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tfsource - 3/3/2012 um 04:39

tfsource - 3/3/2012 um 04:39

Hi German Tranfans!

We have a few popular items restocked or with limited availability we thought some of the forum members may be looking for:

DOTM - Transformers - DA-34 Leadfoot -
Japanese Transformers Prime - Cliffjumper -
Transformers Prime - Entertainment Pack - Starscream vs. Bumblebee -

Lucy - 3/3/2012 um 11:22

Welcome to NTF-Archive!

Thanks for the great update  :thumbup:

tfsource - 24/3/2012 um 04:13

tfsource - 30/3/2012 um 01:27

Just a quick update that we restocked the popular Transformers Prime Cliffjumper - First Edition!  We did not change the price, despite that many are selling it for much more, so pick one up before they are gone!

Japanese Transformers Prime:  Cliffjumper 

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