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Skywarp - 24/1/2020 um 16:42

Es wird eine neue Comic Mini Serie geben. Sie hat den Titel Transformers ’84. Die Serie umfasst 4 Hefte. Hier haben wir ein Interview mit IDW Editor David Mariotte.


Transformers ’84: Secrets & Lies is a prequel to the original run of Transformers comics from 1984. The first issue of this 4-part miniseries will be available April 1st 2020. A little background; in the first five pages of the classic 1984 first issue, Bill Mantlo, Ralph Macchio, and the artists established the Cybertronian Civil War, the Autobots and Decepticons, why Cybertron the planet is out of its orbit hurtling through space. Then, almost immediately, the main cast leaves Cybertron and crashes into Earth. All that happens in about nine pages and on page 10, they wake up in 1984. This new Secrets and Lies series covers what else was happening on Cybertron before the Ark launched, after the Ark launched, and before the Autobots and Decepticons woke up on earth.


Simon Furman has written Transformers comics for decades and when we at IDW were discussing doing a book for the franchise’s 35th anniversary in 2019, Simon was the obvious choice to write it. What that book ended up being, Transformers ’84 #0, was a phenomenal issue tying the events of the first U.S. comic original story to the first U.K. comic original story and fleshing out this “lost period” of the past. That book did very well and it was so great to work with Simon, Guido Guidi, and John-Paul Bove (who had previously worked together on Transformers: Regeneration One, a continuation of the original series) that we asked them if they wanted to play in the past some more and flesh out some of the threads that Simon had planted in the #0 issue.


This story really happens around the events of Transformers #1. Parts of it take place before the Ark launched. Parts of it take place after, but before the Autobots and Decepticons woke up. There are a number of other classic issues that contribute to the overall story (Transformers #7, #8, #11 and the Transformers ’84 #0 all come to mind), so if you’ve read those, you’ll be really excited to see all the little references and ways they helped build the story. However, if you never have gotten into that first comic continuity, you’ll pick up everything because it’s a smart story with plenty of explanation. And, for readers who might just think “that’s familiar, but I couldn’t place it”, Simon’s going to provide a Reader’s Guide of annotations every issue.


The basic story arc is that Optimus Prime has a plan to lead Megatron and other high-ranking Decepticons off of Cybertron to try to end the war. And, as it turns out, that works out just fine for Shockwave, who’s new theory is that the reason the Decepticons can’t win is Megatron’s too caught up in fighting so he’s ignoring the way to win. There’s some intrigue around that as the Autobots and Decepticons head off of Cybertron to crash on Earth and those who are left behind start making new plans for Cybertron’s future. Plus, the Dinobots show up!

Heft 1 hat den Titel "Secrets and Lies":

Simon Furman returns! The beloved writer, accompanied by the equally accomplished Guido Guidi and John-Paul Bove, return to tell a new tale in the original Transformers comic universe, hot off the heels of the successful Transformers ’84 #0 one-shot! As the Cybertronian Civil War rages, Decepticon scientist Shockwave has encountered a new obstacle to the Decepticon’s victory and subjugation of the planet: an obstacle called… Megatron!

Transformers-84-Secrets-Lies-1-Cover-A-by-Guido-Guidi-Color Transformers-84-Secrets-Lies-1-Cover-B-by-Casey-W-Coller-BW Transformers-84-Secrets-Lies-1-Cover-B-by-Casey-W-Coller-Color Transformers-84-Secrets-Lies-1-Cover-RI-A-by-Nick-Roche-BW Transformers-84-Secrets-Lies-2-Cover-A-by-Guido-Guidi-Color Transformers-84-Secrets-Lies-2-Cover-RI-by-Nick-Roche-BW Transformers-84-Secrets-Lies-3-Cover-A-by-Guido-Guidi-Color Transformers-84-Secrets-Lies-3-Cover-RI-by-Nick-Roche-BW Transformers-84-Secrets-Lies-4-Cover-A-by-Guido-Guidi-Color

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Skywarp - 24/5/2020 um 11:24

Hier haben wir die große Vorschau zum IDW Comic Transformers ’84 Heft #1. Es hat den Titel Secrets and Lies.

“The attack on Stanix is also referenced by Optimus Prime in Transformers ’84 #0, dovetailing the narratives somewhat. Ratbat made his U.S. comic book debut in TF US #27, which established his role (on Cybertron) as the Decepticons’ fuel auditor, and here he plays a bigger role in the unfolding events. By the way, Shockwave’s solution (on the following pages) provides another key twist to established/formative events in Transformers (Marvel) #1.”

Die Macher sind;: Simon Furman (Author) Guido Guidi (Artist, Cover Artist) Casey Coller (Cover Artist) Nick Roche (Cover Artist) Geoff Senior (Cover Artist) John-Paul Bove (Colorist)

TF841-001 TF841-002 TF841-003 TF841-004 TF841-005 TF841-006 TF841-007


Skywarp - 28/8/2020 um 22:17

Hier ist die kleine Vorschau zum IDW Comic Transformers ’84: Secrets and Lies #3.

With Megatron, Shockwave, and the Decepticon brass gone, the power vacuum on Cybertron leads many Decepticon commanders to stake their claims on the world. And with the Decepticons divided, which Autobots will step up to take command? Meanwhile, on Earth, Grimlock wanders into the strangest battle yet!

TF84-3i-001 TF84-3i-002 TF84-3i-003 TF84-3i-004 TF84-3i-005 TF84-3i-006

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Skywarp - 31/8/2020 um 21:28

Hier ist die große Vorschau zum IDW Comic Transformers ’84: Secrets and Lies #3.

With Megatron, Shockwave, and the Decepticon brass gone, the power vacuum on Cybertron leads many Decepticon commanders to stake their claims on the world. And with the Decepticons divided, which Autobots will step up to take command? Meanwhile, on Earth, Grimlock wanders into the strangest battle yet!

TF843-5-001 TF843-5-002 TF843-5-003 TF843-5-004 TF843-5-005 TF843-5-006 TF843-5-007 TF843-5-008 TF843-5-009

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Skywarp - 27/10/2020 um 23:37

Hier ist die Vorschau zum IDW Comic Transformers ’84: Secrets and Lies #4.

The epic conclusion to Secrets and Lies! On Earth, Grimlock stands alone against… Megatron? Meanwhile, on Cybertron, The Wreckers take on their very first mission! The secret history of Earth and Cybertron is revealed!

TF84-4-5-001 TF84-4-5-002 TF84-4-5-003 TF84-4-5-004 TF84-4-5-005 TF84-4-5-006 TF84-4-5-007 TF84-4-5-008 TF84-4-5-009


Skywarp - 1/3/2021 um 23:40

Hier haben die Vorschau IDW Comic Transformers ’84: Legends and Rumors. Diese Ausgabe ist ein 100 Seiten Heft. Es sind “The Transformers” (Transformers #1), “Man of Iron” (Transformers UK #9-12) undTransformers ’84 #0 One Shot drin.

Some events in history are so incredible, that they’ve gone down in legend-epic tales of epic heroes and villains. Others remain shrouded in mystery, only surfacing as snippets of the real story. Transformers ’84: Legends & Rumors is the perfect companion book to the Secrets & Lies mini-series.

TF84-100-001 TF84-100-002 TF84-100-003 TF84-100-004 TF84-100-005 TF84-100-006 TF84-100-007


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