

DSC03088-2 DSC03089-2 DSC03090-2 DSC03063-1 DSC03064-1 DSC03065-1 DSC03066-1 DSC03067-1 DSC03068-1 DSC03069-1 DSC03070-1 DSC03071-1 DSC03072-1 DSC03073-1 DSC03074-1 DSC03075-1 DSC03076-1 DSC03077-1 DSC03078-1 DSC03079-1 DSC03080-1 DSC03081-1 DSC03082-1 DSC03083-1 DSC03084-1 DSC03085-1 DSC03086-1 DSC03087-1

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Toyfair 2018 – Whatnot Toys - The Last Knight SD Figuren

Die Firma Whatnot Toys bringt jetzt The Last Knight SD (super-deformed) Figuren heraus. Hier ist das Display von der Toy Fair 2018.

The Last Knight Megatron
The Last Knight Sqweeks
The Last Knight Hot Rod
AOE/TLK Optimus Prime
AOE/TLK Bumblebee

8697 8699 8701 8703 8705 8707 8709 8711 8713 8715 8717 8719 8721 8723 8725 8727 8729

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Prime 1 Studio - Museum Masterline The Last Knight MMTFM-20 Bumblebee Statue

Hier können wir euch neue Bilder von der Prime 1 Studio - Museum Masterline The Last Knight MMTFM-20 Bumblebee Statue zeigen.

"I-I am Bumblebee, your oldest friend. Optimus. I would lay down my life for you." Prime 1 Studio is proud to present MMTFM-20: Bumblebee from The Transformers: The Last Knight. Bumblebee is one of Optimus Prime's most trusted lieutenants. Although he is not the strongest or most powerful of the Autobots, Bumblebee more than makes up for this with a bottomless well of luck, determination and bravery. He would gladly give his life to protect others and stop the Decepticons. This is a must have for all Transformers fans. Statue features: - Size approximately with Cannon [H:64.2cm W:55.7cm D:46.3cm] - LED functions on eyes, cannon & chest - One (1) alternate Unmasked portrait - One (1) alternate Battle Mask portrait - One (1) interchangeable Right-arm Cannon - One (1) interchangeable Right & Left arm with fist - One (1) Cybertronian Hammer (In the exclusive version only) - One (1) interchangeable Right & Left hand holding Hammer (In the exclusive version only) - Size approximately with Hammer [H:64.2cm W:52.6cm D:48.7cm] (For exclusive version only) Retail Price: - Regular Version: $1449 US - Exclusive Version: $1499 US Edition Size: - Regular Version: TBA - Exclusive Version: 500 Prototype samples shown. Product details could be subjected to change without further notice.

1518161101-b1 1518161102-b2 1518161102-b3 1518161102-b4 1518161102-b5 1518161102-b6 1518161102-b7 1518161102-b8 1518161102-b9 1518161103-b10 1518161103-b11 1518161104-b12 1518161104-b13 1518161104-b14

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