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Transformers Studio Series SS-70 B-127 Cybertronian Bumblebee

Hier sind neue Bilder vom Transformers Studio Series SS-70 B-127 Cybertronian Bumblebee.

01-SS-70-B-127 02-SS-70-B-127 Studio-Series-SS-70-B127-01 Studio-Series-SS-70-B127-02 Studio-Series-SS-70-B127-03 Studio-Series-SS-70-B127-04 Studio-Series-SS-70-B127-05

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X-Transbots MX-12T Gravestone “Youth” Version (Masterpiece G1 Motormaster)

Jetzt zeigen wir euch neue Bilder vom X-Transbots MX-12T Gravestone in der “Youth” Version. Er ist eine Hommage an G1 Motormaster in Masterpiece Größe.

MX-12-T-Youth-Gravestone-01 MX-12-T-Youth-Gravestone-02 MX-12-T-Youth-Gravestone-03 MX-12-T-Youth-Gravestone-04 MX-12-T-Youth-Gravestone-05 MX-12-T-Youth-Gravestone-06 MX-12-T-Youth-Gravestone-07

Quelle: X-Transbots

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Transformers R.E.D Beast Wars Cheetor

Hier ist eine Video review vom Transformers R.E.D Beast Wars Cheetor.

Quelle: PrimeVsPrime

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Neue Angebote von Kapow Toys

NEW ARRIVALS NOW AVAILABLE! restocks of MMC Mnemo and Motif, Studio Series Blitzwing, Siege Red Alert and Voyager Starscream, find them all below
You can find all new arrivals here - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/new-arrival.html

138405484-3814037868616381-6434529250929651708-n 138529245-3814042548615913-4670956267783913187-n 138532399-3814038741949627-4141358705991856068-n 138700313-3814040898616078-6947693139265536411-n

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Neue Angebote von Kapow Toys

Transformers Kingdom Wave 1 is back in stock! ( apart from Megatron who is released later this month ) find them all here - https://www.kapowtoys.co.uk/.../war-for-cybertron-kingdom...


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Neue Angebote von Gerrut Camaro

New arrivals! Scourge pre sold out, waiting for the next restock!


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IDW Comic Transformers ( 2019 ) # 27

Hier ist die kleine Vorschau zum IDW Comic Transformers ( 2019 ) # 27.

Can the remaining scientists and engineers hold their own until back-up arrives from Cybertron?

IDW-TF2019-27i-001 IDW-TF2019-27i-002 IDW-TF2019-27i-003 IDW-TF2019-27i-004 IDW-TF2019-27i-005 IDW-TF2019-27i-006

Quelle: iTunes Apple Books

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Transformers Kingdom Deluxe Arcee, Ractonite, Huffer & Airazor

Jetzt zeigen wir euch die Bilder von den Transformers Kingdom Deluxe Figuren Arcee, Ractonite, Huffer und Airazor. Sie gehören zur zweiten Welle.

Kingdom-Wave-2-Deluxe-Airazor-01 Kingdom-Wave-2-Deluxe-Airazor-02 Kingdom-Wave-2-Deluxe-Airazor-03 Kingdom-Wave-2-Deluxe-Arcee-01 Kingdom-Wave-2-Deluxe-Huffer-01 Kingdom-Wave-2-Deluxe-Huffer-02 Kingdom-Wave-2-Deluxe-Huffer-03 Kingdom-Wave-2-Deluxe-Ractonite-01 Kingdom-Wave-2-Deluxe-Ractonite-02 Kingdom-Wave-2-Deluxe-Ractonite-03

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IDW Comic Transformers Beast Wars

Hier ist die erste Seite vom IDW Comic Transformers Beast Wars.


Celebrating 25 years of Beast Wars! In the future, the planet Cybertron belongs to the scientific-minded Maximals and the action-oriented Predacons! When a crew of Predacons, led by the successor to the Megatron name, steal a golden disk and a ship capable of traveling through time, it’s up to Optimus Primal and his Maximal crew – Rattrap, Rhinox, Cheetor, and new character Nyx – to catch them! A brand-new Beast era begins in an oversized first issue by Erik Burnham (Ghostbusters, Transformers/Ghostbusters) and Josh Burcham (Transformers, Transformers Galaxies), yesssss!

Quelle: IDW Publishing

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Transformers War For Cybertron Galactic Odyssey Botropolis Rescue Mission

Jetzt zeigen wir euch neue Bilder vom Transformers War For Cybertron Galactic Odyssey Botropolis Rescue Mission. In diesem Set sind Overair (Airwave Redeco), Ironworks (Redeco in Sky Lynx’s Farben) und AstroSquad (Earthrise Fuzer & Blast Master und Siege Direct-Hit & Power Punch Redecos).

Cybertron-Galactic-Odyssey-Botropolis-Rescue-Mission Cybertron-Galactic-Odyssey-Botropolis-Rescue-Mission01 Cybertron-Galactic-Odyssey-Botropolis-Rescue-Mission02 Cybertron-Galactic-Odyssey-Botropolis-Rescue-Mission03 Cybertron-Galactic-Odyssey-Botropolis-Rescue-Mission04

Quelle: Blacklai’s blog

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